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by Florence Barclay

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Author: Florence Barclay
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The Rosary is one of those wonderful but unfortunately completely overlooked books. This romance novel was apparently the best-seller of the year 1910, so I thought I would test the durability of its appeal.

The Rosary is one of those wonderful but unfortunately completely overlooked books. It deserves to rank as high as books by Jane Austen, . Alcott, Charlotte Bronte and . Montgomery, yet few people have ever heard of it. Such a shame because it is one of the most beautiful and romantic books I've ever read. Florence L. Barclay paints very vivid pictures for her readers and makes the book impossible to put down. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

1. Florence Barclay, The Rosary. 2. Winston Churchill, A Modern Chronicle. 3. Basil King, The Wild Olive. 4. Katherine Cecil Thurston, Max. 5. Hallie Erminie Rives, The Kingdom of Slender Swords. 6. William J. Locke, Simon the Jester

1. Locke, Simon the Jester. 7. C. N. and A. M. Williamson, Lord Loveland Discovers America.

Florence Barclay wrote eleven books in all, including a work of non-fiction. Her novel The Mistress of Shenstone (1910) was made into a silent film of the same title in 1921. The Mistress of Shenstone (1910). The Following of the Star (1911). Her short story Under the Mulberry Tree appeared in the special issue called "The Spring Romance Number" of the Ladies Home Journal of 11 May 1911. Florence Barclay died in 1921 at the age of fifty-eight. The Life of Florence Barclay: a study in personality was published anonymously that year by G. P. Putnam's Sons "by one of Her Daughters. Through the Postern Gate (1911).

A runaway best seller in 1910, forgotten by 1930, FLorence L. Barclay's novel THE ROSARY was re-discovered by movie star Nelson Eddy in 1948 as a possible film vehicle for himself and screen singing partner. Free 5-8 business-day shipping within the . Prices may vary for AK and H.

This forgotten, 1910 best-seller still holds the power to charm and delight the modern-day reader. One of the most poignant love stories ever written, The Rosary by Florence Louisa Barclay takes its title from the name of a song that was a chart-buster in the early twentieth-century. The sentimental song written by American lyricist Ethelbert Nevin became an instant hit and features in the novel as the song in which the ill-fated lovers meet for the first time. The heroine Jane Champion is gifted with true inner beauty which shines through in her sublime voice.

Home Florence L. Barclay The Rosary. She was looking her best in her Norfolk coat and skirt of brown tweedwith hints of green and orange in it, plenty of useful pockets pipedwith leather, leather buttons, and a broad band of leather round thebottom of the skirt. A connoisseur would have named at once the one andonly firm from which that costume could have come, and the hatter whosupplied the soft green Tyrolian hat-for Jane scorned pithhelmets-which matched it so admirably.

Florence Louisa Barclay was an English romantic novelist and short story writer. The Rosary" is a beautiful love story. Gareth Dalmain falls in love with the Honorable Jane Champion. She wrote 11 novels in her life time, some of which became bestsellers and popular even today. She loves him back, but does not trust his love, as is known to be a great lover of beauty, and she - alas - is very plain. Just as she decides to trust him, she receives news that he has been blinded in a hunting accident.

The best archive of free books on the Internet . The Rosary is a novel by Florence L. Barclay According to the New York Times, the novel was the N. bestselling novel of 1910 in the United States.

Save bookmarks and read as many as you like. Barclay. It was first published in 1909 by . Putnam's Sons and was a bestselling novel for many years running, reaching the number one spot in 1910. Florence Louisa Barclay was an English romance novelist and short story writer. According to the New York Times, the novel was the N.

Florence L. Barclay The Rosary. Chapter I enter the duchess. The peaceful stillness of an English summer afternoon brooded over the park and gardens at Overdene

Florence L. The peaceful stillness of an English summer afternoon brooded over the park and gardens at Overdene. A hush of moving sunlight and lengthening shadows lay upon the lawn, and a promise of refreshing coolness made the shade of the great cedar tree a place to be desired.

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I give this five stars because there is such sublime beauty in the telling of the story, and in the love that is depicted and the descriptions of Garth's, (the H), artistic heart and soul. It’s truly gorgeous, and terribly romantic.
But there is also a deception that runs through fully half the book, and while it adds to the romance, it bothered me continuously. But I could not let my own scrupulosity lessen my rating of the book nor my enthusiasm in recommending it as a really worthwhile read, in the old-fashioned style.

