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by Flora Rheta Schreiber

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Author: Flora Rheta Schreiber
Publisher: Warner Paperback Library (September 1, 1974)
Language: English
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The book was made into two television movies of the same name, once in 1976 and again in 2007. There have also been books published after the fact, challenging the facts of Sybil's therapy sessions.

Flora Rheta Schreiber (April 24, 1918 – November 3, 1988), an American journalist, was the author of the 1973 bestseller Sybil, the story of a woman (identified years later as Shirley Ardell Mason).

As Mason had insisted on protection of her privacy, Schreiber gave her the cover identity of Sybil Isabel Dorsett.

She spent seven years writing this book. She is also the author of The Shoemaker. She died in 1988 in New York City of a heart attack. Mass Market Paperback: 512 pages.

by. Schreiber, Flora Rheta. Multiple personality - Personal narratives, Dual personality. Chicago, IL : Henry Regenery. A must read for all aspiring clinical Psychologists.

Flora Rheta Schreiber (April 24, 1918 - November 3, 1988), an American journalist, was the author of the 1973 bestseller Sybil, the story of a woman (id. .See if your friends have read any of Flora Rheta Schreiber's books. Flora Rheta Schreiber’s Followers (67). More follower. lora Rheta Schreiber.

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Flora Rheta Schreiber. It seems too easy to fake. Sybil is the true story of a shy, timid, self-effacing young woman and of the many selves she assumed.

Отношения в паре - Продолжительность: 41:32 Максим Марков Recommended for you. 41:32. МАРА V ТЕМЕ: Репортаж Best Blogger awards 2019, Столяров, Карина Кросс,Сергей Зверев - Продолжительность: 10:01 Mara Yan Recommended for you. Less guarded, less constrained during the summer of 1955 than during the first seven months of the analysis, Sybil began to talk of her early environment. Less guarded, less constrained during the summer of 1955 than during the first seven months of the analysis, Sybil began to talk of her early environment oot causes of the multiplicity, but out of the portrait of the town and the milieu in which Sybil-presumably born one -had become many, Dr. Wilbur was able to acquire insights that continued to a later understanding of causes

Flora Rheta Schreiber.

Records the life of a young woman who assumed sixteen personalities and describes the events and outcome of her eleven years in psychoanalysis
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It tells the story of Sybil Dorsett, a real woman who had 16 distinct personalities. Some of them were female, some were male, all were of varying ages younger than herself (as reported by those personalities). It’s fascinating. The author tells Sybil’s story with the flourish of a finely-polished fiction writer, while describing Sybil’s almost unbelievable sickness clinically and in detail.
Light out of Fildon
It is an incredible, unbelievable life story. Just thinking of what that poor woman endured in her young life, makes one wonder...what on earth?!!!...where was her mother? Unfortunately, her mother was the one abusing her. Sad! Disgusting!!

Her little mind split into multiple personalities so as to be able to protect her from the trauma as it was happening. A daily ritual for her.

It is also fascinating how our brain works to try to help protect us either by fragmenting into multiple personalities, or other ways such as repressed memories, dissociation.

Unfortunately, this kind of extreme abuse is still happening, but to a greater degree. Now, there are services available to help and support those who have been, and those who are continuing to be, viciously traumatized.

Be warned this book is extremely explicate, not for children.
I read this book years ago in the 70's quite a few times and look forward to reading it again - good read and excellent author and great movie
Sybil's tale, not to imply that what she experienced was not real, is told simply by Flora Rheta Schreiber. Through exhaustive research of Sybil's case using psychiatrists notes, extended interview with both Sybil and her therapist, and background interviews with people who remember Sybil as a child, Schreiber creates a masterful description of the intense suffering of Sybil. It is worthy to note that through her work on this book, Schreiber and Sybil became life-long friends. Sybil is a testament to anyone suffering from severe, long-term mental illness that healing and a pretty doggone normal life are possible.
My sister read this book for a college psychology class when I was around 8 or 9 and I remember her speaking of it incredulously. I finally read it when I was a bit older, and became so fascinated by the case of Sybil and her inner struggle for self-discovery. The film version with Sally Field was brilliant! I have read and re-read this book, endlessly engrossed with the whole issue of multiple personality and the sad, frightening reality of child abuse. Sybil is such a courageous, yet tragic person. I was saddened to hear of her death, but believe by coming forward during her frightening ordeal she has helped many of others struggling with a similar situation. In a class by itself. See the movie too!
The story of an abused child rings true today ..........
How sad to know that her suffering resulted in the many
Selves " Sybil " had to become to survive
Product showed up in a timely manner and was as described.
Read this several times and will some more. Excellent condition. Thank you so much. With every reading one receives more and more insight.