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Author: Dick Francis
Publisher: Fawcett; Reprint edition (February 22, 1993)
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. In the middle of the night, two masked men break into Neil Griffon’s home and abduct him. He quickly discovers that unless he agrees to their unreasonable demands.

Anyone who ever has read one of these books understands immediately that any Dick Francis protagonist will face such threats stoically, bravely, and intelligently. Most of all, he will never, EVER, give into such threats irrespective of the harm that will inevitably be inflicted upon him along the way.

Dick Francis is widely acclaimed as one of the world's finest thriller writers. Enjoy free online English audiobook Bonecrack, a novel by Dick Francis. His awards include the Crime Writers' Association's Cartier Diamond Dagger for his outstanding contribution to the crime genre and an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from the Tufts University of Boston. People say they can't put my books down, and so they read them in one sitting of four hours.

Bonecrack is a classic novel from Dick Francis, one of the greatest thriller writers . For the latest books, recommendations, offers and more.

Bonecrack is a classic novel from Dick Francis, one of the greatest thriller writers of all time. At midnight Neil Griffon's home is broken into and he is abducted by masked men. When he wakes up, hours later, Neil discovers that 'unless he cooperates' his kidnappers will destroy his father's racing stable, his precious horses and even Neil himself. The Dick Francis legacy continues through his son Felix Francis: Refusal is his latest novel, following Bloodline and Gamble.

Richard Stanley Francis CBE FRSL (31 October 1920 – 14 February 2010) was a British crime writer, and former steeplechase jockey, whose novels centre on horse racing in England. After wartime service in the RAF, Francis became a full-time jump-jockey, winning over 350 races and becoming champion jockey of the British National Hunt.

Dick Francis, the bestselling master of mystery and suspense, takes you into the thrilling world of. .A classic racing mystery from the king of crime.

Dick Francis, the bestselling master of mystery and suspense, takes you into the thrilling world of horse racing  .

Dick Francis was born in Wales on October 31, 1920. He wrote his last four books Dead Heat, Silks, Even Money, and Crossfire with his son Felix Francis. Because his father was a professional steeplechase jockey and a stable manager, Francis grew up around horses, and after a stint as a pilot in the Royal Air Force during World War II, he became a steeplechase jockey himself, turning professional in 1948.

Violence suddenly takes the lead in the life of Neil Griffon. First his father, a stable owner, suffers a grisly accident, then Neil is brutally assaulted and abducted. The price for his freedom will mean the betrayal and deception of those who trust Griffon most. But he has no choice: A no-compromise crime czar has made an ultimatum--that his own eighteen-year old son be hired by Griffon's stables to ride the superstar horse, Archangel, in the Derby. And the young man must be trained to win. Or else...."Few things are more convincing than Dick Francis at a full gallop."CHICAGO TRIBUNE
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If you thought I'd be prejudiced in favor of Dick Francis just because I've read 32 of his books, you may just possibly be right. Fortunately, I have 13 more that I haven't read yet, so I still have a tiny bit of room to change my mind. Right now, I hold Dick Francis consistently to be the best mystery writer I have ever read. And I do love writers like John Sandford, Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Jeff Abbott, William Berhardt, Linwood Barclay and others of that caliber. Bonecrack is just another one of his amazing list of exceptional books that stand head and shoulders above many of those other masters of mystery.

Writers like Jack Higgins and to a certain extent Lee Child seem to write variations of the same book over and over again. Not so Dick Francis. Even though each of his books has a thread running through it that invariably involves horse racing that commonality is much more like the fact that Alfred Hitchcock always made an appearance in each of his films. Each of Francis' protagonists are unique. His characters are clad in flesh and blood so they come alive on the page and have meaningful relationships. Francis' scenarios seem lifted from real life and involve the reader emotionally. There is little detail that isn't relevant and Francis does not waste time with pages of description of clothing, landscapes, or mechanical intricacies designed to let you know how much Francis knows about nuclear submarines, botany, small arms, fighter jet cockpits, or international investment. You won't miss it, either here in Bonecrack or any of his other books.

Read Bonecrack or any other Dick Francis book and I think you could became the same kind of Francis addict I am. Since his death, his son Felix, who co-wrote with his father during his later years, now writes under his own name as part of a "Dick Francis brand franchise." His books are much like his father's, who obviously taught him well, so I'm pleased to recommend him too. Happy reading.
Vital Beast
My top favorite Francis book, and that's saying a lot! A villain is trying to get his son a ride on a Derby favorite by hook or by crook, and is willing to use violence against both people and horses to get his way. The stable owner/trainer has to protect his horses and his business as a trainer (by not putting up an amateur on a Derby favorite) without giving in to violence. The whole book is like a chess match between the trainer and the villain, with the loyalty of the son and the health of the stable as the prizes. Excellent book, beautifully plotted and written.
After reading UNDER ORDERS recently decided to re-read some of Dick Francis' older material, and this 1971 release seemed a good one with which start.

There are many problems in Newmarket at Rowley Lodge stables, main one being that Neil Griffon's father, the stable's owner, is hospitalized with a broken leg and temporarily cannot run the stables. Neil takes upon himself to pinch hit, and since Neil and his father have never gotten along at all, his father does not like it one bit. But Neil carries on slowly winning everyone but his father over. Added to this is another very mentally disturbed father who through threats of violence forces his son on Neil as apprentice jockey; with some of the threats having already been carried out. The plot runs very smoothly, and though there are a few very close calls with violence, it eventually reaches a very satisfactory end. The conflict between two sets of fathers and sons offers interesting reading, with the two sons eventually understanding more than either father ever did or could. Thought provoking, indeed.

This book is tightly written with very interesting, believable characters who act and speak as they should. The focus is very much on horses in stable with some insight also offered into just how they are trained and entered into races. It is one of the more enjoyable books from Dick Francis I've read viewing racing from not only from the owner's point of view, but the trainer and the jockeys, as well. And now that most of his earlier books have been reissued by Berkley in new printings with very colorful cover paintings, the entire package is not only refreshing but worth the time spent.


Semper Fi.
This is an early Dick Francis novel - one that I had not managed to read before. One gets completely into the story because the characterisation is so good and the plot, as usual, drives the reader into a dead-end corner of hopelessness before the dénouement is revealed. Throwing an amateur into the professional race training world as the main narrating character is a good move, and the fight with his ill professional father issuing competing orders is riveting.