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by B. S. Levy

eBook Toly's Ghost (Last Open Road) download ISBN: 0964210762
Author: B. S. Levy
Publisher: Think Fast Ink Llc; First Edition edition (May 1, 2006)
Language: English
Pages: 705
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Rating: 4.8
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction

The Last Open Road is a novel written by . Levy, a long time amateur racer. It tells the story of a young mechanic from Passaic, New Jersey who becomes involved in automobile road racing during its peak in the 1950s.

The Last Open Road is a novel written by . The book follows Buddy Palumbo, the main character, as he has to balance family life with working on cars. Buddy works mostly at a small gas station in his home town of Passaic, but also worked briefly at a foreign car shop in New York City.

The fourth book in THE LAST OPEN ROAD series. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Further occasionally harrowing. Start by marking Toly's Ghost (The Last Open Road Book 4) as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

Only 5 left in stock (more on the way). Levy at a car show when he came to my car and we spoke. Was told who he was when he left and told what a great book( series) he has written for "car" guys

Only 5 left in stock (more on the way). Was told who he was when he left and told what a great book( series) he has written for "car" guys

This site is a venue for the fans of author Burt ". ". Levy, the "Ride Mooch", and the books and characters in the "Last Open Road" series.

This site is a venue for the fans of author Burt ". PagesPublic figureAuthorThe Last Open RoadAbout.

B. S. Levy has written four sequels to The Last Open Road: Montezuma's Ferrari, The Fabulous Trashwagon, Toly's Ghost, and The 200 MPH Steamroller. Each story is written as fiction but the racing action is historically based.


Written by. Burt S. Levy. Manufacturer: Think Fast Ink Release date: 1 May 2006 ISBN-10 : 0964210762 ISBN-13: 9780964210769.

4th novel in "The Last Open Road" series. The Fabulous Trashwagon (Last Open Road) EAN 978096421. 33 руб. The Last Open Road (Revised) (Hardcover) EAN 978096421. 89 руб. Never Before in History: America"s Inspired Birth EAN 978096421. 61 руб. Red Reign (200mph Steamroller!) EAN 978096421.

Fourth novel in author/racer "BS" Levy's celebrated, cult-classic and utterly hilarious THE LAST OPEN ROAD series about a young New Jersey gas station mechanic growing up, coming of age and learning about life, love and motorsports during the Eisenhower fifties. Format Hardback 673 pages.

A truly enjoyable book filled with lots of humor and emotion, I'm particularly proud of my work on it. Tags. Grumpy Old Man, Smoker, Storyteller, Trucker, Regular Joe, Aged, Animated, Annoying, Burly, Engaging, Humorous, Manly/Masculine, Tough, Grizzled, Cool, US General American (GenAm), US New York (New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn), US West Coast (California, Portland). América Latina (Español). US & Canada (English).

Burt BS Levy is known as the World’s Fastest Novelist. He is the author of the celebrated cult classic 1950s sports car novels The Last Open Road, its sequels Montezuma’s Ferrari, The fabulous Trashwagon, Toly’s Ghost, The 200 MPH Steamroller and his utterly hilarious short story collection, A Potside Companion.

4th novel in "The Last Open Road" series.
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If you like sports cars, this is THE book you want to read! The research done by Levy for the historical characters is great, as is that done for the cars, many of which you will have NEVER heard of. Even though there are historical events and characters, the center of the story is a likable young man, Buddy Palumbo, who is sort of the "Forest Gump" of sports car racing. He meets EVERYONE, goes to a lot of interesting places and has great adventures while doing so. I put that there is graphic violence, but it is car wrecks and not fights. Handled very well by Levy, and essential to the story line. As to sexual content...the book is not intended for little kids, and would be enjoyed most by people who can deal with the hinted at sex, which is VERY rare in the book anyway. Hey, if you like cars, READ! THIS! BOOK!!!
This is a classic about road racing in the 50's. I'm not (quite) that old but there are a lot of similar stories from my racing days in the 60's. Told from a young mechanic's point of view when people drove there cars to the track, raced them, and then drove home. I last tried that at Riverside in '73 and got introduced to a number of nice state cops- I think the big numbers on the side didn't help. This book sits with my copy of "Stand On It" on my car shelf along with all the technical books. Very enjoyable coming of age story.
'The Last Open Road' will either have you hooked from the first page or you will toss it aside forever. The narrative voice of Buddy Palumbo is hilarious, entertaining, and absolutely right on for the early 1950s, and we follow Buddy and his chums through the road racing scene of that era.

