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by Julie Parsons

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Author: Julie Parsons
Publisher: Town House and Country House; New e. edition (April 29, 1999)
Language: English
Pages: 464
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Rating: 4.8
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Category: Literature
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. He had the face of an angel but a mind of pure evil. It starts with a phone call late on a hot Dublin evening.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Julie Parsons’s most popular book is Irish Girls about Town.

Her fear turning to anger

Not sure if she was doing the right thing. Her fear turning to anger. So begins MARY, MARY by Julie Parsons, a book that explores the bo. You could say it began with a phone call. After all, that’s the way most cases begin.

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Mary Mary Julie Parsons Read by Frances Tomelty Running time 3hrs Macmillan Audiobooks £. 9.

Mary Mary Julie Parsons Read by Frances Tomelty Running time 3hrs Macmillan Audiobooks £. Margaret is a psychiatrist who, with her daughter Mary, has returned to Dublin, the city she once loved, after a long career in New Zealand. Margaret thought that she and her nearly grown-up daughter had been close, but when Mary is found brutally murdered, she gradually and painfully learns otherwise. Her daughter had been besotted with the man who was to torture and kill her, but Margaret had known nothing about him. Neither had she known about Mary's abortion.

A psychological crime thriller which makes Patricia Cornwell read like Thomas the Tank Engine' Sunday IndependentHe had the face of an angel but a mind of pure evil.

JULIE PARSONS Mary, Mary PAN BOOKS To Harriet, Sarah and John, with all my love CONTENTS PART 1 1 2 3 4 5. .Mary Mitchell, aged twenty. Black hair, blue eyes, slim build. When last seen she was wearing a black T-shirt, a red suede miniskirt, and a black denim jacket.

JULIE PARSONS Mary, Mary PAN BOOKS To Harriet, Sarah and John, with all my love CONTENTS PART 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1.

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Julie Parsons (born in 1951 near Auckland in New Zealand) was a radio and television producer before becoming an author of detective novels. Parsons was born to Andy, an ex-Army doctor who had been awarded the Military Cross for bravery, and Elizabeth Parsons, who had served in the Women's Royal Naval Service during the Second World War. Her parents had left Ireland in 1947 after returning from the war. In 1955 her father was lost at sea in the South Pacific and never found.

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Comments: (7)
I was expecting this to be a can't put down thriller. However, I found it boring and too long. It's really two stories, Mary's murder and the unexciting investigation leading to the killer's capture, and then the trial and its aftermath. I never came to care for the main character, Mary's mother, and found much of her behavior in the first half unbelievable. The ending is not a surprise and neither of the stories is exciting. And there's way too much reminiscing (much of it repetitive) and lyrical description.
A literate, well-plotted, fascinating thriller -- and there are so very few of them being published these days. RIchly characterized, mesmerizing to read. See her other novel "The Courtship Gift" as well for another fine book
gripping drama
Really enjoyed the book. One of those stories you hate to put down.
Parsons writes with the true lyrical manner of the Irish, her metaphors and similes and detailed descriptions are written so smoothly that you barely notice them. Usually descriptive writing bores me, I mean, come on, get back to the action and dialogue. But not in this case, I enjoyed the images Mrs. Parson created.

On the whole, I very much enjoyed the book, especially the ending. But I do feel the need to agree with some of the other reviewers on the following minor problems:

1. Though the flashbacks were necessary, they were often so sudden I would have to go back and re-read paragraphs to figure out who's flashback they were, and whether I was in real time or flashback time.

2. McLoughlin seemed to be the only character I could identify with, (Margaret was often so cold, abrupt and self-absorbed, though often understandably, and she was rude to anyone who wanted to comfort her--like McLoughlin, that I just couldnt identify with her, and I barely liked her--though I did feel sorry and pity for her and I was glad that she got her revenge.) Mcloughlin seemed real and I felt disappointed with how it ended with him, though I guess he made his bed so he had to lie in it.

3. The story was relentlessly dark, the only light came from flashbacks that were bittersweet. Most dark books use humor or bits of joy here or there to help relieve the darkness and to make the dark bits darker and the story easier to stick with. There was no humor or joy in this story except perhaps the dark humor and sick joy of Jimmy.

Still, I have to say, this was one of the better books I have read lately. I enjoyed it and plan to read more of Julie Parson's books. This was an amazing work, and I was shocked to see it was only her first book, she sounds like a well seasoned writer. Parsons has a great gift, and I hope she continues to share it with the world by writing her lovely books.

Having said all that, I would like to recommend one of my all time favorite books that Mary Mary made me think of, even though they are very different in most ways, except for having a very stong woman in a detective thriller: The Butcher's Boy by Thomas Perry. The Butcher's Boy is not as beautifully written, it gets straight to the point, it is not lyrical, but it is dark but lightened with sarcastic humor, and it is an intense, page turning thriller: a Female detective desperate to catch the killer, and a killer so well defined that you keep finding yourself rooting for him too. This book has a very satisfying ending no matter which you were rooting for.
I have to say that I didn't like this book from the start but plowed through it because there were so many 5 star reviews here that I thought I was probably missing something. Believe me, I wasn't missing's just not that great. I read 200 pages before it even began to get remotely good and by that time I just wanted to be done with it once and for all. The author's writing style is very confusing using numerous flashbacks, which I don't usually mind, but using them in back to back paragraphs so you get to the point where you didn't even know if it was NOW or THEN or exactly WHO she was referring to. She also would start a new chapter and for the first few pages, you had no idea who she was talking about and once you found out, you would have to go back and start the chapter again. This is also one of the first books where I had no sympathy for the main character, the mother whose daughter Mary has just been murdered. I also had no sympathy for the victim and I still can't explain the reason why. Perhaps the author should have made me feel sorry for her or perhaps she didn't want me to. Who knows? My other complaint was the setting of Ireland....why did I never really get the feeling I was in Ireland...except for the pubs, I kept thinking I was in Britain. I know others have compared this author to Rendall and Walters (both of whom I love) my estimation, there's no comparison to be made. I guess you can deduce that I won't read another book by this author.