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by Mary Jane Meier

eBook Catch a Dream download ISBN: 0451409752
Author: Mary Jane Meier
Publisher: Onyx (March 1, 2001)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.5
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary

Struggling to cope with rustlers and with a young son still mourning the death of his mother, widowed Idaho rancher Zack Burkhart finds his life turned upside down after he rescues Meg Delaney, dumped in the wilderness by her ex-fiancT. Original.
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To Catch a Dream is not the same run of the mill city slicker falls in love with rancher romance. The characters have depth and the reader can empathize with them quickly. There are memorable secondary characters and a mystery thrown into the mix too.

Zack Burkhart meets Meg in Yellowstone right after she has declared her independence from her spoiled self absorbed fiancé who has abandoned her in the Wyoming wilderness. Meg is woefully unprepared for the rigors of Yellowstone and Zack comes to her rescue, sharing his tent and sleeping bag with her.

Zack owns a ranch a few hours away and has come to Yellowstone to recover a llama that a fisherman lost. Zack is lonely and still in love with his dead wife Skye. His longing for her is sweet but also sad. She haunts him and he cannot imagine finding someone else in his life. He has a five year old son who also misses his mother.

Meg is a computer programmer and hiking in Yellowstone to fulfill a vow to her deceased grandmother to return to the park and camp beneath the stars. Meg is talkative and lively, boisterous, funny and sweet. She can also be a little stubborn too but she recognizes this about herself and self corrects her mulishness. This was very refreshing. Meg considers her relationship with her fiancé kaput but the problem is he is also her employer and she needs a job.

Zack hires Meg for a few weeks to modernize his book keeping into a computer database. Meg is happy to agree to this chore as she really does not want to go back to her fiancé. She falls in love with Zack's son but does not win any points with Zack's mother-in-law, a woman who is just as dedicated to keeping Skye's memory alive as Zack is. She truly resents Megan because she sees Zack falling for her fast.

Together these two are a winning pair. Whereas Zack is taciturn Meg is talkative, Zack is introverted and Meg is an extrovert, Zack is a pessimist and Meg is a sunny optimist. They balance each other.

Their relationship is running along smoothly until Meg's past comes to light and the fragile bond of trust is shattered. Here the story became very poignant as the reader gets a glimpse of Meg's broken history and noble character. Not only does Zack have to come to terms with Megan's past, his future is in jeopardy also. Someone is sabotaging the ranch and threatening his son's life.

This novel is fast paced but character development never gets lost in the midst of the action. Megan is coming off a breakup but this never felt like a rebound romance. She was in love with Zack because he was not like her insensitive, controlling fiancé. Zack is a hero mourning his beloved wife who finds love in a totally unexpected place with a totally unexpected woman.
Mary Jane Meier chooses to write about the most unlikely combination, an ex-con and a llama rancher, resulting in the memorable romance TO CATCH A DREAM. In addition to a wonderful love story, Meier also includes an interesting theme of mystery and danger, making TO CATCH A DREAM resonant with nuances.
Her grandmother advised Meg Delaney to come to these mountains with her boyfriend. So when Meg finally convinced Edward to take some time off for a trip to the Rocky Mountains, she looked forward to the opportunity to spend some quiet time together.
Immediately upon arrival, Edward wanted to return to work to clench a big money making deal, despite the fact he and Meg have been apart for four months. Further, Meg thought that Edward believed in her innocence, despite her four month prison term. Now she realizes he has never understood what she had done, or why. When her fiancé leaves Meg stranded in Yellowstone, a chance encounter promises to change her life forever.
Edward departs in the wake of her resignation of her job as game designer for his company, and their broken engagement, leaving Meg stranded without appropriate camping gear, money or identification. Zack Burkhart had witnessed Edwards angry departure. Seeking a lost llama, Zach is in need of quiet time away from the ranch. A lawsuit following the death of his beloved wife has left him drained. Not that he thought the time away from his llama ranch would help. Soon, however, he finds himself playing rescuer to Meg, rather than seeker of a lost llama.
Zach eventually convinces Meg to come with him to his ranch. Five-year-old Robbie immediately takes to the young woman, even sharing his memories of his mother with her. Winona, Zach's mother-in-law, is less taken with Meg. Her harsh methods of ridding Zach of women have become legendary, such as sharpening knives while watching the scheming females, and soon Meg finds herself at the brunt of the Sioux woman's ill will. These secondary characters, and others, lend the novel tremendous depth and richness.
The reader can't help wondering what Meg could have done to earn jail time and what happened to cause Zack's wife's death. Further, Robbie and Winona add intriguing elements, further engaging the reader's heart and humor. Indeed, Meier's marvelous characters and fast paced plot create an original and daring novel that the reader won't want to put down! Very highly recommended.
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In an isolated part of Yellowstone, Edward deserts his girlfriend-employee Meg Delaney after they argue over a business deal interrupting their camping trip. With no identification, cash, or future, Meg ponders her immediate predicament when rancher Zack Burkhart, searching for a misplaced llama, finds Meg and rescues her.
Zach takes Meg to his Idaho ranch where she meets his lonely grieving son still seeking his deceased mother. As Meg never shuts up, the silent Zach feels guilty because he wants her albeit hoping kisses will stop her unabated chatter. As they fall in love, she knows she is big city and he still mourns his wife's death. Will these two individuals realize in time that together they can CATCH A DREAM.
Fans of seemingly mismatched couples will fully enjoy CATCH A DREAM that stars an urbanite with a "ruralite" in a second chance at love tale. The story line is fun except when irritating stereotyping of his mother-in-law as a TV Indian happens resulting in a slowing down of the plot. Still, in her debut Mary Jane Meier proves she has talent to make her writing dream happen.

Harriet Klausner