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by Eric Kraft

eBook Reservations Recommended download ISBN: 0340551313
Author: Eric Kraft
Publisher: Trafalgar Square (August 1, 1991)
Language: English
Pages: 228
ePub: 1879 kb
Fb2: 1926 kb
Rating: 4.6
Other formats: lrf txt lrf lit
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary

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Genre: Literary Fiction.

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I had read a fair number of Eric Kraft's other stories, including Herb 'n' Lorna and The Static Of The Spheres, and liked them all. Kraft has a wonderful and playful imagination and a great way with words. Most of his works are alleged to be the memoirs of a man named Peter Leroy.


Eric Kraft’s novel Herb ’n’ Lorna. The Babbington Press. news companyThe Babbington PressVideosEric Kraft’s Novel Reservations Recommended. Perhaps the most ambitious and rewarding literary enterprise of our time. San Francisco Chronicle. 1 view · 14 November 2019.

Reservations Recommended book.

Eric Kraft (born 1944) is an American novelist. He is known for his series of novels that make up "The Personal History, Adventures, Experiences and Observations of Peter Leroy". Each novel tells of some aspect of the fictional Leroy's life. Several are supposed to have been written by Leroy.

We watch as Matthew Barber descends from a self-protective superiority into a species of madness, and into the dark night of the soul.

Matthew Barber is vice-president for new product development at Manning & Rafter Toy Company. By night he is B.W.Beath, restaurant reviewer for "Boston Biweekly" magazine. As we follow him from one dining experience to another, we witness his life and loves and the culture of contemporary America.
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I had read a fair number of Eric Kraft's other stories, including Herb 'n' Lorna and The Static Of The Spheres, and liked them all. Kraft has a wonderful and playful imagination and a great way with words. Most of his works are alleged to be the memoirs of a man named Peter Leroy. Peter Leroy does not appear at all in Reservations Recommended, though an afterword says that he "wrote" it based on a childhood pal.

In Reservations Recommended, Matthew Barber is a toy designer by day, a restaurant reviewer by night. He writes for a weekly Boston paper that reminds me of the departed Boston Phoenix. For his reviews, Barber uses the pseudonym "B W Beath" - few people know of his dual identity, but one who does is his ex-wife Liz for whom Matthew still holds out hope that she'll return to him. He has a "friend with benefits" Belinda (formerly Linda) and her nubile daughter whom Matthew becomes increasingly fixated on. Matthew's apartment has an awful smell that only he can detect, but he has maintenance workers rip holes in the wall trying to find it.

Each chapter's major action takes place at a different (fictitious) Boston restaurant, and the chapter then ends with BW's review of that restaurant. I loved the tone of the reviews and wish more reviewers would write like that - at least from the early chapters. But as the book goes on, you start to realize that there's a lot more going on with Matthew than he lets on at first, and the reviews start to reflect the changes in his life. I don't want to go into detail because it's something you should discover on your own. I did very much enjoy the Japanese language joke he tosses off in one chapter - it would probably go right over the heads of anyone who didn't know how to say "good morning" in Japanese, but that's one of the three or so words I do know and I laughed.

The final chapter is - um - strange. It was not at all what I expected, but on reflection, I can see where it came from. It was disturbing but given Matthew's gradual slide, it made sense. I will say no more.

I very much liked Reservations Recommended, even though it's a significant departure from Kraft's other works. But if you like his writing style, you'll probably love this one too.
Matthew Barber is a middle-aged, recently divorced man spiraling through midlife crisis. He reflects miserably on his past, loses himself in fantasies, and therefore fails to focus on reality and his potential to find happiness in the here and now.
As a side job, he develops a persona, B.W. Beath, to use when writing his sarcastic, sharply insulting restaurant reviews for a local Boston periodical. Each chapter in the book provides scenes from Matthew's life in which he visits a restaurant, and concludes with B.W.'s review of the chapter's featured restaurant. As the novel progresses, however, the content of each review has less to do with the dining experience at hand, and has more to do with the self-imposed unraveling of Matthew's life. Toward the end, B.W. takes on more power in Matthew's personality - as he finds his way into the body of the chapters and he begins to interrupt Matthew's thinking and influences his decisions and actions.
This book is a page-turner, comic and biting, humorous and harshly real. Eric Kraft has done it again - though this book has a much different flavor than his other Peter Leroy adventure stories, it is every bit as entertaining and enlightening. For a thorough sampling of this artist's talent, style, and wit be sure to check out his web site!
I have been reading Eric Kraft since 1986. He is a constant pleasure. He has created a world just a few degrees off from ours and people it wonderfully. Honestly should read his work. All of it!
Fabulous book- absolutely loved the way he thinks about everything (I guess that I wholly relate to him). It seriously changed my restaurant experiences - forever! Thank you Mr. Kraft-- I'm starting Herb 'n' Lorna now!!