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by Sarah Roberts

eBook His Sugar Baby (Siren Publishing Allure) download ISBN: 1619263955
Author: Sarah Roberts
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc. (December 27, 2011)
Language: English
Pages: 282
ePub: 1743 kb
Fb2: 1180 kb
Rating: 4.7
Other formats: doc lrf lit mbr
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Erotica

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Siren Publishing, Inc. ABOUT THE E-BOOK YOU HAVE PURCHASED: Your non-refundable purchase of this e-book allows you to only ONE LEGAL copy for your own personal reading on your own personal computer or device. A siren publishing book. IMPRINT: Erotic Romance. E-book ISBN: 1-61034-825-7. First E-book Publication: October 2011. Cover design by Jinger Heaston.

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He finds his perfect sugar baby

He finds his perfect sugar baby. It’s a business arrangement-in exchange for her companionship, he will pay her a monthly stipend.

Series: Siren Allure.

The mornings were spent with Chloe. After lunch, while Chloe napped, Cathy concentrated on work. When Chloe awakened, she spent more time with her daughter. Telecommuting was a godsend. cropped up now and again, but overall, she was confident in the quality of her work. At times she did miss the personal interaction at the office, even if it had been layered with pity and other difficult emotions. The ever-present anxiety was tucked away in the corner of her mind. However, Cathy was sleeping more peacefully, and she felt better than she had in a long time.

Book Sugar Baby, genre: Romance, author lovelivelust. Read Sugar Baby on the self publishing platform Litnet. Description of book "Sugar Baby". This lifestyle is not for everyone. That's the first warning, that she got from the woman. She's in need of cash. He parents suddenly got a divorce. Leaving her to struggle with her financial education alone. She never imagine at the end of her college years to be like this. Gone was the lifestyle that she used to have. The best friends, and even the boyfriend.

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[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance] An ill child. A desperate mother. A man with money. She has nothing left to sell, except her body. He finds his perfect sugar baby. It's a business arrangement-in exchange for her companionship, he will pay her a monthly stipend. It's only about sex-they will never share details of their personal lives. Cathy's life is one long panic attack. Losing herself to mindless passion in Michael's arms becomes her opiate. She's swiftly addicted to him and what he can make her forget. Michael is satisfied with the sexual arrangement-until he becomes curious about the woman who shares his bed and he breaks his own no-details privacy rule. Cathy can't think about her changing feelings when her daughter's health is so precarious. Michael's own scarred past presents a secret that threatens to destroy their evolving relationship. The torrid affair turns into something much more. Note: This book contains dubious consent. ** A Siren Erotic Romance
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I gave this book 5!!!stars because it fulfilled ALL MY DESIRES IN A TRUE LOVE STORY/ROMANCE!!! REALISTIC human beings with behaviours that were what could be expected from everyday people with lives that are within normal limits of this thing called LIFE. There was nothing everyday about the basic love embittered man seeks to guard himself and his heart by paying for sex. A woman with a child with a life threatening disease gets involved in what was actually prostitution!!! I challenge any mother to say she wouldn't do the same thing (although I know there are plenty who would deny it) ; I am not one of them. My pride would be of no use to me standing at my child's grave. Then there is the predictable bonus that Michael and Cathy fell in love and it was not smooth sailing. But leave it to a man to think he could get that intimate with a woman like Cathy and stay uninvolved. Thank you to this author for a really great love story that I will read again and again. I. Will also look for other books by this relented writer.
The story flowed. I could not put it down. It was well-written , no needless , bothersome repetitions like so many recent so- called 5 stars books. The plot was great. Great grovelling by the hero. He changed. By the end of the story I felt this alpha hero really loved the heroine. I liked the sex scene, hot and well-done but not the focus of the story. I hope the author will write in the same fashion in her future books. Well, I hope she writes others books. I cannot wait. I highly recommend it.
The first half of the novel was good. There was an arc to the story that went higher and higher and I was excited to reach the top point. But I didn't because there wasn't any top. The book just fell flat and then went on zig-zag motion.
I also think it was overdone. The sex scenes were overdone, the drama in the last part was overdone, the support of the secondary characters was overdone. The book just dragged on and on and I became impatient with it all.
Loved it but it was too short. The only thing that bothered me was how she wouldn't tell him the truth about her situation. He was really good to her even though he tried to pretend he only wanted her for one thing only. I tried to find more books by this author, Sarah Roberts, but I was told she writes paranormal s and I'm not into those. Hope she writes something similar to this book though.
I really enjoyed this book and found the plot interesting and the character's fully developed. This book is well worth your time and your money. It has moved over to my Favorite File Folder....Nice Job Ms. Roberts.
First half was awesome. Second half? Not so much. It is a shame. The book had such potential. Story took a turn and went down a different road than the story lead with.
It was my first time to read an erotic romance and this was a good one to try since there was a nice story aside from the hot sex.