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by Chuck Palahniuk

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Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Publisher: Thorndike Press; 1 edition (March 2, 2003)
Language: English
Pages: 412
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Rating: 4.2
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Acclaim for Chuck Palahniuk’s. Dark riffing on modernity is the reason people rea Palahniuk. His books are not so much novels as jagged fables, cautionary tales about the creeping peril repre sented by almost everything.

Acclaim for Chuck Palahniuk’s. Few writers this side of Kurt Vonnegut can summon up the intensity and precision to control such a blackly humorous situatio. .

Lullaby is a horror-satire novel by American author Chuck Palahniuk, published in 2002. It won the 2003 Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award, and was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel in 2002. Lullaby is the story of Carl. Lullaby is the story of Carl Streator, a newspaper reporter who has been assigned to write articles on a series of cases of sudden infant death syndrome, from which his own child had died.

Chuck Palahniuk takes on the media age in his latest novel, Lullaby. Lullaby is a very funny novel. Palahniuk, author of the cultish Fight Club, has a clever and precise way with repetitive prose riffs and shorthand wisecracks. He is a macho stylist.

It may also be Chuck Palahniuk's best book ye.Paperback, 260 pages.

Lullaby" Movie Kickstarter Reaches its Goal! Journalist Carl Streator just lost his wife and only child. Sounds like a pure horror/sci-fi novel. They both dropped dead after he read them what he thought was a simply beautiful lullaby. Turns out it was a little more. But it’s weird and funny and is still a Palahniuk novel that will have non-Palahniuk people lifting an eyebrow in confusion when you tell them what you’re reading.

Lullaby is a truly independent movie. All of us here at Team Lullaby want to reassure our supporters that these setbacks you may have read about will in not affect our production

Lullaby is a truly independent movie. As of this moment, there is no official studio attachment or angel investors, we are doing all. All of us here at Team Lullaby want to reassure our supporters that these setbacks you may have read about will in not affect our production. Team Lullaby is in no position to answer questions regarding Chuck’s personal and/or financial matters. Without Chuck’s writing none of this would be happening.

Электронная книга "Lullaby", Chuck Palahniuk Written with a style and imagination that could only come from Chuck Palahniuk, Lullaby is the latest outrage from one of our most exciting writers at work today.

Электронная книга "Lullaby", Chuck Palahniuk. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Lullaby" для чтения в офлайн-режиме. Written with a style and imagination that could only come from Chuck Palahniuk, Lullaby is the latest outrage from one of our most exciting writers at work today. Другие книги автора Chuck Palahniuk. Ещё. Fight Club 3 (Graphic Novel).

LULLABY by CHUCK PALNUCHICK. Not even close to the brilliance of "The Fight Club. Not quite a unique a narration as "Damned. It's a great, mysterious tale that gives thought to the power of words. Like all Palahniuk books, it's full of twists and turns, yet has a dark comedic feel.

Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk, Richard Poe Unabridged Audiobook Cassettes.

A New York Times Bestseller

Carl Streator is a solitary widower and fortyish newspaper reporter doing a series of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. His investigation uncovers an ominous thread: the presence on the scene of a book of poems opened to an African chant or "culling son." This song turns out to be lethal when spoken or even thought in anyone's direction -- turning Streator into an involuntary serial killer.

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Like all of Palahnuik's books, I was sad yet relieved when this one ended. Each book I read from him is my new favorite. It's hard to say if this is darker than his others but it had parts where I literally grimaced, winced, tensed up, and shuddered. I started this book on a Tuesday night and had it finished by lunchtime on Wednesday - I just couldn't put it down. I don't like saying his stories have "a twist" because each page is pretty much another turn, another spiral, another unending row of antiqued furniture in a maze of a wholesale warehouse - or a curving, twisted spell in an ancient grimoire. He doesn't pull Sixth Sense "ahas" at the end; rather, each character has their own arc that you never see coming. This book took a lot out of me emotionally and it was worth every second.

