eBook The Bad Voice download

by Cody James Wolfe

eBook The Bad Voice download ISBN: 0975271121
Author: Cody James Wolfe
Publisher: Winterwolf Pub (May 31, 2004)
Language: English
Pages: 256
ePub: 1383 kb
Fb2: 1779 kb
Rating: 4.6
Other formats: lit mobi rtf mbr
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary

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People are trying to kill Colin McGee.

When he's first attacked at the psychiatric halfway house he manages, Colin chalks the violence up to his attacker's mental illness. But as the violent offenders change, and the threats on his life become more frequent, he finds himself drawn to his father's military past. A past that contains membership in a top-secret military group operating during the Vietnam War. As Colin digs deeper, he begins to realize that the violent schizophrenia his father has demonstrated since the war may actually be something far more sinister. The man with The Bad Voice, has been haunting his dad's mind for years. And now he's after Colin and everyone associated with him, including Shauna.

Comments: (4)
Early buzz on The Bad Voice describes it as compelling, intense, and highly original. It is that alright. Cody James Wolfe's first novel is is a mystery-horror genre blend that builds, one shock on top of another, through the final page.

Colin McGee is a self-contained protagonist. Ex-Navy SEAL turned psychiatric counselor at a successful halfway house, Colin is all business. Respected by both clients and peers for his quiet, compassionate, commanding persona, his pleasant demeanor hides a troubled youth. Shauna Cicchone is a fellow counselor who loves him from a distance because that is all Colin will allow. John Cordovone is father figure, friend, and superior all rolled into one. Colin and his father, Jack McGee, struggle to make sense out of their failed father-son relationship. The past haunts them both.

Without warning, Colin's life is threatened from all sides by dazed strangers bent on killing him. Eventually, even the adoring Shauna hears the voice commanding her to rid the world of Colin. He's no longer safe around his closest friends, but why? Jack McGee holds the answer. But can he save his son from the suffocating evil bound on vengeance? Anh Sang Mat Tro'i, the White Light, has been a formidable enemy since Jack McGee's tour of Vietnam. Unreachable, unstoppable, the White Light stalks Colin and everyone he cares about.

The White Light's inception and motives are revealed incrementally, in flashbacks to a special ops mission in Vietnam. The author takes his readers through time, past to present and present to past, revealing chilling secrets as the story builds. It made my hair stand on end.

Readers who appreciate horrifying or mysterious happenings should love The Bad Voice. It seemed scarier because the premise could be true. Best selling author Larry Brooks aptly described this book's effect: "Once this story hits its pace, it plants those feet squarely on the reader's throat." Well said, Mr. Brooks.
I like to read books that take off in a hurry, get you involved with the characters, and keep up the pace. This book did all three and even managed a little romance too. I also liked the manner in which the characters are portrayed, the main character, Colin in particular. Although constantly at odds with his human weaknesses, he is a strong personality that sees things through. This is a good book and I would love to see it made into a movie.
From the first paragraph of the first chapter this book is incredibly hard to put down. This is truly one of the most original books I have ever read. The story grabs ahold of you and has you flipping thru the pages eager to know where it's going next. Also, great job on the characters, from the beggining of the book you'll feel like you've known them your whole life. Of all the books I have read lately this is the only one I would recommend without hesitation. With all the boring and generic mystery/horror novels on the market today The Bad Voice is a very welcomed changed. A must read!
great ant
Highly original book combining psychologic elements with the supernatural. Fast paced and hard to put down. The book has a very unique story line that hasn't been seen before. If you're looking for something new and original, in the genre of Koontz, you'll love this book.