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by Leonard Maltin

eBook Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide 2003 (Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide) download ISBN: 0452283299
Author: Leonard Maltin
Publisher: Plume; Revised edition (September 24, 2002)
Language: English
ePub: 1908 kb
Fb2: 1872 kb
Rating: 4.5
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Category: Humour
Subcategory: Movies

It was originally called TV Movies, which became Leonard Maltin's TV Movies and Video Guide, and then Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide, before arriving at its final title.

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My top films of the year. People love lists because they stimulate discussion and debate. In-your-face filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdie throw a lot at us in the opening sequence, which establishes the tone of their movie and the frenzied life of its protagonist, a high-stakes jewelry store owner (Adam Sandler) who works in the diamond district of Manhattan. Anyone who’s ever spent a little time there will recognize the cacophony of life on West 47th Street, both inside the showrooms and on the sidewalk. This is amplified by Daniel Lopatin’s score, which is loud and every bit as off-putting as Sandler’s character-at first.

Leonard Maltin's 2003 Movie and Video Guide. Leonard Maltin, is an American film and animated-film critic and historian

Leonard Maltin's 2003 Movie and Video Guide. 0451206495 (ISBN13: 9780451206497). Leonard Maltin, is an American film and animated-film critic and historian. After receiving a journalism degree at New York University, Maltin went on to publish articles in a variety of film journals, national Leonard Maltin, is an American film and animated-film critic and historian.

Classic Movies, Leonard Maltin’s Classic Movie Guide covers films from Hollywood. This comprehensive book with CD will teach you the basic skills you need to play R&B keyboard. 93 MB·22 Downloads·New! Overview: The definitive guide to classic films from one of America's most trusted film critics. The Big Book of French Songs: Popular Songs, Movie Hits, Musical Theatre Songs, Folksongs (Piano Vocal Guitar Songbook). 09 MB·5,467 Downloads·New!


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There is also Leonard Maltin"s Classic Movie Guide for you older movie buffs. So this is the best I've found out there. I still have the last M&P guide.

Read "Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide The Modern Era, Previously Published as Leonard .

The leading authority on American film is back with the latest edition of his "indispensable" (New York Daily News) movie and video guide. Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide 2003 is the best, biggest, and most up-to-date of its kind. The comprehensive 2003 guide includes: ? Capsule reviews of nearly 19,000 films, including more than 300 new entries ? More than 5,000 listing of films available on DVD and 8,000+ laserdisc listings ? Easy-to-read symbols indicating availability of more than 14,000 films on video ? Notes on widescreen films that are best viewed in letterbox format ? Write-ups on every film series ? A revised index of leading actors and actresses ? An updated list of mail-order sources for renting and buying videocassettes and DVDs ? Leonard Maltin's exclusive list of the best family films of all time ...and much, much more.
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I purchased this book so I could check up on movie descriptions from various satellite TV channels and get more info on some that are very briefly and inadequately described in the online guide. While the book is fairly big, the type is very small - requires good light and good eyes and still probably reading glasses! Aside from that, this book is a disappointment in several ways.

Largely redundant with Classic Guide - Lack of coverage of MANY 2008 movies - Lack of coverage of non-major movies.

Maltin has a Classic Movie Guide - I think it runs through 1960. It is pretty good and the type size is easily readable. The 2009 Guide covers many of the same classic movies, si it is redundant in amny ways - I guess to bulk up the number of entries to 17,000.

This book doesn't cover even many of the bigger name 2008 movies that are now on HBO, Showtime, etc. (as I write this it is January, 2009). So, even though it's the 2009 Guide, it doesn't cover all of 2008.

This book doesn't cover many, many of the movies on the various channels. If the movie is somewhat obscure or, apparently, not from a major studio, you probably won't find it here. I guess I expected to and therefor was disappointed.

