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Author: Steve Martini
Publisher: Gardners Books; PF edition (January 1994)
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Pages: 512
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Rating: 4.2
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Steve Martini is a master of the genre, " says John Grisham about the bestselling author of Compelling Evidence. Martini has joined the front rank of novelists whose legal thrillers have created a phenomenon in recent years. He writes with the agile, episodic style of a lawyer quick on his feet and one step ahead of his many enemies. Now, the writer hailed by Vincent Bugliosi as "a new literary lion in the fictional crime genre" delivers a seamless novel of high suspense and brilliant courtroom intrigue.

These calls were placed to Herb Jacoby, the Crown Counsel in Canada. I have pleaded with him for cooperation, his help in producing one of the two security guards who arrested Iganovich exactly the soul of benevolence. I have pleaded with him for cooperation, his help in producing one of the two security guards who arrested Iganovich exactly the soul of benevolence these days, still nursing his anger over the abduction of the Russian. I have been applying apologies like a shaman’s balm to his sovereign pride, assuring him repeatedly that my office, our government, had nothing to do with this escapade, that it was a private self-help venture of Kim Park.

Steven Paul "Steve" Martini (born February 28, 1946) is an American writer of legal novels

Steven Paul "Steve" Martini (born February 28, 1946) is an American writer of legal novels. Born on February 28, 1946 in San Francisco, California, Steve Martini was raised until the age of ten in the Colma area of Daly City just south of San Francisco. He is part of a large extended Italian-American family, some of which reach back four generations in California. Martini’s mother and father moved to Los Angeles County, California in 1956.

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They are the birds of darkness and noiseless flight, fierce and savage.

Steve Martini is an excellent author of courtroom drama and legal thrillers. His books are a layman's procedural on courtroom modus operandi, machinations, manipulations, maneuvers, and politics. Paul Madriani's childhood friend, Mario Feretti, who is the elected district attorney of Davenport County, needs triple bypass surgery.

Prime Witness - Steve Martini. I first got interested in Steve Martini after watching The Judge, an interesting movie that had some nice courtroom scenes for which I am always a sucker. I had already purchased Prime Witness in audio so decided to make it my chores listening. I enjoyed it. Several characters pop up who were in The Judge. This one is unusual int hat Paul Modriani, Martini's protagonist plays the role of district attorney, rather against his will and he is thrown into the middle of a case that pits him against an old antagonist.

In the space of five days the college town of Davenport is rocked by four brutal murders: two couples - students - their bodies found tied and staked out on the banks of Putah Creek. Then two more bodies are discovered. This time the victims are Abbott Scofield, a distinguished member of the university faculty, and his former wife Karen. The police suspect Andre Iganovich, a Russian immigrant, but Paul Madriani thinks there is more to the case than meets the eye. Forensic reports on the physical evidence suggest lingering questions about the Russian's involvement in the Scofield killings, and Paul becomes increasingly convinced that the second murders are the product of a copy-cat killer - a cold and calculating murderer who has taken the lives of the Scofields for reasons that Paul is determined to uncover...
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Steve Martini's books read as very real--this author has the experience to back up his novels, and also has clearly done more in-depth research for this one, PRIME WITNESS--which is fun for the layman to be a part of.

My only two problems are that Martini shows signs of lazy writing. "He made a face, like..." Then Martini will explain what this face means. This is a "tell" not "show" method of writing, and although this style is more forgivable in thriller novels than in other types of storytelling, Martini relies on the technique overly much. Maybe he is still honing his skills as a writer, as this is one of his earlier books. But it does prove distracting, as this form is used just about on every other page. If the plot had been any less compelling, I might have quit this one.

Also, the wife of the main character grows tiresome very quickly, as she is such a raging B. This married couple was separated in the first book of the series, and now that they have reconciled, one would think the wife would know what she is getting herself in for married to an attorney. At the end, when Madriani describes her as "forgiving," this is a joke--the character trait NEVER showed up on the page.

Overall, this book gets 5 stars from me because I wanted to come back to it at the end of the day. Considering most of the boring schlock put out there but so many substandard authors these days, having a book be very engaging is no small thing.
Rolled through this one in two days, including one late night. Non stop story, very well crafted. One does not want to put the book down after starting the read. The first person narration style of these books completely captivates me. I feel as if I am listening to the story being told rather than reading the story. The plot keeps you intrigued and yearning to read one more chapter. In the first book, I solved that case in my own, but it was great getting to the end to confirm my suspicion. This one hit me out of the blue. " Who woulda thunk? " Lots of fun reading here and a hell of a good book. Can't wait to move on to the next one in the series.
This was a terrific novel and I highly recommend it. I am critical of the ending, not because the identity of the killer is a cheat (it isn't: the author dropped more than enough clues to the killer's identity) but because the killer's actions once he/she has been revealed make little sense.

One of the pitfalls of mystery novels is that you have a killer who went to great lengths to get away with his/her crime only to, in the end, commit brand new crimes he/she couldn't possibly hope to get away with. The last acts of this killer make his/her guilt obvious to anyone and everyone. The killer's last acts are, therefore, pointless. A full-blown confession while standing in front of the President of the United States during the State of the Union address would have done less to telegraph the killer's guilt than his/her last series of acts in this novel.

But the ride to get to those last few pages is well worth it! Martini lays out an intriguing mystery and filled his town with interesting characters. The plot develops believably (for a fiction novel) and all loose ends are tied up before the story's done.

Aside from the ending, I have one quibble: Martini does not seem to know what "begging the question" means. He has more than one character use the term incorrectly, which would make sense if his characters were laypeople. But they are not. They are lawyers, and lawyers know what begging the question means. So should Martini.

Hey, I said it was a minor quibble.

I've already downloaded the third Paul Madriani novel because Steve Martini, in Compelling Evidence and Prime Witness, has earned himself a new reader. Looking forward to catching up with this series.
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Like John Grisham, Steve Martini weaves a story about lawyers, both defense and prosecutors, as well as judges, juries, the courts, lawmakers, law enforcers, and our system of justice, with its flaws and finer points.

In this book, the primary character, Paul Madriani, has unwillingly become a prosecuting attorney, the District Attorney, in a small rural district in northern California, where six murders have occurred. They appear to have been committed by a serial killer.

Having to deal with such adversaries as those in his own office, judges who have axes to grind with him, including one from Martini's first Madiani book -- "Compelling Evidence", Paul is hampered from day one in the resolution of this case. To top off his problems, the defending attorney is an old adversary who uses unbelievable tactics in his defense.

As in his first book, Paul is the winner in a totally unexpected way.

His adversaries have either become his ardent supporters or have found a way out of the Judicial picture.

I had a hard time putting this book down and plan to order the next Madriani books in the Kindle editions!
It was interesting, with lots of twists and turns, but too long for me. I felt that one more edit would have been a good idea.
Madriani switches roles in this one. He is the prosecutor, you'll see why when you read it. The killer is not who you think it is, and the story is fun to read and follow. Martini is as compelling a writer to read as Grisham and King. His world is a bit dark and cynical, but life often is too. This was a very entertaining and fun to read. If you're looking for heavy philosophy, try Plato or Machiavelli. If your looking for some fun, read this!
Any Martini book a pure pleasure. Very like Michael Connelly. You can't beat some authors who never dissapoint and he's one. He is one of America's best.
most excellent