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by Bob Perry

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Author: Bob Perry
Publisher: iUniverse (December 22, 2008)
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I try to write stories that are authentic and real.

I try to write stories that are authentic and real. I hope they entertain, but I also hope they inspire and encourage the human imagination.

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The term Cross Timbers, also known as Ecoregion 29, Central Oklahoma/Texas Plains, is used to describe a strip of land in the United States that runs from southeastern Kansas across Central Oklahoma to Central Texas. Made up of a mix of prairie, savanna, and woodland, it forms part of the boundary between the more heavily forested eastern country and the almost treeless Great Plains, and also marks the western habitat limit of many mammals and insects.

Bob Perry (Perry, Bob). used books, rare books and new books. Brothers of the Cross Timber: ISBN 9781463772673 (978-1-4637-7267-3) Softcover, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011. Find all books by 'Bob Perry' and compare prices Find signed collectible books by 'Bob Perry'. Brothers of the Cross Timber. ISBN 9781463772673 (978-1-4637-7267-3) Softcover, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011. CIMA Learning System 2007 Organisational Managementand Information Systems (CIMA Managerial Level 2008). ISBN 9780750680455 (978-0-7506-8045-5) CIMA Publishing, 2006.

The Cross Timbers MEMORIES OF A NORTH TEXAS BOYHOOD Personal Narratives . The origin of the term Cross Timbers is obscure.

Soon after George’s birth my father and his younger brother, Isaac sold their land in Missouri and removed with their families to Nebraska, settling on Rock Creek about sixteen miles northeast of Lincoln. We only know that during most of the nineteenth century it was applied to the two broad belts of timber that extended northward from Central Texas to the Red River and far beyond.

Bob Perry has authored five books including, Brothers of the Cross Timber, Mimosa Lane, The Broken Statue, Spiritual Renewal: Tranforming the Mind, and Dynamic Thinking: Models for Organizational Leadership. Bob Perry is an excellent writer and gives such good detail. I have always been fascinated by the Nephilim and I read a previous book of Bob's, so naturally, I wanted to read this one. The storyline was going pretty good, but somewhere he lost me about 3/4 of the way thru and I was never able to get it.

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Bob Perry has authored several books, primarily set during the tumultuous years immediately before and . of the World," Brother of the Cross Timber set in Pottawatomie County around the time of the Railroad Strikes of 1922

The Book of Brothers, informally called The White Book, is the tome that records the deeds of every knight who has ever served in the three hundred year history of the Kingsguard.

The Book of Brothers, informally called The White Book, is the tome that records the deeds of every knight who has ever served in the three hundred year history of the Kingsguard. The book is kept in the Red Keep in the White Sword Tower, where the knights of the Kingsguard have their sleeping cells. The book is in the uppermost floor of the tower in the room where the seven meet. It is the responsibility of the current Lord Commander of the Kingsguard to update the entries in the book.

Some men are born brothers; others become brothers through experiences. Arty, Lance, and Gill share an unbreakable bond tested by their common desire for a woman of charm and beauty, but with secrets that will test their camaraderie.Their friendship is forged in the Cross Timber, an ancient forest separating the vast plains of western Oklahoma from the wooded hills of the east. The thick woodland was described by Washington Irving as "The Cast Iron Forest" because it was so difficult to traverse. Indians native to the plains called it "The Emerald Wall."Set against the backdrop of the Great Railroad Strike of 1922, Brothers of the Cross Timber describes the challenges families faced in the mass migration from the farm to the cities in the early twentieth century. As the "brothers" find their place in a changing and uncertain world, they learn trust is the enduring element to friendship.
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This is a fun book, especially if you live in the area of the country that the story is set in. The characters, three boys who are about 13 or 14 when the book begins in 1915, are pals from different backgrounds but who vow to be friends forever. This tale follows them the next ten years or so as they find their way in the world. The story is told from the point of view of Gilbert Brooks, the son of a tenant farmer, who aspires to be something other than working the land. Lance Carrington is the son of a ne'r to well drunk but he wants to do the right thing. The third of the trio is Arty Martin, the son of a rich farmer, who never appreciates his place in the world but wants to be a "player". All three of the boys are in love with the beautiful Gwen Peaudane, a relationship and their dealings with bad guy Leland Holiday that drives the lives of all three into mischief, danger and ambition. Bob Perry uses lots of real places and real happenings during the early days of Pottawatomie County. It's basically well-written although we're told a lot of the same things over several times which might have been not been necessary as readers are usually pretty astute. We didn't need to be told dozens of times that Marilee could cook and Gwen couldn't! It's apparent local history has been researched but a little bit more about "conscription" into the war and the flu epidemic during those years might have added to the troubles of the main characters . . . as if they needed any! The book is entertaining, clean, easy to read and informative. Definitely worth the few hours it will take you to read it. In fact, I keep thinking I'll go back to the adventures of the Brothers of the Cross Timbers then remember I've finished the book. Oh, and one suggestion to the author, next time could you come up with a last name that the reader doesn't have to stumble over each time we read it? I never could figure out how to pronounce Peaudane.
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You've outdone yourself again Mr. Perry and created another book, with amazing characters I'll remember for years to come. I won't go into a summary of the book, as the previous rater did a wonderful job of this, but I will point out several things I enjoyed. For one, I couldn't put it down. There was always some sort of drama going on in the character lives, and many times the chapters ended in a cliffhanger, and I just had to keep reading to see what happened next. I also loved the way the author brought in characters from his other two books, such as Taft McMurray, Wesley Brown, and Lydie Marland (a real person, by the way). I also like that at the end of the book, the author explains which characters and events are fictional, and which are real. Unlike the previous rater, I enjoyed the comments about Marilee's and Gwen's cooking. It was entertaining, and this type of banter is so typical of many families.

My only question is this--when is your next book coming out Mr. Perry? You've totally got me hooked!
I loved this book. I grew up in Shawnee, but did not know much of the history that was discussed in this book. I found it very entertaining and thought the author did a wonderful job researching the history of that region of Oklahoma. The characters were great and kept the story interesting.
Since I grew up in this area of Oklahoma, I was very interested in reading Perry's book. Even though it is fiction, the setting had enough facts that I felt I knew exactly where the story took place.
Wonderful book! I love the local history the author very accurately tells of the place that I call Home. A great picture of life as my grandparents & great grandparents knew it in that time and place.
Bob Perry is the Horton Foote of Oklahoma. So much as been said about the plot and I do agree I would love to see another book about this area and the people that lived there. People were kind of spread out in that area and if you were not the the most comely lass then you better be able to cook in order to catch a husband. I stayed up all night reading this book it was so good.
Beautifully told story. One of My favorite authors!!