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eBook Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood download

by Edward M. Hallowell M.D.,John J. Ratey

eBook Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood download ISBN: 0743529006
Author: Edward M. Hallowell M.D.,John J. Ratey
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio; Abridged edition (April 1, 2003)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.2
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Informative, compassionate, practical, and - yes - funny, it draws the reader in as it throws confusion out. Jane M. Healy, P. author of "Endangered Lives" This is an important and much-needed book!

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Driven to Distraction book. Millions of children and adults tell themselves or are told.

Hallowell, Edward M; Ratey, John . 1948 . 1948-. New York : Anchor Books.

-Peter D. Kramer, . author of Listening to Prozac. is a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and is in private practice. Through this book, I have found that the other side has quite a bit to say, and what they are saying is not, "take this magical pill and you will be all better!" Sure, medication is discussed in this book, but it is definitely not the centerpiece.

Groundbreaking and comprehensive, Driven to Distraction has been a lifeline to the approximately eighteen million Americans who are thought to have ADHD. Through vivid stories and case histories of patients?both adults and children?Hallowell and Ratey explore the varied forms ADHD takes, from hyperactivity to daydreaming.

Driven To Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit .

An enlightening exploration of a condition only recently identified, Driven To Distraction is a must for everyone intrigued by the workings of the human mind.

Written by Edward M. Hallowell. Narrated by John McDonough. An enlightening exploration of a condition only recently identified, Driven To Distraction is a must for everyone intrigued by the workings of the human mind. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

Hallowell, Edward . Ratey, John J. (1994). New York: Pantheon Books. ISBN 978-0-679-42177-1.

This clear and valuable book dispels a variety of myths about attention .

book by Edward M. by Edward M.

THE NATIONAL AUDIO BESTSELLER Procrastination. Disorganization. Distractibility. Millions of adults have long considered these the hallmarks of a lack of self-discipline. But for many, these and other problems in school, at work and in social relationships are actually symptoms of an inborn neurological problem: ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder. Through vivid stories of the experiences of their patients -- both adults and children -- Dr. Edward R. Hallowell and Dr. John J. Ratey show the varied forms ADD takes -- from the hyperactive search for high stimulation to the floating inattention of daydreaming -- and the transforming impact of precise diagnosis and treatment. Driven to Distraction is a must listen for everyone intrigued by the workings of the human mind.
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Do not buy the "updated and revised version" — buy the cheaper version from 1994 (if you want this book). I was shocked to find that aside from the 8-page introduction, next to nothing has been changed from the 1994 version.

Despite calling the disorder ADHD in the intro, he calls it ADD throughout the rest of the book. Despite saying that ADHD affects men and women in equal numbers in the intro, soon after in the book he says that it affects men three times more than women. The research he describes is largely from the early nineties or before, despite the explosion of new ADHD research findings in the past 22 years (although there is updated medication information).

This makes me angry because the author's grab for money in releasing an "updated" version of a book about a disorder that is hardly updated at all is unacceptable and negligent. Clinicians and patients will read this inaccurate/unupdated information and not deliver or receive the best treatment they could potentially have. Dr. Hallowell stresses in his book how dramatically the disorder can negatively affect one's life and how important treatment is — yet he presents vastly outdated information and pretends it's new, doing a great disservice to ADHD sufferers like myself who want to heal.
Mostly a rehash of the other "Distraction" books. Just buy one - we like "Delivered from Distraction" the best. Pair this one with "You mean I'm not Lazy, stupid or crazy?" and you'll be in good shape. For heaven's sake avoid "Adult ADHD: How to Succeed as a Hunter in a Farmer’s World." That book is useless. The "Delivered from..." and "You mean..." books are full of practical advice and move quickly past the idea that ADHD people are miraculous etc. We all have strengths and weaknesses, but ADHD doesn't make you miraculous as claimed in the "How to succeed as a hunter..." book, which is utter nonsense.
If you or someone you love has ADD or ADHD this book is a must have. Written in case file style, it will provide valuable insight to what makes you tick. It was an eye opener for me personally, and my son. I went from "what is wrong with me?" to "oh, so that's why...I'm supposed to be this way." This allowed me to form structures in my life to manage my ADD, and even exploit some of the classic ADD traits as assets (such as gaining control of the ability to hyper focus for problem solving, instead of it controlling me). Was recommended to me by my Dr.
I have struggled with ADD for a very long time. I have known for awhile that I have it, but I had no idea how much of my life it affected. I found the stories of ADD at different ages very helpful, because I found myself in them for each stage of life and the struggles I encountered. Looking back, I realized that I am not defective, I'm just built differently. I have learned new ways to communicate with people, to approach problems, and even how to look back on my life. I found a lot of healing within these pages.

I had a lot of pain growing up and thought there was something very wrong with me. This led to many instances of depression, self-esteem issues, suicidal ideation, isolation, anger, and self recrimination. Why couldn't I just get it together? Why was I angry so often? (one story was particularly illuminating--in which the therapist asks the guy WHY he has so much anger and he says it's from many years of built-up frustration. It made so much sense.) Why couldn't I stay motivated in school or work? Why am I so scattered and disorganized?

I was born in 1980...ADHD research was still in its infancy, and so my symptoms weren't recognized. I remember one kid that was diagnosed as having it and everybody made fun of him and I was under the impression that it was an excuse. As I got into adulthood, I remember seeing a commercial for adult ADHD that put a name on what I was experiencing, but still tried to deny it was a problem. This has had wide-ranging effects on my life that I didn't even realize. Through this book, I have found that there is no shame in choosing to take medication or seeking out coaching or therapy. I have found a new appreciation for my creative ADHD brain and a way to approach awkward situations with humor so people can understand me better. I have also reached out to many people that I fear I may have alienated in my past or hurt with my impulsive behavior. I have rebuilt many bridges and mended friendships and even my family.

This is not a made-up disorder. It's not laziness and cannot just be overcome by sheer willpower. I've tried. I eventually run out of steam and it took so much effort to keep it going for so long that when I ran out of steam, my motivation and willpower to do just about anything went out the window. I'm so grateful to the authors of this book. I found so many answers that I have been looking for for so long. I didn't even realize this was the answer I was searching for, even though it was in front of my face for a very long time.

Thank you SO much for the detailed descriptions that explain how ADHD affects ALL areas of life. Thank you also for the case histories that I could relate to and feel like I wasn't alone. Excellent book and VERY highly recommended for sufferers of adult ADHD, or those that choose to be in relationship with someone that has it.
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"Driven to Distraction" is co-wrote by two doctors who know about ADD/ADHD both clinically and personally, as both of them were diagnosed with the disorder as adults. Their book is very comprehensive, informative, easy to read, and useful. I can not recommend this book enough to people who themselves and/or whose loved ones are afflicted by ADD/ADHD. The book breaks it all down for you, is helpful and applicable at a practical level, and connected many dots in my life about which I always wondered. Provided many "aha!" moments!
I’m so glad my doctor recommended me this book! I’ve been suffering from ADHD since I was a kid and this book has really helped me through my college years. Growing up I didn’t have much support and barely passed my classes. I didn’t know how to help myself. When I got to college I finally got real help and after my doctor recommended this book to me I couldn’t help but tear up a little whenever I read something that 100% described me. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is suffering from ADHD.