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by Heather Shaw

eBook Smallfish Clover download ISBN: 1424342422
Author: Heather Shaw
Publisher: IAMO Press; 1st edition (July 7, 2007)
Language: English
Pages: 368
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Rating: 4.7
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary

About Heather Shaw: Heather Lee Shaw grew up on a cherry farm in Yuba, Michigan. In the third grade, Shaw decided she was a writer.

About Heather Shaw: Heather Lee Shaw grew up on a cherry farm in Yuba, Michigan.

Smallfish Clover by. Heather Shaw.

Smallfish Clover book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Smallfish Clover: a novel.

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My friend Heather Shaw, getting some much-deserved recognition for her novel "Smallfish Clover. Smallfish Clover by Heather Shaw BookLife Tom Carr. 27 September at 09:22 ·.

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Smallfish Clover, like most affluent American boys, has many skills and inner resources. But how these gifts get used in the real world can lead to success and happiness, or useless death. It’s a test all young people must take at some time or another, although in our society we often try to postpone it indefinitely. Join Reedsy to request a free quote from Heather and over 1,000 similar profiles.

Title: Smallfish Clover Author: Shaw, Heather Publisher: Iamo Pr Publication Date: 2007/07/07 Number of Pages: 365 Binding Type: PAPERBACK Library of Congress: Smallfish Clover.

Heather Lee Shaw, author

Heather Lee Shaw, author. Man-eating anacondas! Pilfered gold and precious jewels! Such elements fuel the seductively fertile fantasy life young Walter Pace Clover III invents for himself as a means of combating the boredom of accompanying his parents on a business trip to an unnamed South American city. It stands him in good stead when a routine shopping trip to the city’s busy street market turns unexpectedly ominous.

com's Heather Shaw Page and shop for all Heather Shaw books. Heather Lee Shaw was born on a cherry farm in Yuba, Michigan, in the late 1950s

com's Heather Shaw Page and shop for all Heather Shaw books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Heather Shaw. Heather Lee Shaw was born on a cherry farm in Yuba, Michigan, in the late 1950s. She can drive a tractor, speak fluent Spanish, execute a pas de chat, play pretty good rhythm on a uke, ride a horse, bake a layer cake and call the plumber.

"...Shaw deftly evokes the wonder of an ordinary individual's ability to affect changes beyond his wildest dreams." -ForeWord Magazine
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This book is why new novels and new authors are so intriguing. Although the plot seems to meander your interest is maintained throughout. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a new and interesting read.
Heather Shaw has written a quite remarkable - and certainly memorable - debut novel. Billed as "a story that gets kids and honors the epic worlds inside them," Smallfish Clover delivers all the adventure and meaning necessary to interest and fascinate older children and adults all at the same time. The fantasy games young Pace uses to entertain himself in otherwise boring surroundings are nothing compared to the life-and-death struggle he finds himself in after getting lost from his father inside a Peruvian market. Frightened and alone, unable to speak the native language, he waits in vain to be found and whisked away to the world he has always known. Then, as hope dims, he finds companionship and a measure of care among a group of street orphans overseen by Mabeareek, a man poor of means but rich of spirit (with a menagerie of animals seemingly a part of his very being) and a storyteller par excellence. While he can be inscrutable and one doesn't know exactly what to make of him early on, he is not a coercive influence upon the boys at all. If anything, he usually follows the boy's lead. In this new company of friends, Pace embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. What follows is a story full of tragedy as well as hope, one that quickly transforms Smallfish from an imaginative adolescent to a young man compelled to face maturity head on.

Pace (whose English name is converted, somewhat comically, to Smallfish) picks up Spanish rather quickly, and almost from the start he is looked upon as an up-and-coming leader of the group (which makes for some potential friction with the older, de facto leader Zeus). He impresses the other kids with magic tricks and, drawing upon his martial arts classes back home, teaches the other boys the art of fighting. Soon, the troupe has given up panhandling in order to become entertainers of sorts, staging fights and profiting from their endeavors. Of course, success breeds danger from an older gang in that part of town, so Mabeareek eventually follows Smallfish's thinking and heads his troupe north, into the jungles and their more isolated villages on the way to the Amazon River itself. Relying on Mabeareek's story-telling prowess, the kids begin staging their own dramas, yet their successes barely manage to wipe away their tragedies. Their numbers shrink over time, for various reasons (some more tragic than others), until those that remain find themselves absorbed into a larger group of youngsters being trained, although they may not realize it at the time, to become terrorists. Forced to grow up far too fast, Smallfish must ultimately choose what kind of life he will lead, a decision that requires great bravery on his part.

The little street urchins who make up Smallfish's friends and companions are an interesting lot - especially Belem, the only girl in the group. She never speaks - not at first - until compelled to do so by an emergency. Initially, only Smallfish learns why she chose to remain mute for so long, but I would say that she goes on to serve as the real heart of the entire story. Any reader will be hard pressed to forget the likes of Toma, PayPay, Fatty, Pedro, Zeus, and Horse, though.

Eschewing a fairy tale ending, Heather Shaw paints a beautiful masterpiece of a story that leaves the reader feeling proud, sad, and somewhat confused - much like Smallfish and his friends feel much of the time. This is powerful, reality-based fiction - albeit of a reality few of us know, and one which no boy should ever have to face head-on the way Smallfish does. I did find the conclusion somewhat ambiguous, but this is one case in which the destination pales in importance to the journey itself. Pace's transformation into Smallfish is fascinating, albeit sometimes heartbreaking, to watch, especially in terms of the way he balances external and internal struggles on his accelerated path to early manhood.
Perhaps there will never be another phenomenon like Harry Potter but Smallfish Clover may come very close. Through harrowing adventures offering up danger and delight, I watched Walter Pace Clover III transform from a spoiled adolescent to an engaging and wily survivor. The story--suspenseful, haunting and magical -- begins after Pace's separation from his father in a South American street market. With a passel of street urchins and a sometimes charming and sometimes menacing leader whose many gifts included storytelling, he undertakes a perilous and harrowing journey where feelings run as deep as dangers. Along the way, there are vampires, Chinese refugees and a guerilla camp. Reading Smallfish Clover, I was transposed to a world so vivid I couldn't wait to find out what happens next. This book is not just for kids - it's great for adults too and an awesome book no matter what age you are.