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Author: Howard Pyle
Publisher: Benediction Classics (November 1, 2010)
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Howard Pyle (March 5, 1853 – November 9, 1911) was an American illustrator and author, primarily of books for young people. He was a native of Wilmington, Delaware, and he spent the last year of his life in Florence, Italy.

Howard Pyle (March 5, 1853 – November 9, 1911) was an American illustrator and author, primarily of books for young people. In 1894, he began teaching illustration at the Drexel Institute of Art, Science, and Industry (now Drexel University).

Otto of the Silver Hand is a children's novel about the Dark Ages written and illustrated by Howard Pyle. It was first published in 1888 by Charles Scribner's Sons. The novel was one of the first written for young readers that went beyond the chivalric ideals of the time period, and showed how cruel the time period could really be. The novel is set in 13th-century Germany, partly during the Great Interregnum and partly during the reign of Rudolph of Habsburg.

The narrative is told with Howard Pyle's consummate skill and illustrated with some of the most enchanting sketches ever done for a book of this type. Howard Pyle wrote AND illustrated Otto of the Silver Hand. Like the same author's version of The Story of King Arthur and His Knights and his collection of original stories known as The Wonder Clock, this book has become a legend, a modern story with the feel and sound of an ancient tale. It is a reading adventure that youngsters will not soon forget. Unaltered, unabridged republication.

Howard Pyle's books are always fantastic, down to his illustrations. Otto of the Silver Hand is a quick read, Otto's mother died during childbirth, and his father, a warlord, left him in a monastery for a proper and safe upbringing. As an older boy Otto's father returns for him, at which time Otto discovers the truth about his father's past, particularly about his part in the murder of Baron Frederick. As a result of the feud his father had a hand in, Otto is ultimately is the subject of revenge. Howard Pyle's books are always fantastic, down to his illustrations.

In true Howard Pyle style there was plenty of action, great virtue and equally great vice. It was the story of vengeful passion and redeeming love.

Few records remain to us of that dreadful period in our world's history, and we only know of it through broken and disjointed fragments that have been handed down to us through the generations. Yet, though the world's life then was so wicked and black, there yet remained a few good men and women here and there (mostly in peaceful and quiet monasteries, far from the thunder and the glare of the worlds bloody battle), who knew the right and the truth and lived according to what they knew; who preserved and tenderly cared.

Читай онлайн книгу Otto of the Silver Hand  . One hand clutched the back of the bench whereon she had been sitting, the other hand pressed tightly against her side. Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates.

Читай онлайн книгу Otto of the Silver Hand, Говарда Пайла на сайте или через приложение ЛитРес Читай. It was Hans the one-eyed who stood in the doorway, and black trouble sat on his brow; all were looking at him waiting. Conrad, whispered the Baroness, at last.

Otto sprang from his bed and looked out of the window and down upon the court-yard below. A cloud of smoke was pouring out from the windows of the building across the court-yard, whence a dull ruddy glow flashed and flickered. Dear God! what dreadful thing hath happened?" he cried and clasped his hands together.

I. The Dragon's House, II. How the Baron Went Forth to Shear, III. How the Baron Came Home Shorn, IV. The White Cross on the Hill, V. How Otto Dwelt at St. Michaelsburg, VI. How Otto Lived in the Dragon's House, VII. The Red Cock Crows on Drachenhausen, VIII. In the House of the Dragon Scorner, IX. How One eyed Hans Came to Trutz Drachen, X. How Hans Brought Terror to the Kitchen, XI. How Otto was Saved, XII. A Ride for Life, XIII. How Baron Conrad Held the Bridge, XIV. How Otto Saw the Great Emperor, FOREWORD.

Howard Pyle's classic children's novel set in the Dark Ages. It is one of the first to present a realistic picture of the harsh life in those times.
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WARNING, POSSIBLE SPOILER..... Did anyone notice the continuity error in Chapter VIII? During the scene in which little Otto is talking with Pauline, the narrator states that Otto "lay for a while with his hands clasped." But that's impossible, because at this point in the story Otto has already had one of his hands cut off (though this fact is not made explicit to the reader until much later, at the end of Chapter XI).

I recently read this book again after many years, mostly for the sake of nostalgia. It is the first book for which I can remember being required to write a "book report" in elementary school. At that early age, I loved it. Now that I am older, it doesn't impress me as much. The story seems rather cliché and morally naïve.
after reading The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, this book is a bit of a letdown. I enjoyed the story, but it seemed like all the interesting events happened offstage, and it reads more like a snippet out of a larger narrative than a stand-alone novel. however, Howard Pyle retains his ability to put a great deal of emotion into very few words-i found myself being overawed so much by his writing style that I forgot to care about what was happening. I'm not sure if that's a compliment, though.
the book is free, short, and full of possibilities. in spite of all complaints, I'm glad I bought it.
A classic that reveals the less romanticized truth of medieval times through the story of a 12 year old boy. Read it with my 12 year old daughter & we were riveted, though the old English was a bit tough to follow at times. Found out some new vocabulary, though. Bonus!
Otto of the Silver Hand was originally published in 1888 - and I am amazed that the content within this novel continues to be relevant in today's society. This story is set in medieval Germany when castles, feuds, barons, knights, kidnapping, soldiers, and rescues were common. Violence, revenge, hatred are all themes that continue to permeate within our society. Yet, in both the past and present we can also find humility, gentleness, love, sacrifice and forgiveness. The traits that little Otto possesses will encourage children to see the good and evil in their world and strive to have a positive outlook on life, even when experiencing turmoil within ourselves. Otto's gracious and forgiving nature will inspire the best in all who read this novel.
This was required reading when I was in the Sixth Grade, many years ago. I remembered that the book left a great impression on me. I thought the name was strange, but this is why I remembered the book. I downloaded it and re-read it. It was simple, but gave a good look at human nature at the best and worst.
This book was a recommendation from my daughter-in-law for two of her boys.
I read it with my 6 & 7 yo's. They begged to finish just one more chapter every time I read it.
the benediction edition is a crappy, retyped POD with none of the illustrations that could've accompanied the book if they would've used the scan and print method. DO NOT BUY THIS EDITION. if you want the illustrations, go to and you'll find numerous copies, original and later editions, complete with the pictures. you may pay more, but not that much more, for a better made book from the late 1800s or early 1900s and you'll get the truly awesome howard pyle original b&w drawings. IT IS SEVERELY LAME that these POD people can't scan and print these older books. you get what you pay for and this book isn't even worth the 12$ i paid for it.