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by Patricia J. Duncan,Mempo Giardinelli

eBook Sultry Moon (Discoveries) download ISBN: 0935480927
Author: Patricia J. Duncan,Mempo Giardinelli
Publisher: Latin American Literary Review Press (January 1, 1998)
Language: English
Pages: 128
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Rating: 4.3
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction

Mempo Giardinelli (b. 1947) is an Argentinian writer who spent 6 years of exile in Mexico during the worst of the Argentinian military dictatorship

Topping Argentina's bestseller list for twenty-seven weeks and winner. Mempo Giardinelli (b. 1947) is an Argentinian writer who spent 6 years of exile in Mexico during the worst of the Argentinian military dictatorship. Luna caliente was published in 1983, towards the end of his exile and was awarded the Premio Nacional de Novela of Mexcio, the first time a non-Mexican was awarded this most prestigious prize.

Mempo Giardinelli (b.

com: Sultry Moon (Discoveries) (9780935480924): Mempo Giardinelli, Patricia J. Duncan: Books. Roberto Arlt, and his Seven Madmen Serendipity: Roberto Arlt, "The Seven Madmen". and of course Adolfo Bioy Casares, Borges' friend

com: Sultry Moon (Discoveries) (9780935480924): Mempo Giardinelli, Patricia J. and of course Adolfo Bioy Casares, Borges' friend. The Invention of Morel, or A Plan For Escape).

This marvelous novel, its Argentine author's fourth, won the 1983 Mexican National Book Award. It's a tense, resonant story of a 30ish intellectual, Ramiro Bernadez, whose hopeful return home is destroyed by his impulsive commission of rape, then murder, and his compared to that of Argentina's ruling elite-to take responsibility for, or even acknowledge, his actions. A beautifully controlled small masterpiece, filled with echoes of both Camus's L'Etranger and Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment.

by. Mempo Giardinelli. Fugitives from justice - Fiction. Argentina - Fiction.

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An aroused charge clings to this tale of obsession and compunction. As a postscript, my wife took that copy along on our way to Munich. My wife bought me a pair of Giardinelli's novels one year for my birthday. I was unfamiliar with the author. She had read him years before in Spanish. This was an especially rampant noir. An aroused charge clings to this tale of obsession and compunction.

Mempo Giardinelli, Resistencia, Argentina. Escritor y periodista argentino.

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Topping Argentina's bestseller list for twenty-seven weeks and winner of Mexico's National Book Award, Sultry Moon is reminiscent of both Crime and Punishment and Lolita. This fast-paced thriller begins with the arrival of a protagonist who has just returned from studies in France with the prospect of a brilliant career ahead of him. He is welcomed back with open arms, but within a few hours at a dinner party, he becomes a ruthless, violent agressor living out the paranoid psychology of a criminal.
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I love short books that pack a wallop, pull you in and just refuse to let you go, demand that you read them at one sitting - I think of "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" by Thornton Wilder, "Night Flight" by Antione de Saint Exupery, and "The Reader" by Bernhard Schlink. I have now added "Sultry Moon" by the Argentine writer Mempo Giardinelli to this exclusive club. This is a gripping tale of one man's fascination with crime - a fascination which leads him to commit several crimes during three days under the hot "sultry moon" during December 1977, in the early days of the Argentine military dictatorship, which is a background to this story but not its central focus. Ramiro, the central figure of the story, is drawn into a vortex of crime, conscience and punishment as ineluctably as was Raskolnikov in Dostoyevksy's "Crime and Punishment". Looking for something a little bit off the beaten track to grab you one rainy (or even sunny) afternoon? Go read this extraodinary book. I think you may be repulsed but you will definitely be fascinated.
Mempo Giardinelli, Argentinean author of the hardboiled detective novel Sultry Moon uses his characters' stories and actions to portray the history of Argentina. This book can easily be read with its literal interpretation but can also be read as an allegory. Sultry Moon allows the reader to be captivated by the corruption and violence that occurs in Argentina which is portrayed through the actions of Ramiro. Mempo Giardinelli shocks the reader with a very disturbing opening scene. The reader never knows what is coming next since Ramiro is unpredictable. At one point in the book Ramiro claims that he "felt trapped" because someone keeps appearing everywhere he turns. This never ending cycle is a great representation of the relationship between Argentina and its people who continue to corrupt the country. Even though Mempo Giardinelli incorporates abusive, violent and even psychotic scenes, Sultry Moon remains an outstanding thriller that helps educate people of the brutal reality that occurs in Argentina.
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An interesting twist on conventional crime and mystery fiction, Sultry Moon follows the thoughts and actions of the protagonist, Ramiro, as he loses himself and his moral standing in a series of terrible crimes. From the beginning of Sultry Moon Argentine writer Mempo Giardinelli grabs his readers from and refuses to let them breathe easy until the end.
Giardinelli sets Ramiro and his crimes in Argentina in 1977, during the height of repression under the military government. He incorporates commentary on the wrongdoings of this government but does not let his political sentiments overshadow the plot. The historical criticism is thought-provoking but not overpowering. Ramiro's story is not a purely Argentine narrative, but rather a very human story that shows the dangers of rationalization and self-righteousness.
This is a great piece of literature which I enjoyed immensely. Fans of crime and mystery fiction will not be disappointed; Sultry Moon maintains suspense throughout the novel. Still, it accomplishes more than the urgency of its surface plot and readers will have plenty to think about afterwards.
Easily offended and young readers beware: there is some very graphic material which may not be suitable for all audiences.
Mempo Giardinelli's Sultry Moon opens with a shocking string of events, but by no means lets the action die there. The novella follows the protagonist's return from France to his hometown in Argentina's Chaco Province. During the height of the Dirty War (1976-1983), he soon discovers that the news reports about his homeland were not exaggerations. After the criminal commits a heinous crime, he finds that he will have to change all his previous life plans.

In Sultry Moon, Giardinelli abandons some of the key characteristics of most detective fiction and allows the reader to see the inner workings of the criminal's thought process. The work seems to embody the antithesis of the "whodunit," but nonetheless maintains its status as a page turner and does not disappoint. Despite its brevity, Giardinelli is able to offer his own insights as an exile through his political commentaries on the oppressive regimes ruling Argentina through his use of symbolism and other literary tools.

The novella is unique in that it transcends the boundaries of classic and detective fiction, taking on an allegorical nature and forcing the reader to constantly question himself in an attempt to solve Giardinelli's twists. Overall, the book is a quick, enjoyable, and mentally stimulating read.
Sultry Moon is like a hot coal- small but capable of setting a fire. Ramiro is a tragic figure brought to destruction by a lolitalike girl. Araceli is a riveting character whose sensuality is out of proportion to her age. I have always liked south american writers who seem attuned to the human tragegy and Mempo Giardinelli's novella is senuous, and mysterious.
It's no wonder this short little novel stood in the Argentine bestsellers list for about 27 WEEKS. I too read this book in one sitting, but not because of its lenght,(even though it helps)but but because its so good and so well written that I literaly went out and bought a copy for each of my friends for christmas last year and each one stated that it was the best gift they had recieved. The cover might be a bit tacky but hey never judge a book by its cover. there are so many things to say about this novel that there isn't enough room to write about it. All I have to say is buy it, it's worth every penny.
No wonder the novel won the price for best novel in 1983 in is superbly well written, misterious, erotic and captivating.
I have read in the longest time . I was going to write that he is the best writer form argentina , but that statement does not do him justice . I too read this book in one sitting and since then giardinelli has become one of my favorite writers . I own every one of his books . The ending is surprising and also genius. Get this book you definitely will not regret it .