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by Spencer A. Rathus

eBook Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity (6th Edition) download ISBN: 0205406157
Author: Spencer A. Rathus
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon; 6 edition (July 6, 2004)
Language: English
Pages: 752
ePub: 1400 kb
Fb2: 1993 kb
Rating: 4.7
Other formats: mobi lit docx lrf
Category: Health and Diets
Subcategory: Psychology and Counseling

-exam copy version--. Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity examines the psychology and science of sexuality, emphasizing diversity, critical thinking, responsible decision-making, and sexual health.

-exam copy version--.

Spencer A. Rathus received his PhD from the University at Albany. He is on the faculty at The College of New Jersey. His areas of interest include psychological assessment, cognitive behavior therapy, and deviant behavior. He is the originator of the Rathus Assertiveness Schedule, which has become a Citation Classic. He has authored several books, including Psychology: Concepts and Connections; PSYCH, HDEV, CDEV, Essentials of Psychology, and Childhood and Adolescence: Voyages in Development.

About Spencer A. Rathus: Spence Rathus is a veteran author who, in addition to his intro . Since earning his P.

About Spencer A. Rathus: Spence Rathus is a veteran author who, in addition to his intro and development books with Thomson Learning, publishes texts i. . Foremost Spence Rathus is a veteran author who, in addition to his intro and development books with Thomson Learning, publishes texts in adjustment and abnormal psychology with other publishers. Spencer A. Rathus is known for his warm, encouraging writing style and applied approach to learning.

by. Rathus. 6th ed. External-identifier.

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The perfect balance between science and pedagogy

The perfect balance between science and pedagogy. Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity," 7e examines the rich diversity found in human sexuality and helps students develop their own opinions by promoting critical thinking skills, personal sexual health awareness, and responsible decision-making.

This text integrates the latest research on human sexuality with an engaging writing style and a pedagogy that guides students through the learning process. Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity examines the psychology and science of sexuality. The text examines the rich diversity found in sexuality whether it is in gender roles, cultural backgrounds, sexual attitudes, sexual behaviors or customs. Combined with this examination of the diversity in human sexuality, this text helps students develop their own opinions by teaching them critical thinking skills, personal sexual health, and responsible decision-making. Anyone interested in learning more about human sexuality.
Comments: (7)
I'm taking a "Sexual Psychology" class, and this book details the nature of humans' need for sexual gratification. It gives detail illustrations and picts on both, the male and female genitals, how and why they work, the chemical actions that take place inside the human body which causes men and women to seek each other out, either of the opposite gender, or the same gender. It gives in fine detail, how a fertilized egg develops into a male or female; how the sperm cell's chromosome will influence the egg into forming either the female or male genitals. I mention "female" first because the human egg cell is defaulted to develop into a female, unless the sperm cell says otherwise. The book fails to mention that not all sperm cells are designed to fertilize the egg, which implies the authors disagree with the British findings. I recommend "Sperm Wars" by Robin Baker (to learn what the author neglects to mention about sperm), also available on Amazon. The authors detail not only heterosexuals, but gives scientific data on why some people grow up as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. It further takes into account social culture, and how sex attitudes may differ in developed nations, versus 3rd-world nations. Another "plus" to how the author had written, is that it's easy to understand. Unlike biology and chemistry textbooks that are written with "big words" in every paragraph, this book is written with high school graduates in mind. It was very easy to follow along, and I wasn't reaching for the dictionary every 10 minutes to look up a word, like I'm doing when I read my other textbooks. To break the monotony of reading and absorbing all this data, the author would make a few humorous remark to elicit a smile or laughter from it's readers. My greatest regret is wishing I had come across this information earlier in life. I'm now in my late 40s, had gone back to college to pursue a degree because my trucking job is slowly being taken over by cheaper Mexican truckers. I've had pass problems with girlfriend relationships, and being confused with my desire for other women. Had I read this book earlier in my life (late teens), I would've handled my difficulties a lot better. As I'm typing this, I've only read the first 7 chapters, and there are 19 chapters in all. This book is a "must-have" to include in your personal library. Even if you have no time to take a class in psychology, reading this book will give you a better perspective on how and why people behave the way they do.
Purchased for a class at Troy University during my undergraduate studies and then sold (as most textbooks are) once finished with it. During my graduate studies I realized that much of this information was still pertinent and useful as sources so i purchased it all over again and now have almost all of the books that I used during my collegiate studies. This is a very informative book and an easy read.
My star rating may be a bit too harsh for a book that does indeed go and define human sexuality and the subjects therein, but when you're reading a textbook on the subject, you have to expect that even the most dismal and pathetic of textbooks would ever cover the subjects they are supposed to cover, or else they would never end up in a classroom.

Instead in this book, amidst the subject comes what screams to be amateurish writing, questionable facts, and just plain bad humor, occasionally used to mask the fact that the authors' touch on certain subjects they just don't know.

As I can't draw on every single example from memory, I'll deal with what examples I can:

- Tantric Sex: The authors know absolutely nothing about what tantric sex is. A "Q&A" section is opened up asking about it, and the authors proceed to ramble on incoherently, with such "things" as "it's like having a tantrum! Sorry, bad pun", before proceeding to say it's everything from yoga and meditation to lighting candles and receiving a massage. Ahem, NO, that is NOT what tantric sex is.

Fact: Tantric sex is a philosophy that combines Hindu spiritualism with indulgent sexuality. Saying that Tantric sex is "yoga, meditation, erotic massages, candles" is like saying this textbook is "words, pages, letters, ink, Times New Roman font, basketballs".

- Sex toys: The author very wrongly states that sex toys (ie, dildos and vibrators) are inherently unsafe if they penetrate. That must be why they sell millions of them without problem.

Fact: Penetrative sex toys are not "inherently unsafe" if you TAKE CARE OF THEM, the same with ANY object that enters your body. Virtually all sex toys have instructions for proper cleaning and storage, with most "kits" or stores that sell them also selling special cleaning solutions. On its own, if you're insane enough to leave a dildo in a dirty toilet for a few days, then pull it out, cough on it, and stick it inside you, good for you and try not to get sick. The authors aren't lying when they say penetrative sex toys can be dangerous; they're simply answering a different version of the question. It's the equivalent of asking "Can I learn how to pleasure my wife if I read this book?" and the answer being "You will know how to avoid getting pregnant, avoid STD's and STI's, and how pornography is okay to buy even if you're married".

Virtually every page or every other page attempts to "lighten" the subject matter with poor jokes that serve only to detract from the studies, as well as seeming to emphasize the prevailing idea when reading text like this that the study of human sexuality is a mockery, to always be accompanied by childish titters and snickers at the picture of a penis or a vagina during orgasm. There is nothing this book gives that couldn't be got more professionally elsewhere.
A really good introduction to and overview of human sexuality. The book isn't bad for anyone that is interested in the subject, regardless of student or working status. Overall, I recommend this book.
This text is a great overview of all things involving human sexuality. However I believe the piece suffers from trying to cover too much. It is very broad. But it works. Other complaints against it is the banter between the female author and the male authors--basically there are a lot of "typical male" and other such non-academic passages. Though not bad here and there, I felt there was too much and often (instead of being humorous)it came off as just annoying.
Good book, great condition, and a must have for people who just want to learn more about a person's body.
bought it for school. fulfilled it's purpose