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by Carole Johnstone

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Author: Carole Johnstone
Publisher: Eternal Press (August 12, 2009)
Language: English
Pages: 90
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Rating: 4.2
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction

That’s the premise in Carole Johnstone’s thought-provoking debut novella, Frenzy.

That’s the premise in Carole Johnstone’s thought-provoking debut novella, Frenzy. The story is true horror, but anyone looking at the cover and expecting to see the thrust of the story being the characters bloodied and devoured by sharks and other marine nasties is going to be disappointed.

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In 1982, she was the subject of a book by Pete Donovan titled Carol Johnston: One-Armed Gymnast. Johnston says that she was born with drive due to her disability, and never felt sorry for herself (being more concerned about being short at 4-foot-10). Many people have been inspired by her story and positive attitude, such as other gymnasts with similar disabilities, as well as others who realize that their own struggles are not nothing compared to.

Город: Glasgow, ScotlandПодписчиков: 281О себе: British Fantasy Award winning writer

Город: Glasgow, ScotlandПодписчиков: 281О себе: British Fantasy Award winning writer. Author of The Bright Day is Done and Cold Turkey. Lover of islands and cats and rhubarb gin.

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Eight men wake up to find themselves on a life raft in the middle of an ocean. They are stranded and alone, with no memory of how they got there, and no idea if help is coming. But they are not completely alone. As hours become days, as water rations dwindle and tempers fray, there stirs a threat more deadly than either sharks or each other. There is a shadow in the abyss beneath their feet. Watching. Waiting. Stalking eight men lost and adrift above the deepest trench in the world…
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Hard to describe. Is it sci-fi? Metaphysical? A mystery thriller? An action flic? A horror story?

Whatever it is, I really really enjoyed it.
In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, somewhere above the Marianas Trench, a life raft floats with eight men aboard. None of the men can remember how he got there; it's as if they have all been asleep and wake at once, disoriented and confused. There is no sign of a ship, no memory of a ship even, and no sign of land. All the men can do is hang on and try to survive in the blazing sun with little food and even less fresh water.

As agonizing days and dark terrifying nights pass, supplies dwindle and tempers flare. As the men grow weak, they also realize they are not alone. Far beneath the raft, cold dead eyes stare upwards, watching hungrily, biding their time, and circling patiently. Death, in one horrible form or another, awaits these eight men. It's only a matter of time.


Carol Johnstone's novella "Frenzy" is a tense, horrifying, and very well-written foray into a world of terror. This is the kind of horror story that makes you hold your breath, turn the pages quicker, hope desperately for a glimmer of light, and fear that there will be none.

"Frenzy" progresses through the experiences of one man, Peter Sherlock. We watch the events unfold before his eyes and delve into his mind during his nightmares and recollections. We experience his horror and his agony as he watches what happens with his fellow castaways, and when answers come to light towards the harrowing conclusion, we share in his disbelief and resignation.

One wouldn't think that a story about eight men floating in the middle of nowhere in a life raft would be all that interesting. One would be dead wrong. This story gripped me soundly by the throat from the very first page, shook me around a little bit just to make sure I was good and rattled, and held me tight until the bitter end. It left me stirred up, shocked, and not just a little saddened. And all I can say is Excellent job, Ms. Johnstone. I look forward to whatever you have to offer us next. If it is anywhere close to as well-done as "Frenzy" is, we'll be in for a treat.
Slowly writer
Frenzy was essentially a powerful psychological horror about a random assortment of eight guys who wake up on a life raft together floating over the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean with no memory of how or why they got there. Writing it out like that may not sound like much, but when you get into the story it has an ever growing feel of desperation and foreboding that leads to a tension filled climax. The characters and their interactions are top notch, and the scenes are presented to the reader crystal clear so that you can really see it in your mind. It's fast paced, with no speed bumps slowing down the momentum, and leaves you wanting more. Many writers who put out a lot of books haven't been able to pull off these things I've mentioned nearly so well as Carol has done with this one, and I'd say she has a lot of good books in her future.