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by Michael Ridpath

eBook Fatal Error download ISBN: 0718144619
Author: Michael Ridpath
Publisher: Michael Joseph; First edition (April 24, 2003)
Language: English
Pages: 320
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Fb2: 1922 kb
Rating: 4.8
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction

They want to invest ten million pounds. It’ll be enough to finance our growth plans and take us through to next year. Tony raised his eyebrows.

They want to invest ten million pounds.

Michael Ridpath uses the flashback technique to telling effect to expose the back story. Guy Jourdan is a shining star at Broadhill, an exclusive and very expensive school in Dorset, England.

Michael Ridpath has written eight bestselling financial thrillers, published in over 30 countries.

In the dotcom boom it was easy to make million. nd then lose them  . Michael Ridpath has written eight bestselling financial thrillers, published in over 30 countries. PRAISE FOR MICHAEL RIDPATH’S FINANCIAL THRILLERS: Ridpath has that read-on factor that sets bestsellers apart. It is the author's insight into the complexities of the business that gives his novel so much life.

Guy’s eyes were shining in that messianic way I was beginning to recognize whenever he was talking about Ninetyminutes’ future. Move faster? You’re crazy. Move faster? You’re crazy re no. We were in the Jerusalem Tavern, the pub just across the road from the office. It was half past nine, the end of another long day. But Guy had plenty of energy left. We’ve got forward momentum. Ninetyminutes will go as far as we push i. ‘What do you mean?’‘You know all that stuff we were going to do in our second year?

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Michael Ridpath, Jg. 1961, wuchs in Yorkshire auf und studierte in Oxford Geschichte. Bis 1991 arbeitete er erfolgreich als Trader bei einer internationalen Großbank in London, und noch heute ist er bei einer Investmentfirma angestellt.

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by. Ridpath, Michael. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Michael Ridpath is the author of eight financial thrillers, a series of crime novels featuring the Icelandic-American detective Magnus Jonson, two spy novels and a stand-alone psychological thriller, Amnesia. He splits his time between London and Massachusetts.

Comments: (7)
All right, so this isn't going to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. But it's extremely well done and well designed.

Michael Ridpath uses the flashback technique to telling effect to expose the back story. The plot contains all the right elements: a des res of the highest order, a Brad Pitt clone leading man, travel, high society, and lots of sexual escapades (but not at all explicit).

Guy Jourdan is a shining star at Broadhill, an exclusive and very expensive school in Dorset, England. He excels at everything, including getting the most Valentine cards. Then for some unexplained reason after he has left school he becomes a wastrel.

He's a bit of a pleb -- the English upper classes generally follow rugby, not soccer -- but oozes style and class. At the time he leaves school, aged perhaps eighteen, he's still a virgin, but has plans to change that. Unfortunately someone he trusts gets the girl Guy was aiming for. We're left to guess that this may be the reason Guy decided to live the dissolute life of a playboy.

Skip ahead twelve years. Guy tried to make it in Hollywood and failed. But he's had a brilliant idea. The year is 1999 and the dot-com boom is at its height. Guy decides to start an internet company, about soccer, and he wants it to be the best soccer site on the net. He needs to prove to the world, and to himself, that he's not the loser everybody has put him down as.

But he's held back by two liabilities: his psycho brother Owen and his amoral father Tony. Tony still has to be the best at everything. It's two alpha males at each other's throats. Owen is a computer genius but a social maladapt.

We have not just one but two leading ladies, both strong, charismatic and high achievers. Mel is the blonde with the pretty face and the stretched teeshirt. In later life she's a high-powered lawyer who can negotiate at top level. Ingrid has traveled and lived all over the world and her experience in publishing magazines makes her a natural to control the content of the soccer website.

Helping Guy with the start-up is Derek Lane, Guy's classmate at school, now a qualified public accountant. Derek doesn't want to be just another gray man in a gray suit, but contrasted to Guy he seems ordinary. Derek narrates the story and occasionally helps the action develop.

Business finance and computer technology are strong plot elements, and Michael Ridpath adeptly navigates his way through the maze they produce. My own background is in finance and computers and because all the details rang true with what I know, I gained particular enjoyment.

As far as twists in the tail go, the plot twist and doubles back on itself and twists yet again. Right up until the last page you'll be left guessing.

Ridpath writes superb dialog, although his narrative prose would fail CW101. He uses "was" far too often, making his sentence structures very repetitive, and in quite a few scenes he tells where he could have shown.

Usually thrillers depend on your forgiving the author for at least one totally implausible event that is key to the plot, but Michael Ridpath kept his story almost watertight.

I liked the well-rounded characters in the small, ensemble cast and if Ridpath worked on his writing style a bit he could be one of the greats.
Fatal Error is about long time friends David and Guy who start up an Internet business about football, except for those of us who don't live in Europe, that would be better known as soccer. Guy's father, Tony, helps them start up with a $2 million investment, but its not long before he wants to start calling the shots on how the dot com business should be run. His sudden death has the boys scrambling for additional investors to keep up with their ever increasing building of their business. Murder and blackmail turn quiet lives into mayhem.

The novel jumped all over the place from the time they were schoolboys, to vacationing at Tony's home in France, to a plane flight that happened 5 years after France, to the present, and was difficult to keep track of, but how it was written was part of the author's vision.

The book was well written, good plot, good blueprint on building an Internet business, but just not my kind of novel. Personal preference. I'm not a sports fan. But don't take that away from the writing. This novel's a page turner.
The dot com era and ultimate bust of many dream balloons, visited from the other side of the story. The cut throat nature, financial funniness, house of cards structure of the .coms was so well described and vicariously lived by the reader I felt it deserved 5 stars. The characters were well developed and absolutely believable; example of solid character is the ultimate risk taker - Guy. Juxtaposing the past life of the characters with the current is a clever way of character development, if done well, as this book was. Owen developed nicely, into a well formed psychotic. I have a zero business and financial knowledge base on the level that was required for anyone starting a company or any company that was worth millions on paper and had no income. This is a tough book to put down when the story continues to entice with slippery deals, quick and unexpected turns, fuel line tampering for example and the vertical rise and fall of hope.
I have a folder on my Kindle called 'Keepers'; this book resides there with a few other well written ebooks. This primarily function is a memory aid, my brain leaks. I can refer to this folder for the author’s name and search for other works. The Fire and Ice series sounds like the next step here.
Financial thrillers are my favorite genre and Michael Ridpath’s novels excel in that area. Fatal Error pulls the reader into the excitement inside a young and hopeful group seeking to make their mark in the growing internet frenzy by creating the best website for European football.

The characterizations are so well done and the relationships between the dreamers and the realists fit perfectly into the world of irrational exuberance that typified the era.

Add a psychopathic personality or two into the mix and the resulting mayhem makes for a very entertaining reading experience.
Overall, this was a very enjoyable read. I found the flashbacks that peppered the first half of the book to be almost clumsy interruptions of the flow of the plot. Though I understand the author's intent to weave history with current events in the story, and establish characters and behavior, I found it awkwardly handled.
That said, the characters were compelling even when I disliked them. The dot-com business history was laid out exceptionally well, with detail that kept me almost as anxious as the main characters in some cases.
Like a lattice work, the plot is weaved very cleverly. Events in the past give rise to a nerve-wracking present. The characters are skillfully interwoven and the climax is unexpected. The flashbacks to past events give credibility to the present and builds the tension incrementally, with the pace increasing as the narrative unfolds. Technical details are given and makes the reader more informed in understanding the narrative. A highly recommended book.