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by Melinda Snodgrass

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Author: Melinda Snodgrass
Publisher: Tor Books; First Edition edition (May 13, 2008)
Language: English
Pages: 384
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Rating: 4.9
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From the sleep of reason monsters are born. Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes. Richard grabbed the windowsill. The edges of the broken glass cut through his gloves and into his palms

From the sleep of reason monsters are born. The edges of the broken glass cut through his gloves and into his palms. He gritted his teeth against the pain, planted a toe of his heavy shoe against the wall and boosted into a handstand flip. He landed on his feet in the office and felt the jar from his shins to the top of his head.

Melinda M. Snodgrass is a science fiction writer for print and television. The Edge of Reason - Melinda Snodgrass - Macmillan". She has also contributed produced scripts for the series Odyssey 5, The Outer Limits, SeaQuest DSV, and Reasonable Doubts; she was also a consulting producer on The Profiler  .

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Richard Oort seems like a normal police officer. In saving the beautiful Rhianna, he is drawn into the machinations of a mysterious billionaire who just might be Prometheus and Lucifer, and who claims to be waging a millennia-old war on the side of reason and light, defending humanity from others of his kind who want nothing more than to see us destroy ourselves with superstition and fear. Richard is a Paladin, a genetic fluke that enables him to wield Lucifer's sword, and is forced to become a central figure in the battle between Light and Darkness

Melinda Snodgrass manages to pit science against superstition in this first adventure in the Edge trilogy. Reason vs. religion in an urban fantasy.

Melinda Snodgrass manages to pit science against superstition in this first adventure in the Edge trilogy. Richard Oort is not your typical fantasy hero - he's short, bisexual, awkward in social situations, and he has absolutely no magic. Richard is probably one of the most interesting characters I've come across. The Edge of Reason sounded like my kind of book, so I was eager to give it a go. Blurbs talking about Lovecraftian Old Ones vs. technology sealed it. Right away, Snodgrass creates interesting characters and situations that draw the reader in.

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The Edge of Reason (2008) is the first Fantasy novel in the Edge series. It is set in contemporary Albuquerque, New Mexico. There magic wars with reason. In this novel, Richard Oort is a scion of a rich and influential family. Now he is an Albuquerque beat cop. He had been a student of music and then worked for an investment company. Something happened to him and he left home to become a policeman. Rhiana Davinovitch is a physics student at the University of New Mexico. She has discovered that she is also a sorceress.

Although she has written many short stories over the years, The Edge of Reason is her first novel in over fifteen years

Since the dawn of consciousness, a secret war has been fought between the forces of magic and religious fanaticism, and the cause of reason, understanding, and technology. On one side are the Old Ones, malign entities that feed on the suffering of mankind. On the other are the Lumina, an ancient order dedicated the liberation of the human spirit.Officer Richard Oort of the Albuquerque Police Department is caught in the middle of this primal battle when he rescues a mysterious teenage girl from a trio of inhuman hunters. Recruited by the Lumina to serve as their latest paladin, Richard ends up fighting beside a handful of unlikely allies, including an adolescent sorceress, an enigmatic philanthropist, a sexy coroner, and a homeless god with multiple personalities.The Old Ones and their mortal pawns are determined to destroy Richard–or subvert him to their cause. And they have all powers of magic and organized religion at their disposal. As the gates between the universes shred apart, it may be up to Richard to save humanity from the endless horror of a new Dark Age.Provocative as The Golden Compass or the Illuminatus! trilogy, The Edge of Reason dramatizes the fundamental conflict behind the hot-button issues of today...and the future of the human race.
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Okay, well, I might by so very enthusiastic because someone *finally wrote an urban fantasy that appeals to the atheist in me,* but seriously, the books is astonishingly well done.

Brilliant plotting leads a very believable protagonist down a road that forces him to accept that the supernatural exists, that it needs to *not* exist, and that he can help with putting an end to it. By doing so, he'll be freeing humanity to move beyond the superstition of religion-- and go to the stars.

The plot is handled with extreme skill, building event on event, leading to a conclusion that is exciting, powerful, and leaves you ready for the next book-- *WITHOUT* the cheap crutch of a cliffhanger ending. Richard Oort, the protagonist. is believably balanced between competent and vulnerable, has issues that drag him down without crippling him, and is a man I can see becoming a hero, as opposed to a protagonist.

The first book of a trilogy, it was grandtastic enough that I will be buying book two poste-haste.
Really enjoyed this interesting and thoughtful book by seasoned author Melinda Snodgrass. If you enjoy character development around an interesting premiss with lots of twists and turns, this one is for you. First of a tilogy, I can;t wait for the thrid book to be published. (I've already read and enjoyed the second book)
Push through the parts where Snodgrass explains a bit too much. The story is fascinating and the explaining needed to finally hold it all together. After finishing this book, I went directly to the second of the series, The Edge of Ruin, and am looking forward already to the finale.
Beautiful book, fascinating story,intriguing subject. It is an excellent eye opener into a different look at religious beliefs. Great read!
Friggin Awesome.
Excellent read for me but if your a bible thumper pass on this book it will only piss you off!
I bought this after reading a short story with the same characters and premise in "Down These Streets". It is such an interesting premise, ruined by reason of trite plot twists and preaching so heavy-handed it would sit better in a Baptist revival tent. Halfway through and I could have written the rest, it was that predictable.
It has such an interesting idea, which makes it all the more disappointing when it fails across the board and ends just boring.
Don't waste your money! I read the sample, but should have read all the reviews before purchasing. Wooden characters, wooden writing.