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Author: Mary Jo Putney
Publisher: Wheeler Pub Inc (February 1, 2002)
Language: English
Pages: 527
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Rating: 4.3
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Book Two. by. Mary Jo Putney. Though Silk and Secrets is fictional, I have tried to capture the flavor of Turkestan, and several events in the book are based on real-life incidents.

Book Two. Published by: ePublishing Works! ww. publishingworks. Since the novel takes place three years earlier than Dr. Wolff's actual journey, I took some liberties with the timing of background events, but the Amir Nasrullah, the Nayeb Abdul Samut Khan, and the Khalifa of Merv were all real people and their characters are portrayed accurately in the book. References to British adventurers such as Lady Hester Stanhope and Sir Alexander Burnes are also accurate.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. Putney Mary Jo. Category: fiction. 655 Kb. Silk And Shadows.

Signet liked the novel so much that it offered Putney a three-book contract. In 1987 that first novel, The Diabolical Baron, was published.

Mary Jo Putney (born in New York) is a best-selling American author of over twenty-five historical and contemporary romance novels. She has also published romantic fantasy novels as . Her books are known for their unusual subject matter, including alcoholism, death, and domestic abuse. Putney was born and raised in New York.

Silk and Secrets" is the second book in Mary Jo Putney's Silk Trilogy, and I really would .

I say that because I did not (I read the third entry, "Veils of Silk", first. Mary Jo Putney does an excellent job of developing the characters of Ross and Juliet-strong, adventurous, passionate people who are still beset by insecurities and whose imperfections make them more realistic. I have to say that I loved the fact that Ross had never gotten over Juliet in 12 years -that's true love!

Ms. Putney’s descriptions convey both the romanticism and the harshness of the dunes and their nomads. All of the characters so vivid and (even more) strong, loving and forgiving.

While bozkashi seemed more likely to produce injuries than fatalities, there was a very real chance that players might fall and break their necks or be trampled to death. There was also the possibility that Dil Assa would take advantage of the tumult to dispatch the hated ferengi.

Silk and Secrets book. In this sequel to the first book in her Silk Trilogy, Mary Jo Putney delves further into the character of Ross, and his mysterious missing wife, Juliet. I enjoyed the first book in the series better than this one, but it was still a good romance that hit all the emotional buttons. It also added an element of adventure in the Middle East. It did have some tedious bits, though, in between the fun.

That became SILK AND SECRETS, a story of high adventure and lost love regained, which led right into VEILS OF SILK, a marriage of convenience story set in India.

Un Baile Con El Diablo. Download (DOC).

The "remarkable" (Romantic Times) novel in the dramatic Silk trilogy. "Wonderful." (Nora Roberts) "Terrific." (Jayne Ann Krentz)
Comments: (7)
I just love everything Mary Jo Putney has written! Silk And Secrets is one of her most exciting! Juliet Cameron had wed dashing Lord Ross Carilise at seventeen. She had lived in the middle east as a child and fled the constraints of Victorian Scotland to find herself again! She built an amazing strong life their for herself. Lord Ross follows years later to find her and the two take on an very exciting mission to rescue her soldier Brother from a brutal captivity! They cross the Sahara on Camels! need I say more? As in all of Mary Jo Putneys' books, once in, you can't put the book down until finished! Best to read Silk and Shadows first , where you meet Ross Carlisle in another great book by Putney! This is a Trilogy, so Veils of Silk follows!
Memorable heroine and hero with a great story spotlights the history between Europe, the Middle East, and the Asiatic cultures.
Great adventure!
Each and every book by this author is so much fun to read. Not only are the books romantic, but contain a very interesting story as well. Can't wait for the next one.
Ross Carlisle, cousin of Sara and best friend of Mikhal from Silk and Shadows, seemed the perfect choice for a sequel to that book. Why was he still single in his thirties? Who was the perfect woman for him? Well, very early in this book, we discover that he is actually married and has been since he was 21. But his wife left him after six months of marriage and hasn't been seen since.
Juliet, Ross's estranged wife, lives in the desert in the middle of Persia, having cut off all contact with her friends and family. But she accidentally encounters Ross when her brother's life is in danger and Ross agrees to try to save him. Long-dormant feelings for Ross emerge, and she cannot allow him to go into danger alone, so she insists on accompanying him into the most dangerous part of Asia to try to rescue Ian, her brother.
On the journey, both Ross and Juliet discover that, however they may feel about each other, strong attraction still lurks between them. Can they somehow overcome the problems which caused Juliet to leave Ross, and the anger Ross still feels at her abandonment of him?
As usual, Putney reveals painstaking research, but presented in such a way that we don't feel lectured at or anything of the kind. Without feeling in any way as if I've been taught, I now know an awful lot about Arab customs and how to survive in the desert! Besides that, she is as good as ever at portraying star-crossed lovers; some of the scenes with Ross and Juliet are fiercely poignant, while others are richly passionate.
What loses this book one star for me is that the setting - the desert, and the thriller aspect of the plot - is not my favourite. It's very Anglo-centric of me, I know (as Ross says at one point in the book), but I prefer those books of Putney's which are set in England, and which are more romance than mystery/drama. Others will certainly disagree, and they'll appreciate Putney's skill in this book better than I will!
Now to read Ian's story...
"Silk and Secrets" is the second book in Mary Jo Putney's Silk Trilogy, and I really would recommend reading the books in order. I say that because I did *not* (I read the third entry, "Veils of Silk", first.) Much of the plotline of "Silk and Secrets" is discussed in the final book, so the plot twists were really no surprise to me and this detracted slightly from my enjoyment of the story.

Lord Ross Carlisle (now the Marquess of Kilburn), the hero of "Silk and Secrets", was introduced in the first book of the trilogy ("Silk and Shadows") as Mikahl's best friend and Lady Sara's cousin. The younger son of a duke who has traveled extensively and written about his adventures, Ross is the epitome of upper-crust British manners and sangfroid. He is also fabulously handsome, intelligent, loyal, brave and amazingly even-tempered (in a word, pretty darn *perfect*.) At age 21, Ross had married the wild, unconventional 17 year old Scottish beauty, Juliet Cameron, against almost everyone's advice and six months later she abandoned him for reasons that Ross still does not understand.

After not seeing his wife for 12 years, Ross is reunited with her (ahem, by *chance*) in Persia when he is sent by her mother to discover the fate of Juliet's brother, Ian, a British army officer who has disappeared in Bokhara and is rumored to have been executed as a spy. Juliet is a great heroine--brave, adventurous, passionate and flawed. She is living in Persia in true Lady Hester Stanhope style--as the leader of a small fortress community. Juliet convinces Ross to take her along to find Ian and the two travel the Silk Road in disguise with a caravan to Bokhara. The dangerous trip is complicated by Ross and Juliet's simmering attraction to each other, Ross's feelings of anger and hurt over Juliet's past faithlessness and Juliet's crushing guilt over her past behavior.

Mary Jo Putney does an excellent job of developing the characters of Ross and Juliet--strong, adventurous, passionate people who are still beset by insecurities and whose imperfections make them more realistic. I have to say that I loved the fact that Ross had never gotten over Juliet in *12 years*--that's true love! The story is jam-packed with adventure, although I could have done without having every event described through first Ross then Juliet's point-of-view. I enjoyed the unusual setting and, as usual, MJP fills the story with rich historical detail in a way that is mostly unobtrusive.

In summary, this is a very well-written historical romance with an exotic setting, a wonderful hero who is truly a *great guy* and a strong, unique heroine.

Highly recommended!
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