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eBook Contact Harvest (Halo) download ISBN: 0765315696
Author: Joseph Staten
Publisher: Tor Books; 1st edition (October 30, 2007)
Language: English
Pages: 400
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Rating: 4.7
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Category: Literature
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Halo: Contact Harvest, . Part of Halo series by Joseph Staten

Halo: Contact Harvest, . Part of Halo series by Joseph Staten. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45. Page 1. Prologue. UNSC Colony world tribute, epsilon eridanus system, june 16, 2524 (military calendar). The marines were in the air before dawn. Two four-man squads clipped to a pair of Hornet fast-attack aircraft: compact, high-wing planes that remained nimble despite the marines' combined bulk.

Joseph Staten started working with game developer Bungie Studios in 1998, and has since served as a writer and designer for Oni, as well as writer and cinematics director for Halo and Halo 2. He also works with Peter Jackson's game development studio, Wingnut Interactive, writing and designing in the Halo universe. Staten attended college at Northwestern University and earned a master's in military history and political science at the University of Chicago. Series: Halo (Book 5).

Halo: Contact Harvest is a military science fiction novel by Joseph Staten, based on the Halo series of video games. The book was released in October 2007 and is the fifth Halo novel, following 2006's Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, written by Eric Nylund. Staten was a longtime employee of Bungie, the developer of the Halo video game series; he directed the cut scenes in the video games and is a major contributor to Halo's storyline

Halo: Contact Harvest is a Halo novel written by Joseph Staten

Halo: Contact Harvest is a Halo novel written by Joseph Staten. Published by Tor, it was released on October 30, 2007 and is the fifth official book in the Halo series, the second of three that were published by Tor (until the release of Halo: Glasslands). Contact Harvest details many of the events leading to the beginning of the Human-Covenant war. On the UEG colony Harvest, there is only peace and prosperity. He also works with Peter Jackson's game development studio, Wingnut Interactive, writing an. . Библиографические данные. Halo: Contact Harvest.

The book by Joseph Staten, "Halo: Contact Harvest", depicts the first contact between humanity and the alien races of the Covenant. The story tells the third/first person perspectives of multiple charectors throughout the book. It is the year 2524, and humanity has crossed into unknown star systems for colonization, but we are not alone After fighting the Insurrection for years, The . C have not made much progress

Something about the inevitability of sunrise heightened his senses-made him more alert.

Something about the inevitability of sunrise heightened his senses-made him more alert. Exhaling, he hoped they didn’t. Today was supposed to be a peaceful parley. But in case things went bad, Avery wanted every advantage he could get. You tired, Osmo? No, Staff Sergeant. You keep yawning like that, I’m gonna pull you off the line. The militia was gathered in Harvest’s botanical gardens, the planet’s largest park after Utgard’s mall.

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Joseph Staten is a bestselling American writer born in San Francisco, California. He currently works for game developer Bungie, and has worked at the company since 1998. His first novel, "", reached on "The New York Times" bestseller list in the first week of its release. The son of a theologian, Staten originally planned on becoming an actor, but joined Bungie in 1998. Halo: Contact Harvest - Contact Harvest Автор: Джозефа Стэйтена Жанр: Научная фантастика Язык оригинала: Английский Оригинал издан: 2007 Серия: Hal. икипедия. So the survival of Harvest’s citizens falls to a squad of battle-weary UNSC Marines and their inexperienced colonial militia trainees. In this unlikely group of heroes, one stands above the rest. a young Marine staff sergeant named Avery Johnson. Books by Joseph Staten. Books in the Kilo-Five Series (Halo) series. Halo: Ghosts of Onyx. Halo: The Thursday War. Karen Traviss.

Based on the universe and characters from the multimillion selling Xbox video games Halo and Halo 2, Halo: Contact Harvest continues the story of humanity's next great battle in their ongoing wars against the seemingly infinite alien factions who consider the human race heathens.

This is how it began...

It is the year 2524. Harvest is a peaceful, prosperous farming colony on the very edge of human-controlled space. But we have trespassed on holy ground--strayed into the path of an aggressive alien empire known as the Covenant. What begins as a chance encounter between an alien privateer and a human freighter catapults mankind into a struggle for its very existence.

But humanity is also locked in a bitter civil war known as the Insurrection. So the survival of Harvest's citizens falls to a squad of battle-weary UNSC Marines and their inexperienced colonial militia trainees. In this unlikely group of heroes, one stands above the rest...a young Marine staff sergeant named Avery Johnson.

