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by James B. Woulfe

eBook Against All Enemies download ISBN: 0843951400
Author: James B. Woulfe
Publisher: Leisure Books; Original edition (January 1, 2003)
Language: English
Pages: 400
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Rating: 4.7
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Action and Adventure

392 pages ; 18 cm. Like most wars, it started small.

392 pages ; 18 cm. But pressure led to attack, and attack led to counter-attack, and soon America found itself in a full-fledged war-against a an enemy it was not prepared to fight. Now the stakes are raised and the . sends Special Forces and Navy SEALs to try to regain the upper hand.

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Like most wars, it started small. But the pressure leads to an attack, and soon America finds itself in a full-fledged war against an enemy it is not prepared to fight.

Against All Enemies is a spy thriller novel, written by Tom Clancy and co-authored with Peter Telep, and published on June 14, 2011. While it is set in the Ryanverse, it features a new character, ex-Navy SEAL and CIA paramilitary operations officer Max Moore, as he is tasked by a government joint task force to bring down a Mexican drug cartel and prevent Taliban terrorists from carrying out attacks in the United States. The book debuted at number one on the New York Times bestseller list.

Written by James B. Woulfe. Narrated by Terry Rose. But pressure led to attack, and attack led to counter-attack. and soon America found itself in a full-fledged war – against an enemy it was not prepared to fight. As the fires in the rain forests rage out of control, ground troops prepare to go in.

0 0 5 Kirjailija: Major James B. Woulfe Lukija: Terry Rose. Saatavilla äänikirjana.

James B. Woulfe, Audiobook narrated by Terry Rose. But pressure led to attack, and attack led to counter-attack and soon America found itself in a full-fledged war – against an enemy it was not prepared to fight.

But pressure led to attack, and attack led to counter-attack. and soon America found itself in a full-fledged war against an enemy it was not prepared to fight. Woulfe from Books In Motion.

Like most wars, it started small.

So, it behooves all of us to read what this man wrote if we want to have any hope of understanding America's conflict with al-Qaeda. And here's some of what I learned from reading his book: 1. Bill Clinton was an excellent ally in the fight against terrorism. He discusses systemic issues within the US government: infighting between departments, competition between the CIA and FBI, a lack of resources, egoism and other problems which hampered, at times, the US's ability to react to the growth in international terrorism and in particular, the threat of al Qaeda.

The Special Forces and Navy SEALS are sent by the U.S. to the South American country of San Selva to regain the upper hand in an unexpected war that is raging out of control. Original.
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I loved this book. I read it when it was first published, and it was interesting and well written. What I'm really writing the review about is why isn't this book available for Kindle? I would love to read it again, but sadltyI've become a kindle addict. I still have my original copy, but I would sure love to have it on my Kindle also.
As a military fiction junkie, I liked this book. Woulfe has a database of personal military experience from which to draw, and it shows in his story. The action sequences are tight, and they don't always turn out the way in which you expect them to. The parajumper rescue sequence was eerily similar to the Rangers' experience in Black Hawk Down, and I found myself really caring about the characters involved.
Woulfe does a great job of educating the reader about today's modern soldier, without the pedantic, over the top expostulation exhibited by Harold Coyle. In fact, Woulfe's style reminds me of Coyle's back when he was writing good books. While Coyle concentrated primarily on the Army, Woulfe has a broad knowledge of Army special ops doctrine, Marine special ops, and Naval aviation doctrine. His in-depth technical knowledge rivals that of Clancy, but he gives you just enough to keep it interesting, without detracting from the story.
My only criticism is that the art of proofreading seems to be dead in this modern age of Microsoft Word. There were numerous grammatical errors in this book that should have been caught by a semi-skilled proofreader, but I have seen worse in other books by other authors. They were mildly irritating, but not distracting. I hope to see much more from Maj. Woulfe!
Prince Persie
So the reviewer from Alabama thinks this is liberal "envirowhacko crowd" stuff and the one from California thinks its "right-wing polemic." Where did those come from? The book I read was about war not science or politics. I believe that those two reviews are from the same person who just has it out for the author because he's in the military or something else. Locations of the reviewers are given in weird ways as "Central Coast California" and "North Alabama" and one uses the word "polemic" and the other uses the word "turgid." Who uses words like that in a short little paragraph? Not people who typically read books with helicopters on the cover. Both use "premise" too much and comment on waste of time. To personal. The make a buck thing? Not right. Transparently fake. Yes I'm a conspiracy theorist. With that I'll say that I thought the book is just okay. Its not great and its not horrible. Story is shallow but most of the writing is about combat and that part is unique and good. Different than you get from other writers. More real. I give it four stars because the two fake ones that give him one are mean and I wasn't all that fond of the way he ended it. To violent, even for a war book.
To an old retired military man, this gives us a really good idea of what the men and women in the Armed Forces could be up against in a "limited war" in today's world. Major Woulfe's descriptions are vivid and almost give you the feeling you are there. One minor blip in his research had a woman on a destroyer - accurate because there are women on destroyers, but she had the rating of Seaman First Class, something that went by the wayside on April 1, 1948 when the Navy changed a lot of things in the rating structure. That shouldn't stop you from reading this book. It's a page turner.
This book is trash. Its premise is idiotic and its science doubly so. The plot is incoherent and the writing is turgid. About the only use this book has is "filling in the blanks" about American military capability to those with a good basic knowledge of same. For those unfamiliar with military terminology, much of the book will be incomprehensible. The global warming "science" in the book, its central premise, reads straight out of the doomsday, envirowhacko crowd. If one wishes to immerse himself in the military techno-thriller genre, there are far better authors: Clancy, Robinson, Coonts, Marcinko, not to mention masters of international intrigue such as Frederick Forsythe, Alistair MacLean and Robert Ludlum. Woulfe obviously is trying to make a buck on the public's renewed interest in military matters post 9/11. Reading his book is a complete waste of time.
This is one of the best, most comprehensive books I have ever read concerning "low-intensity confilicts" and the kind of engagements America finds itself in nowadays. The account is sombering. There is great characterization. There are high points (the Delta Force rescue, Army SF & SEAL actions) and there are low points (the PJ rescue & Arrowhead presence patrol). Once again the truth the America is almost too-civilized to win a fight against a foe that has a fighting spirit. I hope the author writes again!
wow!!this book is great i loved it. it was the first book i ever read within 2 days i just couldnt put it down it was great.if you're a special forces fan as i am you will love this book. it has everyone from delta force to seals to pararescuemen it is great not to mention the action would also like david e. meadows if you liked this author.

great job james b. woulfe.
Not a bad book, not really a good book either. But, it does a Great Job defining a new enemy and tactics. Woulfe does an incredible job of describing asymmetric warfare, tactics, and possible outcomes. These plausible tactics could be effectively employed against the US Military or any other strong military force. Very scary if you think about it.