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by Kenneth Whyld,David Hooper

eBook The Oxford Companion to Chess download ISBN: 0192800493
Author: Kenneth Whyld,David Hooper
Publisher: Oxford University Press; 2 edition (November 21, 1996)
Language: English
Pages: 496
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Rating: 4.9
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David Hooper has represented Great Britain in chess and is a former British Correspondence Chess Champion. His books include A Complete Defence of 1 P-K4, A Pocket Guide to Chess Endgames, and The Unknown Capablanca (with Dale Brandreth).

David Hooper has represented Great Britain in chess and is a former British Correspondence Chess Champion. Paperback: 496 pages.

The Oxford Companion to Chess is a reference book on the game of chess, written by David Hooper and Kenneth Whyld. The book is written in an encyclopedia format. The book belongs to the Oxford Companions series.

A goodreader recently asked me what the sexiest chess opening is. Well, it turns out there is a Horny Defence, created by Johann Horny, a 19th century German actor. Containing bios, stats, and books on the noted figures of the sport, including other information related to the game, this is a good reference for any Chess player and fan. Informazioni bibliografiche. The Oxford Companion to Chess Oxford companions.

David Hooper, Kenneth Whyld.

Publication, Distribution, et. Oxford ; New York. Oxford University Press, (c)1996. First published 1992 by Oxford University Press" . Personal Name: Whyld, Ken. Rubrics: Chess Encyclopedias Chess players Biography Openings. by The history and adventures of Little Henry, exemplified in a series of figures.

by Kenneth Whyld and David Hooper. It is a great one-volume chess reference for such a decent price. The Oxford Companion to Chess lives up to the Oxford quality brand. Entries can be both useful and entertaining for chess enthusiasts.

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Items related to The Oxford companion to chess. David Hooper has represented Great Britain in chess and is a former British Correspondence Chess Champion. David Hooper The Oxford companion to chess. ISBN 13: 9780192175403.

So much has happened in the ever-changing world of chess since 1984, that this new edition of the essential companion to all branches of the game is now 10% longer than the acclaimed first edition. Much of the original text has been rewritten to incorporate the latest research and developments. There are over 160 new biographies (most of them of today's players), hundreds more names of openings, many more technical terms, and more game scores and compositions than ever before. Ranging from the earliest myths to the present, the Companion offers full coverage of all aspects of over-the-board play and correspondence chess, and other forms of telechess. Fully cross-referenced throughout, the 2,600 entries take the reader from laws and strategies to details of the representation of chess in philately, literature, art, theatre, and film.
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An essential addition to any Chess library! Chess has a history that dates back eons and its important to be able to "look back" and see the game's evolution. Take notation for example. I recently purchased a copy of "Think Like a Grandmaster"c.1971 Kotov. This book uses "control notation" vs. algebraic. This volume explains it fully and thus was essential to be able to understand Kotov. If you are heavily into chess you'll enjoy just cracking it open and reading about the history and historical players of old. Rather dry it certainly isn't a page turner but fun none the less :)
An excellent overall survey of chess and many tangentially connected subjects. Entries include bio's, discussions of various openings, famous tournaments, chess problems, historical development and a host of well-written essays on chess minutae.
The bios can be somewhat terse and carry the authors ' subjective opinions, but this is unavoidable and in no way limits their value here.
An appendix contains an eminently useful array of virtually every opening with moves and names. This is perhaps less useful than it was when published due to the abundant availability of chess software, but I find myself referring to it often.
This is an excellent reference and book for browsing. I sincerely hope that an updated volume is released at some point.
This book was delivered promptly and in superb condition, which seems always to be the case when I order used books from Amazon. I have the First Edition and once had this Second Edition as well. The short of it is that I sold most of my personal 350-volume chess library around 2006 during a fiscal "rough patch" and I've been gradually replenishing the essential core titles ever since. This Second Edition is basically a reiteration of the First Edition minus some of its less important entries and with new entries added. I kept the First Edition because it had several entries that I valued which are conspicuously absent from the newer version. Both, though, feature a comprehensive supplemental openings chart with foot-notes giving the popular names to facilitate searching for particular openings in the encyclopedia text.
This is a fascinating book for lovers of chess. It sits on our dining table; I can open it at random and always find a fascinating entry; of course, the entry suggests to me another idea to look up and so it goes on; if you are as interested in chess as I am, and even if, like me, you are not so good at chess, it will be an enjoyable book to have; it would make a good gift for a friend who is interested in chess and an excellent addition to a school library. The hard back, used copy that I purchased is excellent.
A very interesting volume containing everything about chess you can imagine from biographies of great players, to named main lines and variations, chess terminology, history, openings, trivia, and more. It contains a number of diagrams, photos, illustrations and drawings. I bought a used 2nd edition published in 1992 because that was the only reasonably priced copy available at Amazon. I wish Oxford would publish an updated third edition. Yes, the information may all be available on line, but you have to hunt for it. I like this book because I can underline and make marginal comments, etc. A good source of a lot of varied information about chess in one handy volume.
Absolutely love this companion book. Learned so much about chess and it's rich history. Although the edition I got was over two decades old, it was still relevant since Chess is a game which transcends time and culture.
It's just what you would expect. All things chess in alpha order. My only complaint is that the print is a little on the small side.
Product is well made and arrived quickly from shipper.