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by Ian Graham

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Author: Ian Graham
Publisher: United Kingdom: Orbit; First Edition edition (2002)
Language: English
Pages: 384
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Rating: 4.2
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction

An Ace Book, published by arrangement with the author. Rachel Graham, who has inflicted upon me all manner of pain and ridicule, yet remains the finest of all imaginable sisters.

An Ace Book, published by arrangement with the author. And to Claire, for understanding-and apple trees and brightness.

The ending itself I enjoyed immensely and the book as a whole. It's a real shame Ian Graham has yet to write another book.

Ballas est un colosse, un poivrot et un vagabond

Ballas est un colosse, un poivrot et un vagabond.

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Ian Graham was born in 1971 in the north of England, and now lives in a small village on the edge of the West Pennine moors. He works as a bookseller and holds a Masters Degree in British Romanticism. In his free moments he enjoys fell-walking, folk music, fishing and reading. Monument is his first novel. From Publishers Weekly

Monument by Ian Graham - book cover, description, publication history.

Monument by Ian Graham - book cover, description, publication history. February 2005 : USA Mass Market Paperback.

Comments: (7)
What more can I say....This was one of the best first Novels I;ve ever read. With some extremely minor beginner mistakes, this story was one of the best I've ever read...with no fear of killing off characters, realistic battles and a great main character you will love to hate and in the end hate to love, this could have easily been turned into a two book story, but I like that he did not make it into a trilogy like so many others think they have to do, and he was able to end it with class without it being too hurried like so many new authors tend to do.

I'm sad that I seem to find no other books published by him so far, but will keep looking to find out why and what happened to him and why there are none others listed under his author page.

If you like Erikson, Gemmell, Rothfuss and Abercrombie, then you will LOVE this author and his first (and only?) book Monument!
To be quick, I loved this book.

Ian Graham didn't give us a plot we could figure out the ending to just from reading the back cover, any character can die off, and the main character isn't someone a mother could love.
Now I know that not all of that sounds particularly Good, but it's damn refreshing, interesting, memorable, and fun. I'm very satisfied after this read and looking forward to his upcoming prequel.

Out of my collection of fantasy novels, this would be in my top 3 recommendations to anyone.

**After coming back to this book after a couple years, I like it even more.
I'm sorry if you read the other Amazon reviews before you read the actual book; they give a lot away. The ratings are correct, though. Monument is a bit different to other books I've read (in an awesome way). I only realised it was one of the best books I'd ever read when I finished the last page.
As others have already described, Ballas (main character) is the anti-hero who kills when he needs to, steals when he needs and fornicates and drinks throughout the story.

No disrespect to Mr. Graham, but the book was just "okay".

My issue with the book is it became slightly repetitive. For example - there are two soldiers after Ballas - he kills them. Two days later, there are 5 soldiers after Ballas - he kills them too, but is badly bruised. The next day, 8 soldiers come after him, and he kills all of them too. You get the idea. While I'm not expecting Ballas to die with 100 pages left in the book, you figured he's going to figure things out.

The end (not going to ruin it for those looking to read this), left me a tad disappointed. New information comes to light that KIND OF ties into the earlier part of the book, but....

* Nice first effort - I read the book quickly so it was entertaining.
* I liked the idea of an "anti-hero"

* A bit redundant
* Some information "neatly" comes into light when the book needs to wind down quickly. This is a little "convenient", and a bit irritating. ONE example (in case anyone is interested) is the final battle between Ballas and the magic man.

Not amazing, but not bad.
When Ballas is nearly beaten to death, kind strangers give him life-saving medical attention. He repays their charity by robbing them. But there's more to the stolen artifact then just priceless gemstones. It holds ancient secrets the ruling religious leaders will stop at nothing to keep hidden. Ballas quickly becomes the most hated and feared man in the empire. He is hunted with a brutal relentlessness that equals only that of Ballas himself. His only chance for survival is escape to a mythical land on the far side of an impassable mountain range -- the only place beyond the power of the Church of the Four Pilgrims.

Ballas is a vagrant with no greater interest than his next means of getting drunk or hiring a prostitute. He's big, bad, and a kind of ugly that only looks more natural beat-up. Besides the ability to consume mass amounts of alcohol, his only talent is for violence and a spiteful survivability. He's not a psychopath or unjustly cruel, but he has no qualms about killing whenever he deems it necessary. You have to dig so deep to find any redeeming qualities in Ballas, that what you do find is questionable.

Call me twisted, but I love this guy.

The action is savage. Sometimes I even dreaded what might be Ballas's next course of action -- expecting the worst but still hoping he'd show some compassion. I read with anticipation -- looking for any revelation about what turned him into such a dreg of humanity. While I did have some predictions about the conclusion, I wasn't sure if Mr. Graham would have the gahones to end this the only way he should. I won't tell you if he does.

Whether we admit it or not, there something to be appreciated in stories like this. It appeals to that little devil on our shoulder that begs to fly the bird at authority or punch out that jerk who cut you off in traffic.

It took a gutsy author to write this story and it's just not right that Monument hasn't gotten more notice. However, I must admit, I guess it takes a certain kind of dark understanding to enjoy. Word is, Mr. Graham is currently working on a prequel, and I'm anxious to read it and anything else he'll write in the future.