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This book does everything a Halo novel should. It explores the Halo universe, gives insight into the history of Humanity and the Covenant, and tells a riveting science fiction story. Johnson was the perfect protagonist for this story. A hardened veteran of a marine but not quite the supersoldier Spartan; he's still a very-much vulnerable human that connects is to the Halo games. The love story between the two human AI was brilliant and touching. Probably the most essential part of the book are the chapters told from the perspective of the Covenant. You really get a unique person from each of the species in the story, from the lowly Grunts/Unggoy to the monstrous Brutes/Jiralhanae. Not only do you learn about the character of each species, bur there is a lot of information given about the history of the forming of the Covenant and the politics that have governed it over the ages. Since the author was one of the original writers for Halo 1, 2, and 3 all of this information feels more solid and true to the tone of the games.

After reading "The Fall of Reach", I was slightly disappointed. The book felt rushed and under-developed, and maybe targeted towards a less mature reading audience. "Contact Harvest" suffers from none of that, feeling like a much more developed story that takes it's time and shows rather than tells. I rate this book a 5/5, a must read for any Halo fan, and a great choice for any lover of science fiction that wants to start with the Halo universe.
The Sinners from Mitar
"Halo: Contact Harvest" provides important insight into the Halo Universe for fans who want to go beyond the games. I had previously read Halo, Books 1-3 (The Flood; First Strike; The Fall of Reach), so was very interested in filling in even more of the back story provide in this book.

Right off the start, it is obvious that Joseph Staten does not have the same writing style or flare for action that some of the other Halo authors have (i.e. Eric Nylund and William Dietz), but he more than makes up for it with his attention to detail and descriptive passages. While less exciting than the books farther up the time-line, this is an excellent history of both the human culture (touching on colonization and the "Insurrection") and the Covenant (explaining how several of the major species came together). I always enjoy the alien perspective and we get a lot insights into the mindsets and inner-working of the Covenant hierarchy.

The action centers mostly on Sergent Avery Johnson, a soldier who is haunted by his time fighting against human Insurrectionists and the loss of a close family member, who is sent to the remote planet Harvest to train a local militia. Surrounded by some additional eccentric characters, including recruits who are more farmers than soldiers and several Artificial Intelligences, Avery is far less than ready for the unexpected arrival of the first Covenant ship.

This is worthwhile read and a good starting place if you haven't read any of the previous Halo books. My only real issue is the inclusion of a "intimate" scene that really added nothing to the story line.


The story features Sgt Avery Johnson of the first Halo Trilogy as mankind first encounter's the Covenant. It tells opening act of the Covenant War. It's the only book that takes place entirely during the prewar, fleshing out a world where humanity's primary concern was the threat of civil war from insurrectionist forces. The book is notable for it's smaller, more intimate scale, where two platoons of volunteer trainee defense forces are pitted against a handful of Brutes (some of whom play a crucial role in Halo 2). More than that, the character development in this volume takes front and center: from the Sgt Johnson's crisis of conscience, to his rocky relationship with Sgt Byrne, and even a tragic love story between two AI characters.

This is a book that really makes the effort rise above the complacency of franchise sci-fi to stand on its own merit as a great little novel.
Obviously it was great just for providing a back story to how the war with the Covenant started. And is a great starting point for those new to the Halo universe. And even for Halo veterans it is an interesting story that not only tells about the early days of fighting against the Covenant, but also sheds some light on one of myself favorite characters, Sergeant Avery Johnson's early encounters with the Covenant. But I do not think Joseph Staten is a very hood writer and was unimpressed with Jonah wrote this story. I think it would have been ten times better if he didn't write it. Also, that random sex scene at the end.What was that all about? And what did it have to do with anything? One thing I did like though was how he showed the Covenant hierarchy and how the different species interacted. Although he did not have to call them by their covenant names. He could have just put instead of Unngnoy, grunts. But overall it was good but not the best book I've ever read.
If you ever wondered how the Covenant first came across humanity, then this is the book for you. You won't find any Spartan super soldiers in this story, but you will get great insight into the Prophets and learn how the three of them you see in Halo 2 came to power.

The book splits its time between the Covenant High Charity and the planet of Harvest. Harvest is the first planet that the Covenant attack on their campaign to exterminate humanity. It's a prequel to the first three Halo books and just as good as they are. You'll find characters that you like and can identify with and villains who aren't just cardboard cutouts with a one track mind. You'll be left wondering just who will survive this first encounter and who will perish.

Obviously this is not "great literature", but for a Halo book it's darned good. Considerably better than the Ghosts book before it. Give it a try.