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by Victor Appleton

eBook Tom Swift and his Airship: Swift by Name and Swift by Nature! download ISBN: 1448613485
Author: Victor Appleton
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 10, 2009)
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Tom Swift, the hero, is often asked to 'sell out', give up his rights, inventions, patents, etc, but he does not. While he is very often looking for wealth, its BIG wealth, not nickels and dimes. Tom shows the way to success in a BIG way, and not to settle for crumbs.

Tom Swift, the hero, is often asked to 'sell out', give up his rights, inventions, patents, etc, but he does not. His books inspired entrepreneurs of the day, and some later, such as Steve Wozniak co-founder of Apple. Isaac Asimov was inspired by the Swift novels, and he himself was also hard working and very prolific, like Tom. Hard work is one of the secrets of success.

First published in 1910, the series totals more than 100 volumes

First published in 1910, the series totals more than 100 volumes. The character was created by Edward Stratemeyer, the founder of the Stratemeyer Syndicate, a book-packaging firm. Tom's adventures have been written by various ghostwriters, beginning with Howard Garis.

Produced by Tom Szolyga. Tom Swift and His Airship. Tom Swift, the young inventor, whose acquaintance some of you havepreviously made, gave one look at the gauge, and seeing that thepressure was steadily mounting, endeavored to reach, and open, astop-cock, that he might relieve the strain. He was not a secondbehind his companion, and hardly had they passed out of the structurebefore there was a loud explosion which shook the building, andshattered all the windows in it.

Tom Swift has to deal with the bully Andy Foger when he provides false evidence pointing at Tom for robbing the bank. after a few adventures, Tom and his friends find the evidence they need to clear their name and return home

Tom Swift has to deal with the bully Andy Foger when he provides false evidence pointing at Tom for robbing the bank. after a few adventures, Tom and his friends find the evidence they need to clear their name and return home.

Tom Swift and His Airship; or, The Stirring Cruise of the Red Cloud (1910) was particularly popular leading up to the Great War, part of the popular juvenile science fiction and adventure series in which the main character creates amazing wartime inventions to save the day. In this story, Tom invents an innovative airship that is half dirigible, half bi-plane, featuring an outlandish gondola with a kitchen, engine room and observation room. His father, Barton Swift, also an inventor, designs what will be the world's most advanced submarine.

LibriVox recording of Tom Swift and his Airship, by Victor Appleton. For more free audio books or to become a volunteer reader, visit LibriVox. M4B audio book (124mb). No sooner is Tom in the air than he is blamed for the robbery. Suddenly, he's a wanted fugitive but doesn't know why until he's half-way across the country.


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Tom Swift and his Airship. With no safe harbor or friend on the land below, Tom must race back to Shopton to clear his name before he's shot out of the sky. In Tom Swift and His Airship, Tom Swift has finished his latest invention- the Red Cloud, a fast and innovative airship. Suddenly, he's a wanted fugitive but doesn't know why until he's half-way across the country

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Tom builds a combination airplane/dirigible using a volatile lifting gas that he invented, while a criminal syndicate frames Tom with a robbery charge. Police shootouts, incredibly fast cross-country air travel and a bang up finish for the crooks - all thanks to Tom's quick thinking, daring and ingenuity! Tom Swift, the inspirational boyhood hero of Steve Wozniak and Isaac Asimov, is an all-American young inventor in his teens. These fantastic and future-predicting stories are VERY alive today. Swift was modeled after the entrepreneurial and inventive geniuses Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, who both changed our world more than any other two people. Like Arthur C. Clarke, Swift invented or predicted many modern discoveries including the Taser, camcorder, video-phone, electric car, and several others. Join Tom as he battles international terrorists and criminal syndicates!
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Tom Swift and his Airship is the third book in the Tom Swift series and the first one with a vehicle that’s somewhat out of the ordinary. So far Tom has had a motorcycle and a motorboat. Not exactly thrilling stuff for a modern reader but then again we don’t live in 1910. To my disappointment the villains of this story are the same villains in the previous two books. But wait you say, didn’t Tom have the crooks arrested and sent to jail. Yup, but they immediately escaped and inexplicably went back to Shopton to rob the towns bank. This is a gang that seems incredibly flexible in their crimes. In the first book they were patent thieves, in the second book they are diamond thieves and now bank robbers. Thanks to Tom’s idiotic red headed nemesis, Andy Folger, Tom is accused of the crime and a $5000 reward is offered for information leading to his arrest. However, Tom, Wakefield Damon and John Swift (an aeronaut introduced in the previous book) have already left for an extended test of their new airship.