The title 'The Last Open Road' only becomes meaningful later, when we realize that this strange assemblage of rich blue-blood sport car owners and grease-stained poorer car enthusiasts are, in fact, the last of a breed. The open road races of the 1950s are about to be closed down forever in favor of the closed racetracks that are safer (for the bystanders at least) and the era of the gentleman amateur tearing around a real road, with real every day challenges, is over.

I was not a sports car fan when I started reading, but I was by the time I was about forty pages in. Burt Levy's experience of this world feels absolutely spot on. I began to understand why people love the allure of racing, and I could experience the excitement, the grittiness... I could almost smell the exhaust. I could hardly put the book down.

Many writers about cars overwhelm the reader with details that just numb the brain. Not so in this case. Burt Levy has produced a magnificent book, because it has the actual experience for us, as readers, to share in - with just enough in terms of particulars to make us think ' Surely this is a memoir!'. It's not. It's a novel.

Some books surprise us with their readability and charm. This is one. It also does what really good literature can do best: it probes and asks difficult questions. In this case that question is why on earth do so many men (and so few women) invest so much time and money in something that is outrageously dangerous? The answer is not as simple as 'testosterone', and Levy knows it. By showing us what it's like, helping us experience it, he gives us a sense of why people are as they are, and how we can better comprehend that.

Buy it for your sportscar owning friends and relatives. They'll love it. Your middle-aged uncle who's just bought a Harley will love it, too. And then buy it for those who want, truly, to understand the allure of the 'fast-car-owning' thing.

Don't say you haven't felt it. Anyone who's sat behind a steering wheel has.

Allan Hunter
I read the last the series first, "200 MPH Steamroller". All the novels are fabulous. I highly recommend reading them from "The Last Open Road" all the way to the end. Don't get me wrong, I read the last two first and then went back to the beginning. It's a blast since all of the characters are introduced and its bringing the "Steamroller" full circle. I'm a Buddy Palumbo at heart with friends just like "Big Ed" and Cal Carrington. If your a vintage racer, you'll get it from the first paragraph. Burt brings a shot of adrenaline to a Novocaine world. Thanks Burt!
This book is just as enjoyable as its predecessors. Levy has a talent for developing great characters and entertaining the reader. I would recommend reading the books in order as the story has great continuity and context.
I read this book, this series many years ago. But some books can be read again (and again) and this is one of them, so I put it on my Kindle and got right into it. It was every bit as fun the second time, and I’m not a sports car nut. My background came from oval track stuff, but I don’t think you need either experience to love this story. If you’ve ever had so much as a love/hate relationship with any kind of car, you’ll like it. And even though the story is fictional, there’s a lot of history trivia included. I read a lot, but I’ve never read anything quite like this.
I have been a sports car enthusiast for almost 50 years. While my life doesn't parallel Buddy Polumbo's, I can relate to his coming of age in and around foreign sports cars. Although fiction, many of the locations that Buddy travels to are real tracks and small towns that I frequented in my youth. The same with the bars and restaurants. The variety of characters belonging to the SCCA (SCCM) and participating in these sports car events are people that I was able to relate to. Perhaps they were the very same individuals. The sports car community was a small group of colorful enthusiasts, all motivated to be involved for different reasons, but the sport was fueled by those with the money to support the racing habit. For those of us that can relate that past era, The Last Open Road is great read. I cannot wait to start Burt Levy's other books.
Levy creates an incredibly likable protagonist in Buddy Palumbo. Occasionally the author allows himself to become mired in his own verbosity, but the stories do pay off and the Last Open Road series are rewarding to the reader. At the same time, the history of sports-cars and sports-car racing is conveyed in an interesting format. I read all four books in the series and looked forward to each new chapter.