Not even close to the brilliance of "The Fight Club." Not quite a unique a narration as "Damned." A world of difference (to the better) over the last CP I read, which I didn't care for. To the point I don't even remember the title! Fan Club? The one with all the bolded name dropping? Read Lullaby instead. Or Damned. Even Choked. Absolutely Fight Club.

With this book, in a premise only Palnuchick or his twisted sister could of envisioned, and maybe only he could of carried off, he is back to form. Lullaby is dark, black humor plumed into a road trip that swings some curves with the unlikeliest of partners on a mission—to save innocents from SIDS, even while one is profiting from a too soothing Olde African Lullaby.

If you're a fan, and you like his black humor, it's worth the read.

P.S. Not Fan Club, lol ; ) It's "Tell-All." Sigh, not so memorable a Chuck for me.

I purchased "Lullaby" off from Full Paper Jacket in the Hardcover Edition and it came to me in the time stated and in great condition. I was extremely pleased.
This one is a keeper.

I was just turned on to Palahniuk after randomly picking up one of his titles at the bookstore years ago. I thought the premise sounded unique and promising, but I didn't read it until a few years later. I wish I would have read it sooner. Palahniuk has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I was skeptical that this book wouldn't be up to par after reading a handful of terrible reviews, but it was fantastic.

His books are unpredictable at best, and this one is no exception. He carries reoccurring themes into each of them, but they don't seem rehashed or strained. They always make me seriously think about...well, everything. I found it hard to put this book down. The characters are very well developed and the pacing is perfect. And did I mentioned unpredictable? Most of the concepts he elaborates on ("Imagine a plague you can catch through your ears.") are things that I've never thought about. The only thing that bothered me was the occasional grammar mistake or missing punctuation, which is different than Palahniuk's own style of grammar. (You'll see what I mean if you read it.) What I liked the most about this particular title was the twists and crazy elements that have been unified in one story and made it stand out. It's not urban fantasy but has elements of paranormal. It's not a horror, but it has ghosts, bathtubs filled with blood and haunted houses. Instead, it mimics real life and sprinkles in a bunch of different genres.

People not used to Palahniuk's writing style will either love it or hate it. This was great; I hope more of his titles become available on Kindle soon!
I've been a fan of Chuck Palahniuk for about 14 years now. I've read this book before, but needed to add it to my collection.
It's a great, mysterious tale that gives thought to the power of words. Like all Palahniuk books, it's full of twists and turns, yet has a dark comedic feel. I would definitely recommend this book to any fan.
I found that a lot of the criticism heaped upon this story by several of the other reviewers is partly misguided. Although, when compared to his other books, this one does lack a lot of the shocking imagery, it still manages to provide an entertaining narrative in the same theme and tone of those other works. And that is what I think gives his stories value: not the disturbing imagery, but the creative look at common themes many people have seen with regards to our culture.

This story deals with power and control. Who really has it? Does it even exist? How should we exercise it? And, ultimately, do the answers to those questions even matter? While yes, this story is more conventional and straightforward than Palahniuk's previous work, I do not think "Lullaby" is disappointing in the least. I enjoyed it thoroughly and look forward to reading "Diary".
Where has this man been? Every book I buy is better than the last book. I want to scream; I could have been reading all of this years ago, and now here I am, so late to the party.
One of his best books and great for anyone looking for a great thriller mystery from a new author. Great read. Read this one multiple times now with many more to come.
Lullaby is a fast read, full of magic and movement. The premise is unique and it captures the reader's attention with ease. The book moves as quickly as its characters. His charatcer, Carl, Helen, Oyster and Mona, are full bodied but different to each other in ways that complement each other.

In true Palahniuk style, it is an allegory, but it is not so obvious that the reader is distracted. His style is smooth, yet somehow choppy, so Palahnuik fans will get their dose of his writing through this book.

The story is a powerful one, and I recommend this book highly to those looking for a 24 hour fix.