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by Lucy Gordon

eBook The Pregnancy Bond (Maybe Baby) download ISBN: 037315979X
Author: Lucy Gordon
Publisher: Harlequin (January 1, 2003)
Language: English
ePub: 1181 kb
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Rating: 4.7
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Erotica

A book in the Maybe Baby series, 2002. The free online library containing 450000+ books. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device.

A book in the Maybe Baby series, 2002. CHAPTER ONE. O N K ELLY’S eighth wedding anniversary she gave a party to celebrate her divorce. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

The Pregnancy Bond book. This might be called the Pregnancy Bond - but the pregnancy is not what binds them. The Hs are basically nice guys shown to stumble, maybe make wrong choices and the hs help them and accept them back with grace and understanding. I like my hs strong and without bitterness so this was good. This is quite a realistic take on how marriages really are in real life. The initial love they had when they were stupid hormonal kids has grown and deepened by the paces the author put them through. ON KELLY’S eighth wedding anniversary she gave a party to celebrate her divorce. Strictly speaking it was ‘their’ divorce, but of course Jake was missing, as he had been for most of the big events in their marriage. He probably wasn’t even in the country, so it was natural that he didn’t show up. That, plus the fact that she hadn’t invited him. She had a lot to celebrate and she was going to do it in style.

2002) (A book in the Maybe Baby! series) A novel by Lucy Gordon. On the night of the party, Kelly's estranged husband, Jake Lindley, had been as gorgeous and charismatic as ever. It had been impossible for Kelly to resist him-and now she was pregnant! Kelly didn't want Jake back in her life; their divorce had just become final and she couldn't possibly tell him that he was the baby's father.

The Pregnancy Bond (2002). The New Dad's Survival Guide. Ready for Baby Series Multi-Author. The Italian's Baby (2003). Heart to Heart Series Multi-Author. It had been impossible for Kelly to resist him–and now she was pregnant!Kelly didn'. HarperCollins, электронная книга. You read the pregnancy books, the nine months flew by without a hitch, the birth was brilliant and your healthy baby arrived on schedule. Job done, right? Often, the birth of your baby can feel like.

The baby was so tiny, but Jake seemed to adjust instinctively, and when he’d settled the child he looked into his face, receiving back a. .Lucy Gordon, The Pregnancy Bond. Thank you for reading books on Archive.

The baby was so tiny, but Jake seemed to adjust instinctively, and when he’d settled the child he looked into his face, receiving back a stare as direct and challenging as his own. ‘I thought one of those books said newborn babies couldn’t focus their eyes just at first,’ he said.

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Could they mend their marriage in time for the birth of their baby? Impression.

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Kelly, our heroine, starts out with all the appearance of the usual ttsl Harlequin heroine doormat, but she surprised me. There is one absolutely hysterical scene where she confronts the incredibly smug OW. Any heroine that can say the following is tops in my book...

"I wouldn’t know. I’m studying archaeology, and just now I’m reading a particularly interesting book on ancient burial practices. There was this king who used to dispose of his surplus concubines by drugging their wine. They passed out, and when they awoke they were swathed in burial bandages and lying in a sarcophagus in a chamber deep underground. Apparently their cries used to echo for a week before they finally died into silence. I think it was a very ingenious way of getting rid of people. Can I offer you a glass of wine?’
Olympia declined, made her excuses and left."

Basic plot - The heroine has had enough of her marriage and is celebrating her divorce when her now ex walks in. Long story short, they celebrate her independence in a fashion that, wait, gets her pregnant.

What made this story so out of the ordinary is the witty exchanges between Kelly and Jake, and to see how their new relationship changes the both of them. Yes, there is growth!

I'm not going to say anymore other than try it; you'll like it.
On Kelly's 8th wedding anniversary she has a party to celebrate her divorce from Jake Lindley, star reporter, and plans on getting on w/ all her hopes and dreams for her future. Kelly thought that Jake had always wanted his freedom from her and that he had only married her because she was pregnant. However, she later lost the child and he continues to gallivant off on locations around the world for his job, but the last straw was the belief that Jake had taken up w/ OW. Jake was surprised that she went through w/ the divorce. She believes he slept w/ OW he claims he did not! Was a set up went in for reasons he shouldn't have done (never discussed as to why he thought he should either), had second thoughts, but stuck around getting drunk and then left but the film crew was there timing him - which means that someone told them and yet he continued to work w/ this OW. Apparently Jake was determined to make a divorce easy for her, Kelly, so why does he show up anyway? He truly believed that she would drop it I suppose. The OW was a POW and I have a hard time believing that Jake was that oblivious to her machinations given how often he was sent off on assignments on or about special occasions in his r/s w/ Kelly.

Felt more like Kelly needed to grow up and realize that she could still fulfill her dreams as well in this r/s and Jake needed to respect his wife more and not take advantage of her so much. Kelly and Jake come together for that one-time-thing, you know what happens, and Jake worries that Kelly may have gotten some lessons from another guy on the scene - when in fact she has finally come into her own!

Jake wakes up to what he could have lost, changes his ways, and starts putting her first even at the detriment of his own health. Jake is pretty unsure of who left her w/ that and goes through the story w/ that standpoint but he still wants her back. These two should have shared more together and there wouldn't have been a story to tell, but I liked how they evolved and even seen the potential pitfalls of falling into the same trap again so they avoided them. I loved how some of the dialogue went w/ the actions w/out the actions being portrayed as in you knew she walked out in the middle of a sentence from him when he is yelling her name.

I wondered how he walked out on her-that wasn't explained very well. When did he attempt to "seduce" the OW, and why? Why did he want to sleep w/ this OW? It made it sound like he wanted OW so bad he was willing to partake of her on the restaurant floor! It is mentioned that Jake had set out to "seduce" the OW, yet later the story talks as though the OW had set out to "seduce" him and it didn't play out well. Therefore the OW wouldn't be too keen to forgive two failed attempts of secution. If Kelly was so important to his world, i.e. the center of his world, then why would he even want to hurt her by taking up w/ this OW? That didn't make a lot of sense. I didn't find the motivation for his thoughts on bedding OW either.

Other than those few hanging questions, the story was a decent read and I liked that they both woke up to one another's needs. Him more so, but she learned to stop letting her own needs fall by the wayside as well.
i liked the story and loved the heroine. the hero was a cheater. even he did not do the did. he went to dinner with a woman and thinking about it all the time. if he did not drink so much, he would have done it. the author did not clear that up. he did not explain it to his wife. if not for the accident he would have moved on. the way he took care of the heroine afterword was nice. the heroine was real strong. she did not need the hero. the only thing that bothered me that there was no explanation for the night in parris. if he was drunk, that would explain things, but he was not drunk when he was thinking about cheating. he was about to cheat sober. drunkness saved him. he was worse than the heroes who cheated in a blackout, because they were drunk and do not remember doing it. in this story hero was thinking about cheating with clear head.