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Author: Nancy Holder
Publisher: Simon Spotlight Entertainment; 1st Printing edition (August 1, 2003)
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Rating: 4.2
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Endangered Species book.

Endangered Species book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Angel: Season 3 by. Nancy Holder (Goodreads Author).

Angel, Cordy, Gunn, Wesley, Fred, and Chaz set off for a tropical island to try to save Faith from the nefarious plans of Chaz's wife, Marianna, but the real danger may come from the lawyers of Wolfram & Hart.

Nancy Holder is an American writer and the author of several novels, including numerous tie-in books based on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She's also written fiction related to several other science fiction and fantasy shows, including Angel and Smallville. Holder is a four-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award for superior achievement in horror writing.

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Nancy Holder has written many Buffy and Angel projects for Simon & Schuster. She is currently working on a quartet of teen novels about two rival witch families living in the Pacific Northwest. An avid sleeper, she heads a household consisting of a fabulous daughter named Belle, a demonic little dog named Dot, two haughty cat sisters named David (!) and Sasha, and a mated pair of finches named Zoe and Bekah.

Автор: Holder Название: Angel Endangered Species Издательство: Simon & Schuster Классификация . Описание: A window on to the extraordinary world of Noddy Holder, the much-loved Slade frontman, in his own words.

Автор: Holder Название: Angel Endangered Species Издательство: Simon & Schuster Классификация: ISBN: 0689862105 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780689862106 ISBN: 0-689-86210-5 ISBN-13(EAN): 978-0-689-86210-6 Дата издания: 0. 8. Автор: Holder, Noddy, Verrico, Lisa Название: Who& Crazee Now?

Best-selling author Nancy Holder has published sixty books and more than two hundred short stories. The good news is that someone has finally taught Nancy Holder how to write a paragraph more than a sentence long.

Best-selling author Nancy Holder has published sixty books and more than two hundred short stories. She has written or cowritten twenty Buffy and Angel projects. The bad news is that this novel has too little of Buffy and and much less of Angel. Those of you who like to see Buffy and Angel together will be disappointed.

Nancy Holder is a writer whose work includes Buffyverse novels, short stories, and reference books published by Simon & Schuster. Halloween Rain" (with Christopher Golden). The Angel Chronicles, Volume 1". "Blooded" (with Golden). Child of the Hunt" (with Golden). The Gatekeeper Trilogy. Out of the Madhouse" (with Golden). Ghost Roads" (with Golden). Sons of Entropy" (with Golden). The Angel Chronicles, Volume 3". "Sunnydale High Yearbook" (with Golden).

item 2 Endangered Species (Angel), Holder, Nancy, Used; Good Book -Endangered Species (Angel), Holder .

item 2 Endangered Species (Angel), Holder, Nancy, Used; Good Book -Endangered Species (Angel), Holder, Nancy, Used; Good Book. item 3 Endangered Species (Angel) By Nancy Holder, Jeff Mariotte. 9780743450706 -Endangered Species (Angel) By Nancy Holder, Jeff Mariotte. In addition to tie-in novels for both Buffy and Angel he is co-author of The Watcher's Guide Volume Two.

