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by Allyson James

eBook Aiden And Ky: Ellora's Cave Spectrum download ISBN: 1419960776
Author: Allyson James
Publisher: Ellora's Cave (July 28, 2010)
Language: English
Pages: 212
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Rating: 4.6
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Erotica

An Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publication ww. llorascave. Photography and cover art by Les Byerley. Electronic book Publication: January 2007.

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They are nearly terminated before she can get them released, and she wants to make amends.

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Author of Ellora's Cavemen, The dragon master, Dragon heat, Mortal temptations, Mortal seductions, The Black . Jennifer Ashley Gardner dreamed of being a published writer since the age of eight, writing love stories before she knew what romances were.

Author of Ellora's Cavemen, The dragon master, Dragon heat, Mortal temptations, Mortal seductions, The Black Dragon (Dragon Series, Book 2), Rees, Dragon Heat (Dragon Series, Book 1. She wrote fantasy and science fiction while in college, and after obtaining her master's degree in English literature, and a job in the real world, she decided to stop dreaming and try to be a full-time published author.

Aiden And Ky: Ellora’s Cave Spectrum. Justin (release date TBA). I'm addicted to reading and I need to expend my book energy (especially when one puts me in an emotional frenzy - SO fun!). Eland (Eland’s & Jeanne’s short story Prequel – they made their first appearance in Aiden & Ky ). So, I release my feelings by writing about them here! It's my book therapy.

Ellora's Cave was an independent erotic fiction publisher. It was launched in 2000, and initially published in e-book only format and later moved into print. Ellora's Cave published in several genres, which included but were not limited to adult romance, erotica, erotica for men, non-fiction, and traditional romance. The publisher launched in 2000 and initially published erotic fiction, which they dubbed and trademarked "romantica", in e-book only format.

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Series: Ellora's Cave Spectrum. Paperback: 196 pages. Publisher: Ellora's Cave (September 30, 2009). ISBN-13: 978-1419960062. Product Dimensions: 6 x . x 9 inches. Shipping Weight: 7 ounces.

Book Four, Tales of the Shareem. Brianne, a member of the elite ruling family of Bor Narga, is horrified when she inadvertently causes the arrest of two decadent Shareem - men genetically created to provide women ultimate pleasure. They are nearly terminated before she can get them released, and she wants to make amends. Little does she know that Ky, angry over the near loss of his best friend Aiden, will find an exquisite way to make her pay. Raised to believe that carnality has no place in civilized life, Brianne suddenly finds herself schooled by not one, but two Shareem. But Ky doesn't realize that their threesome games will stir to life his buried feelings for Aiden, and that a deadly secret from Ky's past will emerge to put him - and their newfound love - in danger.
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Okay, let me just say before I get too critical that I've been reading erotica now for probably three years now, maybe a little longer give or take. Anyway, I have read some pretty hot stuff over the years, but I have never been turned on by the very first sentence in an opening chapter. Ladies, this one did it. I won't even quote it for this review, but who would have thought a man sipping hot chocolate could be so delicious to watch?

Alright, with that out of the way, here's my review.

I've read the two stories that came before this one, Rees and Rio, and now after having read this one, I was sort of jaded. In a lot of ways, I feel this story was written for me. I happen be a fan of the Yaoi genre, which if you don't know what that is, it's the hardcore version of the Japanese boys' love genre which reflect homoerotic relationships between two men but written for and with women in mind. This book in the Shareem series obviously reminds me of that so I was pleasantly surprised by that.


After reading Rees and Rio, I felt like I read this story before. If this would have been my first read in the series, I would have given this five-stars, hands down. Like the other stories that came before this one, it's all about the sex - raw, unadulterated, explicit sex. I've often called the main storyline the side story because of the heavy sexual nature of the story, the story itself revolves around the sexual prowess of the Shareem themselves. So its easy to feel like all you're reading about is the animal sex in this story.

I have no complaints about that. I knew what I was getting into when I started reading this series again. What I am complaining about is the same recycled plot about another high-born woman being swept off of her feet by a Shareem and now wanting to make life on Bor-Naga a better place for them. I understand that they were created for high-born women (at least that was mentioned in this story), but high-born women shun them! I'm also more than a bit tired of hearing about Judith.
Frankly, I just thought she was easy. I don't care if she was a friend of the Shareem when many other women came to them in secret - did that mean she had to be so tasteless about it? I get it - she loves the Shareem (and who can blame her?), but come on - a little dignity could go a long way.

