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eBook The Night They Came: A Science-fiction Thriller.... download ISBN: 0595455190
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (July 23, 2007)
Language: English
Pages: 110
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Rating: 4.1
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary

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The Night They Came book.

Book 1 of 2 in They Came With The Snow (2 Book Series). Chilling and scary enough without having to go into great detail. They Came With The Snow is a fast paced, well written novella from the author of Gretel and Marlene's Revenge.

This follow up to They Came With the Snow was delightful. The storytelling was true to the expectations from the first book with improved pacing. We pick up where we left off with the group trying to find a way out of the affected area. Spooky, dangerous, action-filled and edge of the seat thriller. Although some of the situations were a bit contrived, the author mixed enough of the unexpected to hold my attention and pique my curiosity while peeking between the fingers on my hand. The descriptions were well done with good imaging. We pick up where we left off with the group trying to find a way out of the affected area

A while ago, we came up with a list of the Best Fantasy Novels of All Time. Now we’re doing the same with science fiction! Some of these are classic tales you will surely know, but others are excellent works of science fiction that may have been flying under the radar.

A while ago, we came up with a list of the Best Fantasy Novels of All Time. Note: This list is organized alphabetically.

The sunlight came cascading through the only window in the room and broke into fragments when it hit the . No, it wouldn’t be in there. The Interplanetary Science Federation treats it as a black sheep of the scientific community.

The sunlight came cascading through the only window in the room and broke into fragments when it hit the clear hemlight-steel bars of my cell. The room was large and spacious with an emptiness that reflected the vast snow plains outside my window. The sheer whiteness of the room was enough to induce insanity. Something that everyone knows about and understands, but doesn’t discuss. So, what is its history?

This is Clive Obrock, I’m security chief for the night-watch at the Museum. It appears there has been a break-in at the archeology storage room and we’d like you to come down here, right away.

Mystery & Detective. This is Clive Obrock, I’m security chief for the night-watch at the Museum. The police are already here. He listened to the response on the other end. Okay, we’ll see you in fifteen minutes, Professor Palmer. It was a beautiful, quiet night on the Seine in Paris. The restaurant hummed with quiet dignity, no loud drunken conversations ruining the evening. A string quartet played in the corner, loud enough to be heard, but low enough to not be intrusive.

When a mysterious blast goes off in a small college town, triggering a blizzard, the few survivors must decide whether to stay or leave and face the monsters who came with the snow. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Thriller films are typically hybridized with other genres; hybrids commonly including: action thrillers, adventure thrillers, fantasy and science fiction thrillers.

My life changed for the worst the night they came. Who are 'they' anyway? No one knows, for those who had the chance to be in the same presence of a night wonder, don't consider themselves lucky. When an event that has been called the 'the beginning of the night' happened, the world went into an apocalyptic nightmare

When beings from another world invade Los Angeles, Steven, his wife, and a few others, escape and head up into the high mountains. But when he and his new found friends go off in search of a safe place, what they come to discover will change their lives forever. Unfortunately, the group falls into the hands of an elite group of government scientists, and a new kind of nightmare begins to unfold. As they get deeper, Steven soon discovers a complex world of alien-experimentation; one can only but wonder, what else they've been hiding. Their lives are soon shattered when they discover the chilling truth behind it all, as then they must fend for their lives-or die trying. Not wanting to believe, Steven retaliates only to be confronted by an unexpected visitor, and the gripping conclusion, will blow you away. Will anyone survive? The Night They Came is a fast-paced, non-stop thrills and suspense story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It will change the way you see the world. Are they among us?
Comments: (7)
If you're the kind of person who expects a book to meet minimal standards of quality, give this one a pass. While the occasional extra or missing comma is to be expected, the copy editing of this book is abysmal.

Here's a sampling: misspelled words, mixing of person in a sentence, improper use of quotes within the speech of a character, incorrect plurals, over use of capitalization, name dropping (OK, we get it already that you like Cabernet Sauvignon!), doubled-up qualifiers (even if people really do talk this way), incorrect use of apostrophes (turning plurals into possessives), improper use of italics in the speech of a character, general infatuation with commas (LOTS and LOTS of commas) - and also with whatever it is you call three or four periods followed by one or two exclamation marks - and the ending of sentences with an ellipses but no terminating period (I just now spotted this one).

Not to mention, the story totally didn't grab me. At around page 47 I couldn't take any more of the distraction, wrote this review and threw the book away.

Authors, when you write your book, /please/ have it edited by a professional. They won't get any credit, but you won't get any blame.
Bad grammer, bad characters, stupid storyline. Don't waste your time reading it-there are so many great sci fi books out there.
Although I am not into sci-fi books, I found this book to be interesting, as well as a quick read. It kept my attention throughout, especially because I live near and around the area where this story takes place. I found the human characters believable as well as the aliens. To me, the book reminded me of a cross between the TV show, Lost, and the movie, Arrival. This book had a re-print and I believe that those grammatical errors those older posts were talking about have been corrected. I enjoyed reading this book!
I can't believe that anyone seriously believes this book was written by an adult. It reads like the transcript of a breathless 10 year old under interrogation. This has to be a joke, it's that bad.

The author uses the same poorly written phrases over and over (eg, as then). And has the odd habit of stating measurements of people and objects in parenthesis. So many words misspelled or given unneccesary hyphens.

I actually read it all the way to the end because I became intrigued by its awfullness. It got worse with every page.

The story can be summed up thusly: aliens come to Earth, bad scientists stick people with needles and make human/alien hybrids. The end.

Note to the author: please, for the love of all that is holy, don't write anything else. And I want my money back.
OK, it needs some editing and developmental help but the story itself is interesting and enjoyable. To me it was a cross between Invasion of the Body Snatchers and War of the Worlds.
I want to start out my review by saying this- WOW! From start to finish, The Night They Came is an incredible, action packed thrill ride of a book! Once I started reading it from the first chapter to the last, I could not stop, I had to keep reading to see what was going to happen next! When I got to the end of the book, I was blown away. You will NOT see the ending coming! I highly recommend this book to everyone, it is truly a science fiction masterpiece.
I love fantasy and science fiction, always have, always will. When I read the product information on this book, I thought, what the heck, how bad can it be. Well, did I ever find out! And I've seen and read some really bad ones over the years. To be fair, I didn't finish the book. I didn't get past the first page. You know those bad Saturday movies on the Scifi channel every week - well this one would fit right in. It's so bad, I don't think MST3000 could have fixed it - but it would have been right up their alley. This kind of book gives the whole field a bad name. My only hope is the aliens won and we won't have any more of them.
A very exciting Sci-Fi adventure of alien invasion and experimentation that never slows down from beginning to end. It's full of great characters who are thrown together unexpectedly and have to move from one desperate situation to another without a moments rest. Difficult to put down because the action is non stop leading to a thrilling and unexpected conclusion. A thought provoking look at what could happen, or may have already happened without our knowledge. This story would make a great movie.