Angel, Cordy, Gunn, Wesley, Fred, and Chaz set off for a tropical island to try to save Faith from the nefarious plans of Chaz's wife, Marianna, but the real danger may come from the lawyers of Wolfram & Hart.
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For Buffy and Angel fans, this year has been a bit lackluster. While I couldn't point to any particular book and say that it was a total flop, nothing comes to mind as really outstanding. Part of the blame no doubt rests with the changes both television series have gone through. It says much that Dark Horse has decided to shift the BTVS comic series to Buffy before Sunnydale. I cannot say that I am sympathetic, but I do understand.
The best of the Buffy books this year is Chris Golden's 'Wisdom of War.' Andy the politest thing one could say about the Angel series this year is that there was nothing one could identify as 'the best.' Now, Nancy Holder and Jeff Mariotte have come to the rescue with their latest, 'Endangered Species.'
The book's plot is something of a tag team action story. There are three teams of bad guys. The first is Marianna Escobar a vampire who runs an elite hunting island and has a plan for making Faith the next animal on the agenda. Next up is Benedicta, made by Drusilla and every bit as crazy. She and her nasty druid sidekick want to raise the original vampire and have little super vampires by it. And no one should leave out Wolfram and Hart, who manage to collect fees from everyone while working their own agenda.
On the good side is the regular team, plus the Host, Fred, and Faith. New faces are Chaz Escobar - the vampire's estranged husband, and Lohiau, an Hawaiian revolutionary and Kahuna. Between kidnappings and holdups, the good guys are every bit as fragmented as their enemies, as everyone careens around trying to assemble the components of a spell that will either destroy all vampires or end the unlives of vampires everywhere.
This is obviously a story heavy on the action and light on character depth and angst, but it is just what the doctor ordered. Even so, Faith gets a lot of attention and Fred makes her first major appearance in an Angel novel. Both characters are handled honestly, although I think Fred's weaknesses are overplayed. So, lots of action, decent character development, and tight, effective writing. Making this the season's must read for Angel fans.
Enjoyed revisiting a favorite show and beloved characters. Moved a little slowly, but still a worthy and enjoyable read. I plan to look for more novels based on this tv show.
To get to write a hardcover book in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel universe you have to come up with one or more really good ideas, and at face value Nancy Holder and Jeff Mariotte certainly get that far in "Endangered Species." The title refers to both of the book's major plotlines. The first involves an arcane ritual that would end the afterlife of every vampire on Earth and the second concerns a hunting party whose prey is Faith, the incarcerated Slayer. Yes, the latter was already an episode on "BtVS", but Cordelia took Faith's place in that particular outing and the idea is certainly worth revisiting, especially when you are not limited by what can be done on television. But clearly that first idea is the key selling point and makes Angel confront the irony that he might be helping bring out his own demise. However, the thesis of this critique would be that Holder and Mariotte do not really carry off these neat ideas.
The Slayer Hunt plotline is the most disappointing. This time around this idea is set up to be much more in the mode of "The Most Dangerous Game" (in fact, specific reference is made to that title). But when we finally get around to the long awaited hunt I have to say that nothing really happens. There is a lot more running than there is fighting, partially because Faith is not alone in the jungle as she flees the dozen hunters who have paid $5 million each for the opportunity to bag a Slayer. Even when we get down to some actual fighting, the emphasis is on...Wesley. Now, I like Wesley's character and consider his transformation from woefully weak Watcher to rouge demon hunter a masterful revitalization of the character. But in this story Wesley suddenly starts channeling Jim Shooter and insisting that the prey cannot kill the hunters because the hunters are human. Give me a break; better to end up with your head on a wall than hurt a human being who is trying to kill you? I think not, Wes. I was also irritated that we were not getting back to the Slayer Hunt soon enough once we were off to visit the other plot line, although this feeling lessened once I discovered I was not missing much.
The plan to rid the world of all the vampires has some nice complications that up the ante. The ritual actually involves bringing back the Beast of the First Blood, which the psychotic vampire Benedicta and her ancient druid lover Bran want to conjure up they can create a new race of super vamps. But the theory is that if the Beast of the First Blood is slain, all of the vampires who sprung from this original font will become dust in the wind. To make this even more interesting, Angel is aided in this effort by Chaz Escobar, a hunter who has killed every rare animal and demon on the planet apparently. Escobar is interested in the ritual but because he wants to restore his wife Marianna, who is not only a vampire, but also the one who came up with the idea of the Slayer Hunt. This obviously provides the link between the two plot lines.
Ultimately, my main complaint about "Endangered Species" is that a lot of rabbits get pulled out of the hat to resolve each of these plot lines satisfactorily. The best stories in this genre are those where you can look back and see how everything fell into place, but there is no way you can get that feeling from the way this one winds up. I also found the witty repartee to be a bit much, especially with regards to Cordelia, who has to think most of her one liners because she spends most of the climax of the book bound and gagged. "Endangered Species" takes place early during Season 2 of "Angel," when Fred was still afraid to leave the hotel. There is also some decent back story on Darla's attempts to restore Angelus after the Boxer Rebellion episode, which introduces us to Lohiau, the most interesting of the supporting characters.
I really want to give "Endangered Species" a 3.5, splitting the difference between a 3 for the Slayer Hunt and a 4 for the Beast of the First Blood bit. Deciding to round up or down has been difficult, because every time I think the latter could be nudged up a bit I want to start deducting fractions from the former. But even as disappointing as the Slayer Hunt was, it is not really as bad as a 2 and if it was not there at all I would have said this book was a solid 4. Another way of putting this would be, wait for this one to come out in paperback.
A married couple like hunting, and move on to bigger and bigger game, like monsters, and vampires. The wife makes a mistake, and becomes a vampire. This puts a damper on their relationship.

The husband contacts Angel when he learns of a plot to bring back the original vampire, a plan of the queen vamp that turned his wife.

Said wife does a deal with Wolfram and Hart to get Faith out of the slammer, to have their own little Slayerfest. Wesley and Gunn end up along for the festivities, and Cordelia is part of the raise the beast sacrifice plans, because of her Seer abilities.

Angel contacts a kahuna he knew when he was trying to lose his soul, for some magical help, and soon there are menehune, monsters, Champions and crew all over the place.

One fun quote too, about Cordelia :

"...sprang into action. Like that chick on Witchblade, she mad her her weapon seem like an extension of her arm as she lunged, parried, and whacked the hll out of one of the columns in the basement."