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by Derek Hansen

eBook Lunch With The Generals download ISBN: 0749317655
Author: Derek Hansen
Publisher: Mandarin (1994)
Language: English
Pages: 320
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Rating: 4.9
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction

Other Books by Derek Hansen. Acknowledgements Special thanks to Mark Lees and Rob Kelly for help with the cover.

Other Books by Derek Hansen. Special thanks to Mark Lees and Rob Kelly for help with the cover.

Ramon, self-styled master storyteller, has steered his listeners down a sinister path littered with love and betrayal, secret police and death squads

Ramon, self-styled master storyteller, has steered his listeners down a sinister path littered with love and betrayal, secret police and death squads. But as the Argentinian's tale nears its startling conclusion, his audience is struck with horror at the possibility that Ramon's clever invention is nothing more than the cunningly disguised chronicle of his own shadowy past

Lunch with the Generals book.

Lunch with the Generals book. Although from different backgrounds there was an immediate Lunch With The Generals by Derek Hansen Published originally in 1993 this copy in 2003 by Harper Collins Publishers Australia Ltd ISBN 9 7826 Lunch with the Generals, was Derek Hansen’s first novel. It is followed by a series of ‘Lunches with.

Derek Hansen (London, 1944) is a novelist and short story writer. He is the author of the 1993 book Lunch With The Generals. He was born in England, raised in New Zealand. He now lives in Sydney, Australia. Derek Hansen's works have been published in the US, United Kingdom, Europe and China. He is married, and has two adult children.

Hansen, Derek, 1944–. Lunch with the generals. Images by Getty Images. Derek Hansen, Lunch with the Generals. Thank you for reading books on GrayCity. ISBN 0 3 (pb. ISBN 978 1 6 (ePub).

Book in the Lunch with. Select Format: Hardcover. ISBN13: 9780749317652.

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From the bestselling author of SOLE SURVIVOR comes a story of loss of innocence and unexpected repercussions of war. It destroyed innocence forever. When a twelve-year-old boy writes an essay and inadvertently uncovers a wartime secret, he unleashes a chain of events which rips a close community apart, turning neighbour against neighbour, friend against friend. It is Auckland, 1956.

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Lunch with the Generals.

Comments: (7)
watching to future
What a page turner. A master storyteller keeps his lunch partners and us enthralled by a tale spanning decades and countries.
Was this tale his personal story or story telling magic?
Recommended by my brother-in-law, I thought I sounded a bit dull, however it really was a fabulous read.
Wonderfully crafted story
Very good read. Kept you guessing right to the end.
A good read but I found the ending a little disappointing.
Well crafted, engaging and interesting story. Great read!
Isn't it great when you find a series that you just have to read all of. So it is with the 'Lunch With...' series, by Derek Hansen. Unlike many other series', you don't actually have to read this series in order, which is just as well, because I started with the last one - 'Lunch with a Soldier', then moved onto number three - 'Lunch with the Stationmaster', and now number two. Next is number one - 'Lunch with Mussolini'. Each of these novels is completely self contained, the link and familiarity between them due to the same four men meeting weekly in an Italian restaurant in Sydney to tell their stories and pass time together. And eat beautiful Italian food! How incredibly civilised! And what stories these ageing gentlemen tell! Each book is great story telling, the author has a wonderful gift in the art of telling a story. The tension and hook of each story is trying to figure out whether it is the narrator's life story or if it is really a made up story, or even a mixture of the two.

This fluidity with the truth is maddening in this particular tale! The story of the General is narrated by Ramon, an exile from Argentina. You never know at all how much is Ramon's story and how much isn't, even at the end there are doubts. But don't let this slight annoyance detract you from the brilliance of the story telling.

Ramon's story begins during a terrible period in Argentina's recent history. A small boy witnesses his parents being taken away, betrayed by an ex-lover of the mother. The parents are never seen again, The ex-lover 'escapes' to Australia, renames himself Eduardo, and begins a new life. Running parallel to this story is that of a young Dutch man who makes the long journey to his childhood home in Indonesia, taken over by the Japanese during the war. Eventually he and his family also land in Sydney, where inevitably the paths of the two men and their families cross. As does the third path of the young child abandoned during his parents' arrests. It is perhaps a little contrived with a not entirely satisfactory ending, but still compelling story telling. Not the best in the series, but still worth a read.
I read this a few years ago and still recall how effectively the narrator draws you in. A story of four friends who meet every Thursday in the (now) trendy innerwest suburb of Leichhardt, known to local residents as Sydney's Little Italy. Through powerful storytelling both the characters, and the reader, travel from entertainment to realization that each of us has a life-journey, which can appear banal ...or bizarre ...depending more on our current perspective, than the story itself. A worthwhile read, not everything or everyone is as they first appear.