All of Maltin's reviews need to be broken up into 3 distince volumes, in my opinion. Make the Classic guide (pre-1960 a trifle more complete and let it go at that. Break the other guides up into a 1960 - 1990 book that is comprehensive and then a third one ruinning from 1990 - Present (whatever year that may be) and, again, more comprehensive than this one is.

Better yet, someone could do a set of 3 books from the website. Their reviews are every bit as good, though they don't have STAR Ratings, AND they are far more comprehensive - it is extremely rare to not find a movie title there - in all of its versions through the years.

The reviews this book has are good and it is extensive. But, if you're planning to use it to get more info on the movies on your satellite channels, you may be disappointed, too.
As a long-time user of Maltin's guide, I think it's most useful after you gain some familiarity with his tastes and preferences. For example, after years of reading his reviews, I know he likes musicals much better than I do, and comedies not as much. If he gives a movie two or two-and-a-half stars, I know it's going to be a pretty entertaining movie, probably, as he often complains, one that follows a formula, but the formula works, and these movies work. If he gives a movie three stars, that tells me the movie tries for something a little more ambitious -- but his opinion of whether it succeeds or not doesn't always agree with mine, so, for me, his three-star movies are less dependably entertaining than his two or two-and-a-half star ones. Three-and-a-half star movies are usually so good almost anyone would enjoy them, and four star movies are the undisputed classics. This leaves one-and-a-half star movies (usually boring, unless they're comedies, which I always add an extra star to for the ones Maltin seems to take off), and the BOMBs, some of which are fascinatingly bad. For example, he rated "Francesco" a BOMB, and although it was a little weird to watch Mickey Rourke playing St. Francis, neither my husband or I could take our eyes off it. My biggest complaint is that I wish the index of stars and directors were more extensive, but the book is so huge as it is that it's kind of hard to handle, so maybe that would best be presented in a second volume. I wish the foreign films were in another volume, too, so more could be included. Still, overall, quite an achievement, and I use it a lot.
I love Mercedes
Leonard Maltin has been publishing his annual movie guide for well over 20 years, and it keeps improving. The 2004 edition includes over 18,000 movies, 300+ more than the prior edition. Each review details the year of release, length, director, stars, brief plot description and critique, and other pertinent information. Maltin also rates each movie from Bomb to 4 stars. In addition, many of the biggest movie stars and their movies are listed in an appendix.
The guide is simply the most comprehensive of the major movie guides. However, some readers may be disappointed by the brevity of each entry; the guide is designed to provide basic movie information, not an in-depth analysis. If you're looking for that kind of guide, then check out the work of Roger Ebert or Pauline Kael. The only quibble I have is that Maltin and his editors tend to have rather conservative tastes, so I often disagree with their ratings for more cutting-edge films.
If you don't have an earlier edition, then I highly suggest you purchase this guide. If you have an earlier edition, then you'll likely be pleased with a new addition - a list of 50 overlooked movie gems recommended by Maltin. Most highly recommended.
This is the old Mick Martin and Marsha Porter Video Guide that was so popular a while past; but is now out of print. I have always liked it, because of the politeness of their reviews, and the fact that they generally tried to review movies inside a type or "genre". I chose the 2000 guide because of two reasons. There were many interesting movies that came out in the year 1999 that I wanted covered; and (2) I was told that in later years, though M&P would still have the two indexes for actor and director, they were not titled as such at the top of the respective pages in the back. I find myself constantly referring to them. And it has worked out fine... I love this "little" guide... thick, though in main outlines, slightly smaller than the normal book. I hope M&P do come back; though "Videohound" does do a good job too.
This book is an excellent companion to the wide assortment of movies available today. The reviews are helpful and accurate.
But considering there are relatively few new entries each year, why does the whole book have to be entirely reprinted? If yearly supplements could be issued it could be at lower cost to the customer and far less cost to the publisher. Every 5 or so years put out a whole new book! As it is now I can't afford to be up to date each year so there are 2 or 3 year gaps in my coverage.