NB: The Rosary, in this instance, is the title of a song and plays an integral part in the love story; it has nothing to do with the Catholic Rosary, though the book has strong religious elements to it.
The Rosary by Florence Louisa Barclay
In spite of the title this book is not about Catholic prayer beads, but about a song referring to them. Jane Champion and Gareth Dalmain are good friends and mix often in wealthy society. She’s plain and a little older than he so there’s no romance until he happpens to hear her sing the ballad, which convinces him of her inner beauty:
“The hours I spent with thee, dear heart,
Are as strings of pearls to me;
I count them over, ev’ry one apart,
My rosary, my rosary.
Each hour a pearl, each pearl a prayer,
To still a heart in absence wrung;
I tell each bead unto the end, and there
A cross is hung.”

They fall in love, but before they can count their joyous hours together, a cross comes to mar their happiness. It sounds perfectly dreary, but there are light-hearted moments throughout.

I actually liked this book very much. I thought it was a good example of how Christian fiction should be written. The characters talk naturally about their faith and it rarely sounds tacked on. The second half of the book stretches credibility in places. And near the very end there is one turn of events that is too hokey for words. Hence 4 stars instead of five.

According to Wikipedia this vintage novel by an Anglican pastor’s wife was the best-selling novel in America in 1910. It was supposedly made into a movie, but of the many listed at IMDB with that title, none matched its description.
Florence Barclay was a writer at the turn of last century. Her novels are all pretty much predictable, but this one is probably her best. In fact, Nelson Eddy and Jeannette MacDonald were to have starred in a filmed treatment of it- that's how serious, and popular, her novels were, even into the 1930's!

Suffused with the virtues of a Christian conscience, a blessedly NON-Multicultural England, and lovely depictions of locales, clothes, and emotional states on a far greater level of depth than (say) Jane Austen, for those who long for such 'heaven on earth' scenarios, (that also point beyond the earth to the true heaven, "wherein dwelleth righteousness") Barclay's books are a welcome addition to a genre seriously in need of new blood.

I see now why so many people adored her novels. This is at least a four-hanky novel- and I'm a married man! LOL
I have read this book at least a dozen times, and I'm reading it again right now. It is a great story as are all of Barclay's writings. No filth. Always something to learn from the characters and actions. Once you start reading her books, you will read them all and enjoy each one. The Rosary is a love story with many areas of interest and challenge. If you like the British way of life, you'll enjoy this author and her deep insights into human interactions.
The OutsiderThis is the second time I read this novel. It was written in 1910, but the theme is socially relevant, especially now. The primary theme is where and what is true beauty? How does one see beauty? Is it through the eyes of societal preclusions, or can beauty be defined beyond the perimeters of what society dictates is beauty? Can the person one loves be the most beautiful person in the world whether the world says the person is not? Can love reach and heal the deepest hurt and pain both physical and psychological. The story of Garth Dalmain and Jane Champion challenge society beauty dictates in this compellling love story. Jane is plain but has the voice of angel. Garth is handsome, dashing, and prize bachelor of every single woman, but Garth has his own understanding of beauty and it is not necessarily the physical beauty. He hears Jane sing and falls in love with her. She being so plain and always the men's chum cannot believe any man could love her much less live with such plainess. She runs away and Garth is blinded by a horrible accident. Even before she learns of Garth's horrible accident, she speaks to the Sphinx and finally realizes that if Garth loves her it is all that matters, because she did fall madly in love with him through their discussions and music. The only problem is that he was hurt more than physically, he was hurt emotionally and will not see her. She poses as his nurse to be with him and hopefully get him to forgive her. Together they meet in veil of pain and accept their cross."
I was looking for a new rosary on Amazon and this book came up on the products pages, because of its name I am sure. I read what it was about and it sounded like something I might enjoy and so I ordered it and how could I go wrong, it was free. I just finished reading it tonight and it was a beautiful story. It was inspiring with joy and sadness. It was romantic of course but it was more than that to me. It was really a story of faith in one's self and of trust in a loved one. I hope this will inspire someone to read this lovely book. I could hardly wait to get to the end of the story and yet I would have liked to go on with the characters in order to see how their lives went on.