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by William W. Johnstone

eBook Return of the Mountain Man download ISBN: 0821729403
Author: William W. Johnstone
Publisher: Zebra (August 1, 1989)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.1
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Category: Literature
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About William W. Johnstone: William Wallace Johnstone was a prolific American author, mostly of western, horror .

About William W. Johnstone: William Wallace Johnstone was a prolific American author, mostly of western, horror and survivalist novels. He also authored two novels under the pseudonym William Mason. Johnstone had lived for many years in Shreveport, Louisiana, yet died in Knoxville, TN, at the age of 65. J. A. Johnstone is continuing William W. Johnstone's series. William W. Johnstone’s books.

William W. Johnstone's vivid, uncompromising novels stand as violent portraits of the rugged American . Smoke Jensen is a young man raised on loss and bitterness, nurtured by a mountain man named Preacher. Johnstone's vivid, uncompromising novels stand as violent portraits of the rugged American frontiersman and the forces that forged him. In this powerful novel, Johnstone tells the story of a young Missourian forced by fate and violence into lawlessness-where he sees a chance to right the wrong that shattered his family and his soul.

Torture of the mountain man. johnstone. with J. Kensington Publishing Corp. Following the death of William W. Johnstone, the Johnstone family is working with a carefully selected writer to organize and complete Mr. Johnstone’s outlines and many unfinished manuscripts to create additional novels in all of his series like The Last Gunfighter, Mountain Man, and Eagles, among others. This novel was inspired by Mr. Johnstone’s superb storytelling. If you purchased this book without a cover, you should be aware that this book is stolen property.

Return of the Mountain Man. Annotation. Author: William Johnstone. johnstonereturn of the mountain man. Kensington books. To my friend who answers my endless questions concerning weapons. of the old west: Hollis Erwin. Back of the bar, in a solo game, sat Dangerous Dan McGrew. The man who had earned the reputation as one of the most feared gunfighters in the newly opened west spoke gently to Drifter and the big cat-footed stallion moved out through the timber. Buck was just west of the Rockies, skirting south of the Gros Ventre Range. He would-unless he hit some sort of snag-make Moose Flat in two days. He carefully picked his way toward the rear of the stable. He felt sure the front of the stable would be watched. For the first time since he had arrived in Bury, the town was silent. d up and down the streets. No riders moving in and out of town. No foot traffic to be seen in Bury. A tiny dust devil spun madly up the main street, picking up bits of paper as it whirled away. Smoke slipped from outhouse to outhouse, both hammer thongs off his. Reese and his deputies apparently believed Smoke would not take to the alleys, but instead stroll right down.

Return of the Mountain Man is the second novel in the The Last Mountain Man series by William Johnstone and . Johnstone, published in 2014.

view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook. If you are a fan of the western genre William Johnstone 's mountain man books are top-notch. I have read all of them and Preacher,Smoke and Matt always bring grief to the hapless owl-hoots.

Johnstone, William W. Table of Contents. It is only the dead who do not return. And the man called Smoke was torn between going to the aid of a family member he had never seen and staying at home for the birthday party. Dedicated to: James Albert Martin. You have to go, Smoke, Sally spoke the words softly. Gibson, in the Montana Territory.

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Comments: (7)
One of top ten authors from someone who's read thousands and thousands of books across a variety of subject/types.

Reason behind William W. Johnstone books being replaced (this reviewer has read ALL of his books and OWNS all titles except 4 or 5 'horror types from early 80's>> Needed to replace books (beginning of three series) loaned to a friend who owned restaurant and was using the books as a 'lending library' of sorts for good customers he knew; these books including first two from William Johnstone's 'Last Mountain Man', first two books in Johnstone's 'Eagle series', and 14 books from the series which started the idea, William W. Johnstone's 'ASHES' series (from early 1980's, had 30 some Ashes books, by 1998 had 7 million sold) which was read by MANY restaurant customers.

The interest in Johnstone's books took off during Prez election year; especially after we had two custom wood plaques made and placed on restaurant wall by cash register, having: ... "Elect Ben Raines for President" ... and ... one saying .. "How to put three Boobs in the White House; Elect Fritz and Tits". Wall plaques always needed explanation and folks just naturally began reading his books to see what the fuss was about. ...................................... Now as Paul Harvey used to say, "You have the Rest of the Story".

ps: Author died in 2005 and these comments do NOT extend to nonsense of book a month on most of WW. Johnstone's varied story lines,, SUPPOSEDLY by a very prolific writer, relative ?? 'J.A. Jones'
My husband and I started reading the "Preacher" series by William W. Johnstone. In the last Mountain Man Preacher goes off to die and Smoke Jensen is the main character. So now we are reading the Smoke Jensen series. They are easy to read and we really enjoy them.
The mountain series beggining with the first mountain man, was what brought me to william W. Johnstone. I read as many of these as I could find. I then read as many of the Smoke jensen, the last mountain man, books I could find. Then went ot Matt Jensen. All of these intermigle with the characters developed by bringing in Preacher to help develope Smoke Jensen, then bringing Smoke Jensen in to help develope Matt Jensen. All these books have been wonderful reading.
This was a good read about the old West. Life was hard, death came often. In this story, the hero's piece of mind would not come until a score was settled with men who killed his father, brothers, and his own family. Recommend.
Fun, action packed, very much a Western. Yep, a little cliché at times, but great fun, and great characters. My only complaint about the series is how it is confusing to read in order, as it is not clearly marked. And as you go along, some of the later books (Preacher series anyway), are not available on Kindle.
This type of book makes me wish the life style was still available.
I grew up an a traditional cattle ranch in Nebraska , so l had a small taste. Too bad honor and justice of that era no longer exist .
excellent book. one of the best of the newer ones. the earlier books written by william w like the eagles series had more indepth characters. You almost felt like you knew them. this book was not that involved in making you feel like you cared about them. this simply told a good story. Not a book I would read a second time, like i do the others. but a good read anyway
The men of the west had to he tough and kind at the same time. Most were honest only wanted a good life.