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by John Jakes

eBook On Secret Service download ISBN: 0751530638
Author: John Jakes
Publisher: Time Warner Books Uk; Reprint edition (May 2002)
Language: English
Pages: 624
ePub: 1537 kb
Fb2: 1951 kb
Rating: 4.1
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction

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John Jakes was born in Chicago in 1932. He studied acting at Northwestern University, where he began writing professionally during his freshman year. Later he enrolled in a creative writing program at DePauw University and received a master's degree in American literature from Ohio State University. Early in his career Jakes wrote copy for a pharmaceutical company and various ad agencies, and authored dozens of short stories encompassing western, mystery and science fiction themes.

All eight volumes went on to become international bestsellers.

On Secret Service book. Jakes, the author of over 60 books, including the eight-part Kent Family Chronicles, the North and South Trilogy, and innumerable short stories of the American West, returns to his well-trod Civil War stomping grounds in the engrossing On Secret Service. The story of a war John Jakes is to historical American fiction what Stephen King is to horror: a one-man industry.

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Never been anything like it. I told you about it. Sledge’s lapse was forgivable. Below the bluff in the York River, a steam tug towed a Navy coal barge fitted with a flat deck, deckhouses forward and balloon inflation equipment aft. Secured above the deck by mooring lines, one of Lowe’s India silk balloons floated.

The shadow war between the Secret Services of the Federal and Confederate governments provides the backdrop for this story. Jakes, as usual, adroitly interweaves a cast of fictional and historical characters, placing them in historical places and events. Michael Kramer's steady voice moves the exciting plot, with all of its twists and turns, at an even pace. He is especially good with the narrative portions.

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John Jakes is to historical American fiction what Stephen King is to horror: a one-man industry.

A novel based around the exploits of various spies during the American Civil War. Lon supports the north, works for the War Department and is offered a job in the National Detective Police force. Margaret supports the south and works for her father until her outspokenness lands her in prison.
Comments: (7)
As with all of Mr. Jakes books, I enjoyed the read. There were some glaring editing issues, at least in the kindle version. About every 3rd or 4th chapter, the previous chapter was repeated. At first I thought I was just confused and somehow hit something on the reader incorrectly. Nope, it keep happening. This was unfortunate because it took away from the reading experience.

I do believe that, although the time frame is different, this book probably shows us the progression of disillusion that happens to many of our initially dedicated FBI and CIA agents. A book that caused more than one thoughtful moment in relation to this day and time.
I usually love John Jakes works, but this one doesn't grab my attention like the others have. Characters seem to be a bit underdeveloped and not real believable. Historical background is great, as in all his works.
Even so, the book held my interest throughout, and as always, I was able to pick up some historical facts I hadn't previously known. I just felt that the story line was rather formulaic not as cohesive as most of Jakes' work.

My main purpose in submitting a review is a bit of a caution about the Kindle version. My download included four chapters which were repeated in their entirety. Chapter numbers were not repeated and all chapter numbers were sequential with no skips. Since the book skipped around between sub-plots, I don't know if the repeated chapters were just added clutter or if they caused me to lose other chapters. I'm new to Kindle, so I don't know if there was simply a "hiccup" in the download, a problem with the device itself, or an error in the master file (probably not, or complaints would be numerous).
The author takes the reader back to a time period when our country was formed and gives a insight into the people and how they lived and were able to cope with the hardship imposed upon them.
This is the 4th Jakes book I have read and I am giving up on them. I love the novels and Jakes is a good writer. The stories are fascinating and enlightening. But this is the 3rd book I have read that has had repeat chapters in them. I don't know if it is the fault of the publisher or the translator into Kindle but it is REALLY annoying. In fact, this book has ---TWO--- repeat chapters in it!! It destroys the pace of the book. Anyway, I have had enough. I am done reading John Jakes' books.
I have read all if not all most of John Jakes books but this one did not seem to be at the level of his previous books. I read it to the end hoping it would get better, it didn't. I did learn more about the Civil War and its smaller battles.
Enjoyed this book as I do all of John Jake's books think I read them all you learn history as well as reading a good storyline anyone interested in the civil war will enjoy
Enjoyed reading John Jakes again after many years. I always loved the way he blended facts with a fictional story line keeping me engaged and interested through out the book