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Author: Sean Patrick
Publisher: Pelican Publishing (February 1, 1992)
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Pages: 224
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. You've heard of Murphy's Law and even the Peter Principle, but here's a new one: Patrick's Law.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Patrick's Corner book. Sean Patrick, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where he teaches creative writing at Fayetteville Technical Community College. He has operated two teen group homes, served as an administrator of a religious education program at his church, and, along with his wife, has given lectures on parenting skills.

Patrick's Corner'' is what Sean and his five older brothers called the intersection in Cleveland where each in turn sold newspapers and performed ten-cent shoeshines for pocket money and to help their widowed mother keep a roof over their heads.

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She glanced up, noting a camera mounted in a corner near the hallway’s ceiling. Its lens appeared to be occluded by a thick cataract of dust. Traver Sean Patrick - Graves' end - скачать книгу.

You've heard of Murphy's Law and even thePeter Principle, but here's a new one: Patrick's Law. Patrick's Law, whichdeserves at least equal space in the index of life, states that in largefamilies, the youngest gets the shortest end of the stick.The youngest has certain traits that can last to adulthood: "Hisclothing will mark him and his position in the family strata. His socks willdroop because of a lack of elasticity brought on by age and the larger anklesof his brothers. The youngest will generally never hold an original opinion forfear of being informed he is a klutz by at least one of his brothers. He willalways be referred to as So-and-So's little brother and will NEVER (a) get theSunday funnies first, (b) go anywhere without telling at least two personswhere he is going, or (c) be able to read a comic while seated on the family'sonly commode."Patrick's Corner is a collection of stories about growing upafter World War II in a world where family life, neighborhood interdependence,and nurturing environments were the norm. The author describes how one family'ssteadfast devotion to each other and their foundation of moral values helpedthem surmount the challenges of poverty.Told with the sensitivity of the "baby of the family," thisnostalgic reminiscence is full of warmth, love, growing pains, and thestruggles for survival. The author writes about his "comin' up" asthe youngest of six sons in an Irish Catholic family headed by a widowedmother. Like most brothers, the Patrick boys fought, but more often they werefriends who talked, laughed, and shared their growing pains with each other.

Even if you have never had to wear hand-me-down clothes or been referred toas So-and-So's little brother or sister, these stories are sure to touch yourheart.Sean Patrick, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, lives in Fayetteville, NorthCarolina, where he teaches creative writing at Fayetteville Technical CommunityCollege. He has operated two teen group homes, served as an administrator of areligious education program at his church, and, along with his wife, has givenlectures on parenting skills. He has written for Catholic Digest and hasalso been published in The Liguorian.

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These are wonderful true stories of growing up in the late 40's and 50's in an Irish American household. The Patrick boys were raised by their widowed mother, who provided them with abundant love and unselfish example. They carried this love for one another throughout their childhood and into their adult lives. I cried over many of the tales. It demonstrates that happiness is not about amassing stuff. A lesson we could all use in our "modern" America.
With a great wit Sean Patrick takes us back to life in America in the 1940's-1950's in an Irish Catholic neighborhood. He delights the reader in his tales of his family and how life was for a single mother with five sons . The flavor of Ireland can be seen in the book as names and references to Ireland are made. The reader feels that he is with Sean at both high school and elementary school. Stories make one laugh and cry and I re-read many of them several times. Excellent for reading and re-reading. was rapid in their delivery of this excellent book
I've enjoyed Mr Patrick's writings in "Catholic Digest" for many years; this book has some humorous recollections that I had not read before.
Love all these stories. What a family! The mother was a saint!
Sean shares very interesting and heart warming stories of his family life growing up.Very well written. I could hardly put the book down..
I can count on one hand the titles of the books I have been unable to put down, and this is one of them. I went in search of more when I read Sean Patrick's column in Catholic Digest and found short, but full, chapters in the life of a true boy - basically faithful to his religous upbringing, but full of mischevious adventures. It reminds me of Roald Dahl's book, "Boy" - another I couldn't put down.
sean patrick, if thats his name, wrote a self grandizing piece of dribble. Don't waste your time.