Also, the threesome felt forced a bit at times. Ky was definitely the center of both Aiden and Brianne's world. Frankly, I felt this story could have worked without the triangle and could have just been about Aiden and Ky. I think the scenes between them were hotter than the resulting threesome scenes anyway, but then I'm a bit biased anyway because of my love for Yaoi so I guess she had to throw a woman in the mix so the ladies can fantasize while reading this. I'm not gonna lie - I know I did.
Anyway, I can't wait to read the one about Justin because that was the clip I read in a sampler and that one, from what I could tell, was refreshingly different, seeing as the object of interest is actually a patroller and those ladies definitely need a reality check. And what better than a Shareem to give them one.

On a positive note, this book does introduce the mysterious Calder who they call The Beast (I like the sound of that already) and he's supposed to be the most sought after Shareem due to his exclusive nature. So I've already purchased that and can't wait to read it.
AIDEN AND KY is the third book in the Tales of the Shareem series. As with the other books in the series, this is science fiction erotica. It is the story of Aiden and Ky, two Shareem who are best friends, roommates, and often participate in menage a trois together. From previous books, readers also know that Aiden is attracted to My, but hasn't told him.

Brianne is a woman from the ruling class on the planet. Her life is all planned or until she unwittingly ends up getting Aiden and Ky arrested. The three end up engaging in a serious threesome relationship.

I liked the story of these characters. I don't really get the attraction of the three way relationship but there is a good description and expression of how these three people can manage to sustain such a relationship.

Readers should be aware of what they are getting in this book because it might not appeal to standard romance readers.
Okay. I admit it. Sci-Fi Romance is my guilty pleasure. Give me a gorgeous Alien with a good story, throw in enough sex to keep it interesting, and I'm in.
Oh, hell, yeah. I'm in.
Tales of the Shareem can't be beat. I have loved each and every one of the books: Rees, Rio, Calder, Aiden and Ky, Braden. I still have a couple in the series yet to read, and I am looking forward to reading them. Devouring them.
Oh, yes, ma'am. I am DEFINITELY looking forward to them.
Aiden and Ky I thought was excellent and their story had its own twist that added another layer of interest to some very interesting, lovable characters.
The relationship between the three characters was well-written and sensitive and I only had to gasp once--since I'm not familiar with MMF depictions. But I'm still trying to figure out if that gasp was one of ohmigod or Oh. My. God.
If you enjoy 'spicy' Sci-Fi Romance, I really recommend the entire series.
Really, seriously, recommend.
The whole Tales of Shareem series I highly recommended - the are fun, witty, sexy/hot, usually involve good plots and characters.
[Oh while writing this review just read that next book in series Braden is due to come out on 16Mar11 - yeh yeh]
Aiden and Ky is the only book in the series that I put off reading as I had my doubts about it [also only book in series with m/m] but based on other good reviews I gave in and decided to give the book a go. Unfortunately most of my doubts came to fruit including:
* book did not really having much of a storyline [previous books included action/adventure] other than m/m relationship development leaving the book kinda boring compared to the others; skipping over the m/m scenes which were really too long made a smoother read;
* I mostly liked the heroine Brianne but the writing of her character wasn't consistent and the plot was not believable that the two males "supposedly" fell in love with her just because they said they did. The two guys were obviously quite into each other and the innner dialogue was m/m even when they were with Brianne - leaving Brianne coming out an unfair third best - which given what Brianne would have to give up [and put up with] to be with Ky and Aiden this made it imbalanced and the boys seemed quite capable of being happy with or without Brianne.
It's not an especially bad read and I'm not recommending against it - worth a read if you can get it for free or under $4 and you've read the rest of the series and desperate for another fix. Current price [$8.88] on is too high for the quality of the book. The price seems to be coming from the popularity of the rest of the series which are brilliant and I can not recommend more highly:
Rees (Tales of the Shareem, #1); Maia and Rylan (Tales of the Shareem, #2); Rio (Tales of the Shareem, #3); Calder (Tales of the Shareem, #5); Eland (Tales of the Shareem, #5.5) - FREEBIE; and now Braden (Tales of the Shareem, #6) coming out 16Mar11.