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by James Follett

eBook Churchill's Gold download ISBN: 0413189104
Author: James Follett
Publisher: Methuen; New Ed edition (1988)
Language: English
Pages: 224
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Rating: 4.3
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. In 1940, Captain Gerrard and his whaling boat the Tulsar are commissioned to transport the last of Britain's gold reserves out of South Africa and through the Nazi blockade.

Churchill's Gold book. My first experience of James Follett, and I've just started on another! Thoroughly recommended.

by. Follett, James, 1939-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

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James Follett was born in 1939. Find and Load Ebook Churchill’s gold. Download more by: James Follett.

James Follett (born 1939 in Tolworth, England) is an author and screenwriter. Churchill's Gold (1980). The Tiptoe Boys (1981) (filmed as Who Dares Wins). Follett became a full-time fiction writer in 1976, after resigning from contract work as a technical writer for the British Ministry of Defence. He has since written over 20 novels, several television plays, and many radio dramas.

Used availability for James Follett's Churchill's Gold. August 1994 : UK Hardback.

Comments: (7)
The characters were cardboard without any significant identity.The technological errors were grotesque.
2 degrees north of the equator does not put the ship on the
“tropic of cancer”.
When chasing a ship heading north, a ship in persuit would not steer a course of 170.
The Me-109 does not have a”bubble canopy.
There was no editor to catch the mis-spellings, bad grammar, or confusing sentence structure.
Follet has lost his “touch”
This is one of the best James Follett page turners I have read. However it appears that the Kindle addition was prepared by turning the original book over to a bad typist who hammered away at the keyboard and produced an barely legible mess. There was obviously no editing process as there are spelling mistakes on page one and about every second page thereafter. The font is disgusting in any of the Kindle Fire settings and there are formatting errors on every page.

It would be nice to have publishers who were actually interested in the writer and the writer's audience and were not after making a quick buck.
I really enjoyed reading this book, it has a bit of everything, drama, suspense, action etc. There is a lot happening and do not think you can predict what is going to happen because they way it is written, you will be surprised about the outcome. It is also a book that does not use pages of love scenes to sell the story and make it entertaining. This is a good story that will keep you interested till the end.
Kept me turning pages and truly enjoyed Mr. Follett's writing. When I picked up the book without reading what it was about, thought it was going to be on World War 2, but found it to be quite different. I'd recommend this book, I thought quick reading because I couldn't put it down... It has everything, suspense, adventure and well presented.
Wild Python
Kim could not go past 45% of The book. I tried everything. I tried all iPads and phones and can't download the full book
...if I was not so totally caught up in the story. The editing was atrocious but as a testament to the quality of the story, I tended to overlook that and continue gobbling up the story. I will definitely be purchasing more from James Follett and hope their Kindle editions are better proofed than this one was (if it even was proofed).
This was a nice story, well developed characters and the historical backdrop was appropriate.
I read this book after reading all Follett's books on German POWs. It was a gread read and I was not disappointed.
I have now read most of James Follett's books and all were entertaining and I recommend this book highly along with others. '