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eBook Client Privilege download ISBN: 0440208661
Author: William G. Tapply
Publisher: Dell (February 5, 1991)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.1
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Category: Literature
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Read Client Privilege, by William . apply online on Bookmate – Defending a client, Brady gets himself implicated in a murder charge. Brady Coyne has known Chester 'Pops' Popowski since law school. Defending a client, Brady gets himself implicated in a murder charge. An honest, battle-hardened Massachusetts judge, Pops is more soldier than scholar - and has been known to defend what's right with his fists.

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The ninth Brady Coyne novel opens when his client and long-time friend, Chester "Pops" Popowski, calls Brady with a problem. Already a distinguished jurist, "Pops" has been nominated for a seat on a federal court, and he has ambitions of one day sitting on the Supreme Court. But, as fate would have it, someone has chosen this rather inopportune moment to blackmail him over an incident that happened years earlier.

If the incident were to become public knowledge, it would almost certainly derail Popowski's judicial ambitions, and the blackmailer wants ten grand to keep the secret. He also wants to meet with Pops at a somewhat seedy bar to discuss the deal. Pops refuses to tell Brady what the incident involves and insists that it was nothing all that serious--just potentially embarrassing. He wants Brady to take the meet and tell the blackmailer that he's not going to pay.

As instructed, Brady meets the guy and delivers the message. The blackmailer gets huffy about it and they exchange some words. The blackmailer leaves the bar. Brady leaves the bar. The blackmailer gets murdered. Oh, crap.

The police identify the blackmailer and trace his movements to the bar where the cooperative bartender identifies both the victim and Brady, and tells the cops that he saw them arguing. The cops want to know what they were talking about and why they met, but Brady is bound by client privilege to protect Pops and can't tell them. Not surprisingly, he becomes the prime suspect.

Through the rest of the novel, then, we watch Brady attempt to extricate himself from this mess without breaking his obligation to his client. This means that he will have to find the Real Killer himself. It's an interesting hunt, but this is not one of the more compelling books in the series. Brady wanders here and there, attempting to solve the crime, but there's not a lot of suspense. He's never in any physical danger and the reader realizes that he's probably not really going to be arrested and convicted of the murder, and so we watch him go about his business, feeling pretty confident that things will all work out in the end.

It's an okay book, and those readers who are fans of the series and who are as compulsive about these things as I, will certainly want to read it. More casual readers who want to sample the series would be best advised to dip into other entries, and this will not be a problem. There are a lot of good Brady Coyne novels out there.
This Boston based novel is a straightforward whodunit that is well written, cleverly plotted and easy to read. The narration is provided by attorney Brady Coyne. An important client of his, Judge Chester Popowski has been threatened with blackmail. When the blackmailer is murdered, Coyne finds himself high up on the police's list of suspects.

Author William Tapply is obviously a keen observer of human behavior. The characters in Client Privilege are depicted in a realistic fashion, complete with flaws and frailities. Moreover, the plentiful dialogue rings quite true.

Client Privilege is an enjoyable murder mystery written with lots of insight into the human condition. A solid 4 stars.
Consistently good mysteries. The bad guy is a complete surprise in this one. Brady is suspected of murder. He and his ex have an interesting relationship.
This book was in good shape considering how old it is and how difficult it is to find. It was as advertised and arrived promptly.
One of my favorite Brady Coyne novels. Please write more Mr. Tapply!
I like all of the Brady Coyne mysteries, and am grateful that there are so many. This is among my favorites out of the whole bunch.
3 3/4 Stars: A pretty good "gum shoe detective" mystery. The characters were mostly interesting and the action rolled along. It was as if I could hear the detective speaking in a voice over. But it wasn't charming or intriguing or that much of a mystery.
Loved it