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by Mary Ryan

eBook Hope download ISBN: 0747267189
Author: Mary Ryan
Publisher: Gardners Books (March 31, 2002)
Language: English
Pages: 512
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Rating: 4.8
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction

When Tom Walsh sets sail for America in 1869 he knows it may be the last time he sees his beloved Ireland. His mother's death and his father's shattered health are the cruel legacies of the Penal Laws and decades of hardship, and Tom has vowed not to return until he can do so a rich man. Together with his sister Maria, he begins a journey across the prairies of the New World - towards Ouray, Colorado, and gold. Thirty years later, the rewards of America's great gold rush have made Tom Walsh one of the world's richest men. But when his daughter Evalyn persuades him to buy the notorious Hope Diamond - thought to be cursed by the Indian goddess, Sita - he learns that tragedy and heartache serve a master far greater than money or stature...
Comments: (7)
I have Irish ancestors who lived in Leadville, so I was interested in this story, which somewhat mirrors theirs. It was fun, but a little shallow. I kind of lost interest after they got rich. :)
I can't understand the negative reviews of this book. I have not only read it and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it but have bought extra copies and passed them on (and the feedback from everyone has been exceptionally positive). All I can say is don't be put off by the negative stuff, read the book and make up your own mind. I think you will be missing a great read if you don't!
I really enjoyed this book and the plot was interesting enough to keep me engaged throughout the whole reading. The characters are put together well and are by no means saintly. The characters really seem like they could have possibly existed. Mary Ryan is a great author and her writing style is very detailed. I gave this book 4 stars simply because I read another book by Mary Ryan titled "Song For the Tide" that I liked a bit better. Otherwise, a good summer read.
"Hope" is a kind of biography. It's a tale of a poor Irish family making good in the American gold rush, and what happens to them afterwards. The author Mary Ryan is actually one of their descendants and she has obviously put a lot of work into the research. However she has also filled in the gaps with some speculative fiction. Rather risky.

I can imagine many people liking it, but personally I got bored. It's overlong, and the irksome martyr complex that seems to bedevil most work by Irish authors about Ireland crops up.
The first half was fairly interesting, though predictable. The second half was, quite frankly (yawn, yawn) rather boring. I'm a lover of historical fiction, but I do like the book to keep me engaged. This book book failed to do that. I'm on page 360 of 468 pages and the Hope Diamond has yet to be mentioned.... Maybe the title is a mistake? You can feel safe giving this book a miss.
Love the book. Have connections to both Washington, D. C. and Clonmel, Co. Tipperary in Ireland. Knew the story and like the author's treatment of the Walsh Family's life trials.
As flat and uninteresting as possible...

Do yourself a favour, take up cooking, knitting or something else, but don't read this book !!!