It takes a while for the story to get going but I would say this is the most exciting of the first three books. Once the trio get going in the ‘Red Cloud’ the story takes on a very Jules Verne type feel. This book was written when flight was just in its infancy so I have to give the writer credit for creating a rather inventive vehicle. The ‘Red Cloud’ is a plane/balloon hybrid capable of taking off like a conventional airplane or moving straight up and hovering like a balloon. The balloon also gave them the ability to stay aloft for days on end and switch of the engine if need be. Just as in a Verne novel they experienced several atmospheric difficulties and at one point are fired on by a town eager to claim the $5000 reward.

The Tom Swift books are generally intelligently written although somewhat campy but there is one part near the end the is a coincidence of such immeasurable magnitude that I have to call foul. It’s also ridiculous that the very large “Red Cloud’ could crash land on a building and not alert the people inside. The books are very formulaic but they’re quick breezy reads and mostly good for young kids. There are some unfortunate and completely inadvertent moments of racism but those are simply signs of the times. In fact compared to contemporary books of the early 1900’s the Tom Swift series would be seen as quite progressive. Of the first three books this one would be my favorite but hopefully we’ve seen the last of Anson Morse and his gang and the fourth book won’t be another repeat just with a different vehicle.
Tom Swift and his Motor-Boat picks up directly following events from the previous book with the titular Motor-Boat getting damaged by criminals intent on steeling an invention of Tom Swift's father. The owner of the boat decides to auction off the 21 foot craft rather than pay for repairs and Tom wins the auction with a bid of $200. New, the boat would have run $900. Yeah, we're going WAY back in time with this series. As of today this book is 104 years old written at a time when you could get a heck of a motor boat for less than $1000.

Anyone who thinks the Tom Swift novels are great literature probably never read a Tom Swift novel. In 1910 there were five Tom Swift novels published and in 1911 another five so these books were being cranked out very quickly. This is the second book in the series but the fourth I've read and it is so far the most benign. Tom fixes the boat and the readers are included in on the repairs. This is actually one of the coolest parts of the Tom Swift series as it's both entertaining and educational. Last book pitted Tom against some industrial crooks but this time Tom has to deal with the red headed bully from the first book, Andy Foger and his idiotic friend Sam Snedecker. We also get the return of Wakefield Damon, a silly character from the previous book whose accident with a motor-bike allowed Tom to get the motor-boat. In fact most of the characters from the previous book appear again including his future wife Mary Nestor.

Tom Swift is the classic hero so good hearted that he is often stupid in his actions. Andy Foger is the typical thick headed red haired bully but his attempts at revenge on Tom for winning the auction could easily be lethal and yet Swift insists on handling it himself even when his dad suggests going to Foger's father. At the risk of spoiling the plot we eventually do discover some actual villains who just happen to be the same crooks from the previous book. In the first book the criminals appeared to be patent thieves working for some corporation but now they appear to have a very broad range of crimes as they've branched out in a completely different direction even as they seem to continue to hang out in Tom Swift's hometown of Shopton. They also continue to steal secrets from the Swifts but at this point it seems like more of an aside as if they were doing it out of habit.

I am way older than the target audience and Tom's actions are often absurd but it's a fun series and an interesting glimpse back to the early 1900's. I've started reading the third book and it's already clear the author is sticking to a very tight story template. At least in the next book he moves past pedestrian vehicles like motorbikes and motorboats and lunches into the air with his airship.
For a boy's adventure book written in 1910, this is pretty simple fun. We're only 7 years after Kitty Hawk, after all, and airplanes are cutting edge excitement. It's interesting to see how the author gets some things wrong (there is no such thing as a secret gas that you can add to a tank so that the more you add, the lighter the tank and greater the lift), but the point of these books was inspiration and adventure, not scientific accuracy. As a book of it's time, there is also some incidental racial stereotyping; not done in a mean-spirited way, but it does jar our modern sensibilities. This is the stuff of cliffhanger thrills: will our hero come through??!! (Yes, the author calls Tom "our hero" at times ...)
Great, clean literature for children. So much better and more educational than anything that the authors are producing today.
I was given the Tom Swift books back in the 50's & 60's and I read them all and enjoyed them and now I can gat them on my pad. I look forward to reading them all over again. This set of books should be read by everyone!
The was an article in our local newspaper regarding Tom Swift stories. Light and fun to read about a very cleaver young man. Much could be gained if the "young men" of the current generation would read them.
Great addition to my library. This is a book that young readers, my grandkids, will continue to enjoy. This is a good clean read.
This book is amazing and exciting.
I love the Tom Swift series, it is one of my favorite things to read.
I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a good comedy but thrilling and mysterious with an old-fashioned touch.