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by Madeleine Wickham

eBook Swimming Pool Sunday download ISBN: 0552772259
Author: Madeleine Wickham
Publisher: Black Swan; New Ed edition (2004)
Language: English
Pages: 304
ePub: 1117 kb
Fb2: 1991 kb
Rating: 4.4
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary

Remember me? Twenties girl.

Remember me? Twenties girl.

Swimming Pool Sunday book.

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Swimming pool sunday. Madeleine Wickham - Sophie Kinsella (eigentlich Madeleine Wickham; 12. Dezember 1969 in London) ist eine britische Autorin. On a shimmeringly hot Sunday in May, Louise is at a neighbour& pool with her daughters - and glaring at her resentfully is her estranged husband Barnaby Madeleine Wickham - Sophie Kinsella (eigentlich Madeleine Wickham; 12. Kinsella war Finanzjournalistin und startete dann eine Karriere als Autorin von Frauenromanen.

As Madeleine Wickham she has written seven bestselling novels. She lives in London with her husband and children. Библиографические данные. Swimming Pool Sunday.

Swimming Pool Sunday Sophie Kinsella,Madeleine Wickham Sınırlı önizleme - 2014. Author Madeleine Wickham was born in London on December 12, 1969

Swimming Pool Sunday Sophie Kinsella,Madeleine Wickham Sınırlı önizleme - 2014. Swimming Pool Sunday Madeleine Wickham Önizleme Yok - 1997. Tümünü görüntüle . Yazar hakkında (1997). Author Madeleine Wickham was born in London on December 12, 1969. She graduated from New College, Oxford and became a financial journalist. She wrote her first novel, The Tennis Party, at the age of 24 while still working as a journalist. She wrote six more novels as Madeleine Wickham, but no longer writes using her real name.

She went on to publish six more novels as Madeleine Wickham: A Desirable Residence, Swimming Pool Sunday, The .

She went on to publish six more novels as Madeleine Wickham: A Desirable Residence, Swimming Pool Sunday, The Gatecrasher, The Wedding Girl, Cocktails for Three and Sleeping Arrangements. Wickham's first novel under the pseudonym Sophie Kinsella (taken from her middle name and her mother's maiden name) was submitted to her publishers anonymously and was enthusiastically received

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Book by Madeleine Wickham
Comments: (7)
I really wanted to love this book.

In short, this book was predictable from the time of the accident. No plot twists. No mystery, just *yawn*, they will do x next.

A swimming day that turns tragic, turning friends and neighbors against each other. A greedy lawyer, a lawsuit, a selfish dad who wants his own way. Two slightly spoiled girls.

An insurance policy that won't pay. A lawsuit that will wreck a family. Stress related illness.

Yawn again. This book was 2.99 because it is basically well written rubbish by a famous author. This is the second book that has made me frown. The other was never finished it was so bad.

Bring back the funny, slightly kooky author who was fallen in love with by millions. This one should find a new day job. Dud after did means readers find someone else to follow.
I have read all of Kinsella and Wickham's books and I have to say, I find all the Wickham books to be fairly dull. The thing that I love the most about Kinsella's books are the humor and character development, and I find none of that in her books written under Wickham. This book is okay, it actually has a much more interesting plot line than her other books, but the characters have no layers, they are all quite superficial. In this book, one of the climax moments is a love interest between two mismatched characters. I imagine the author thought this would be a highlight of the book but I found myself not caring in the least because there was so little development in this plot line. I never understood why these characters were even in the book. I can't recommend the book as a whole, but I wish someone would take the central plot and rewrite it, because I think it would be an interesting book.
I found this to be a completely unexpected novel from Sophie Kinsella. It is NOTHING like her other novels. That is not too say that it was bad, just different in that it details a serious story line. I have to say that I thought it was pretty well written. While it did arrive at a not to be unexpected conclusion, the journey there was a good read and the characters were interesting in that they each arrived at the same conclusion yet through a different path. I felt the story had unexpected depth and was a worthwhile read.
Let me start off by saying that I have a wide range of tastes when it comes to reading. I love a good mystery/thriller, I love a good legal fiction book (my degree is in legal studies), but I also love a good fun read. I've read all of Sophie Kinsella's books, whether written as Sophie or as Madeline and have liked, if not loved, them all. I couldn't get into this book. I finished it only because I had time to kill but it was predictable. None of the characters were appealing in any way. I didn't find myself rooting for anyone or trying to find extra time to read to finish the book. Disappointed in this one.
It's no as good as a typical Madeleine Wickham/Sophie Kinsella book, but it could have been worse. In my opinion the book was about 100 pages too long. There are a few too many characters. I was hoping it would be an easy read like most of her other books, but there are quite a few characters and plot lines to keep up with for an easy read book.
Seriously good read, characters well developed and a well thought out story. Slightly more depth than some of Kinsella's other stories, would like to see more novels from this writer. She is a talented story teller. So many of the "chick lit" books on Amazon could be developed into far more interesting stories, but it seems like most of the authors pinch off their stories; limited character development, limited back story. More like reading novella excerpts in Cosmo than actual full books.
What happened to the rest of this book? Did somebody force her to stop writing or did she get bored herself and decided it would be on everybody's best interest to stop? I kept on waiting for a climax. What did the Alexis/Daisy plot add to the main story. Just when I thought it was going to get good and the stories would cross, I turned a page to find "The End" written on the next one. The end of what? No resolution for any of the characters. This book is missing at least 2 chapters. Pretty terrible.
This was a good story. It was not her usual funny book. This was a very serious subject matter for the author. I like it.