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eBook Twilight Magic download ISBN: 0446617555
Author: Shari Anton
Publisher: Forever (December 1, 2006)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.7
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. Darian of Bruges knows where his loyalties lie. As a mercenary and right-hand man to William of Ypres.

Lots of love danger and magic. Shari Anton is an exceptional writer. Love all of her books. Gwen rated it did not like it Apr 02, 2012. Marlene Howard rated it it was amazing Feb 20, 2010. Melissa rated it liked it Jan 30, 2014. Mariane France rated it liked it Mar 31, 2015.

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She was wild, willful, and most certainly a princess. But now she's the king's ward, and Nicole de Leon's future is no longer her own.

Darian of Bruges knows where his loyalties lie. As a mercenary and right-hand man to William of Ypres, his loyalties lie to himself first and the King second and that will not change. She was wild, willful, and most certainly a princess.

com User, January 17, 2008. I read the first book and enjoyed the historical romance which was surprisingly well done from an historical perspective

com User, January 17, 2008. I read the first book and enjoyed the historical romance which was surprisingly well done from an historical perspective. I thoroughly enjoy the way the characters are developed and the personalities so well drawn.

Darian of Bruges knows where his loyalties lie. As a mercenary and right-hand man to William of Ypres, his loyalties lie to himself first and the King second and that will not change. When King Stephen summons him, asking him to assassinate a man on his behalf, Darian sees this as a job and nothing more. But he's been set up.
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This part of a series and so far I am greatly enjoying it. Used book, but in good condition.
What can I say? I like Susan Anton books! She gets into the history fairly accurately and interestingly, as well as writing a good love story.
Shari Anton once again delights her fans with the second book in the de Leon sisters `Magic' trilogy. In TWILIGHT MAGIC, Lady Emma de Leon (the eldest) has been sent to court - a virtual prisoner and shunned because of the traitorous acts of her father and brother in supporting Queen Maud. In an attempt to gain an audience with King Stephen to plead leniency for her youngest sister, she slips into his hall behind his courtiers. While there Emma sees a man whom she's had a psychic visions of for many years, a man whom she knows would one day be her lover.

When Darian of Bruges is charged with murder, he knows he is being framed but cannot produce a witness to his whereabouts. Emma knows he is innocent and in a rash move announces that Darian was with her the entire night. This pronouncement not only puts her reputation in tatters, but also finds her immediately wed to Darian by order of the King. Darian had sworn he would never marry and was bound to have the marriage annulled as expediently as possible. However, the longer the two spend time together, and no matter the vast difference in stations, the thought of an annulment becomes much less appealing.

Anton serves up this second stand alone story with liberal amounts of intrigue, danger, compassion and the right amount of historical detail. Emma's affliction of excruciating headaches were explained away in a very originally creative manner that supported the plot. Both Emma and Darian were perfectly cast and loved the witty dialogs between them. Emma knew him to be the lover of her dreams and while Darian knew himself to be loyal to his king he did not feel that as a mercenary he would be worthy of Emma. Their adventures as they battled an evil Bishop in proving Darian's innocence proving the true villain made for a wonderfully adventurous tale, and further supported a robust cast of secondary characters and one wonderfully BIG dog! This book, as stated, stands alone , but I will say that I personally cannot wait to read the rest of this series and discover what delightful adventures await the headstrong and youngest de Leon sister Nicole! Terrific read, super author!
The Flemish mercenary Darian is accused of murder by a powerful bishop because his dagger is found at the crime scene and he is sure to hang. But before King Stephen's guards can take him away he is rescued by Emma De Leon who provides him with a false alibi. She claims they were together all night and there is no way he could have murdered the man.

Darian is flabbergasted. He is even more shocked when he realizes that he is now forced by the king to wed Emma. He is only a lowly mercenary yet she is the daughter of nobles and of the Royal Welch house.

Emma is also surprised they must marry however she did know they would become lovers. She has visions and it was her vision of Darian that prompted her to come forward as Darian's alibi.

Darian is never comfortable with his wife's explanation of why she lied to the authorities(she says she just knew he was innocent and could not let him hang). Even worse, Darian never wanted a wife.

These two have mysteries to solve about each other and they must find the real assassin that tried to frame Darias. This takes them back to London several times and quite frankly the reader will surmise the person behind the murder before the protagonists.

The romance was okay. There was no build up to a consummation and both characters seemed so matter of fact about their marriage and possible annulment that their love scenes didn't seem romantic. Darian second guesses himself a lot but so does Emma and neither one seems overly committed to each other
In 1145 London Lady Emma de Leon is frustrated with King Stephen as she petitions him to allow her younger sister Nicole to come home from Bledloe Abbey to live with her married other sibling Gwendolyn. The monarch has no time for Emma as he is fighting a civil war.

The King's brother Bishop Henry offers strong circumstantial evidence that accuses Flemish mercenary Darian of Bruges of killing Edward de Solis. Darian provides no alibi so Stephen says he must be executed. However, Emma says he was with her last night. Henry is irate and insists she lies; but Emma describes scars on him. She knows Darian intimately though they never met before as he has been the man this witch has made love with in her dreams. He wants nothing to do with her, but Stephen forces them to marry. They flee the city for Kent though Darian plans to investigate who framed him for murder starting with which friend betrayed him.

The second de Leon "magical" medieval romance is a fun tale that hooks readers from the moment Emma speaks up and never slows down until the final confrontation with a sly villain. As with the first novel (see MIDNIGHT MAGIC), readers obtain a taste of the impact of the English civil war between Stephen and Maud. On the top of a whodunit, the relationship between the witch and the mercenary make for a superb historical as she knows he is the one and he knows she is the one he must avoid as she bewitches him.

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