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by Michael F. Roizen

eBook You Staying Young: Make Your Realage Younger and Live Up to 35% Longer download ISBN: 0007265719
Author: Michael F. Roizen
Publisher: Thorsons Publishers (June 1, 2008)
Language: English
Pages: 432
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ling authors, Michael F. Roizen, . and Mehmet C. Oz, . explain the mysteries of ageing and how you can dramatically slow the process to live a longer, more vibrant life

ling authors, Michael F. explain the mysteries of ageing and how you can dramatically slow the process to live a longer, more vibrant life.

You - Michael F. Roizen. Part I. Why You Age and How You Stay Young. Most of us think ageing happens like this: we go on our way, living happily through life, until one day we start to feel old, and the symptoms domino right before our cataract-clouded eyes. Throughout the book, we’ll refer to your RealAge – that is, a formula designed to figure out your biological age based on your lifestyle and behaviours, rather than your simple calendar age. Do good things, and your RealAge is much younger than your calendar age. Do bad things, and you can have the body of an oldster even if the calendar tells you that you haven’t hit thirty yet.

Michael F. Roizen, MD, is the four-time New York Times bestselling author and co-founder and originator of the popular RealAge. He is Chief Wellness Officer and chair of the Wellness Institute of the Cleveland Clinic and Chief Medical Consultant to The Dr. Oz Show. He currently lives in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Throughout the book, we’ll refer to your RealAge – that is, a formula designed to figure out your biological age based .

Throughout the book, we’ll refer to your RealAge – that is, a formula designed to figure out your biological age based on your lifestyle and behaviours, rather than your simple calendar age. One of the great things that the RealAge formula has taught us is this: Make changes, see the rewards. You can figure out your RealAge with a free test at – ww. ealage.

You’ll learn in this book that ageing is not only about those cellular . The cell realizes that it is no longer helping the body and commits suicide (that’s called apoptosis), which can contribute to age-related conditions.

You’ll learn in this book that ageing is not only about those cellular processes, but, more important, it’s how you respond, adapt to and deal with the stressors that affect you from the outside – things like sun and stress and slippery pavements. The truth about ageing is that you – right now – have the ability to live 35 percent longer than expected (today’s life expectancy is seventy-five for men and eighty for women) with a greater quality of life and without frailty.

Throughout the book, we’ll refer to your RealAge – that is, a formula designed to figure out your . Detailed programmes that will help you live longer. Anger-Management Plan (.

Michael Roizen F. Чтение книги онлайн. It controls everything from your emotions to your decision making, and it gives you the ability to understand why the baseball in Figure 1. is pretty damn funny. Новинки Лучшее Рекомендации. But when we discuss memory loss, we’re essentially focusing on three specific brain functions: sensory information.

You know how mountain climbers get up Everest or marathoners get through London? One step at a time. They don’t think about the big picture, they think about making it through the next stride or step. Instead of thinking about your stressor as one insurmountable hurdle, break that unmanageable task into smaller, more manageable ones. Those are the ones you can accomplish. Before you know it, you’ll have reached 29,035 feet. YOU Tip: Work, Work, Work. The theory goes like this. At the end of a long career awaits the ultimate stress reduction plan: retirement.

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The writing is layman-friendly and humorous, which, as we all know, makes a non fiction book easier to read. It also has illustrations that are as humorous as the writing.

International bestselling authors of YOU: The Owner's Manual and YOU: On a Diet give you all the tools and know-how to stay young and defy the ageing process. Drawing lively parallels between your body and aspects of city life, Drs Roizen and Oz show you how to balance your `biological budget' to ensure your life is long and strong.Million-copy-bestselling authors, Michael F. Roizen, M.D. and Mehmet C. Oz, M.D., explain the mysteries of ageing and how you can dramatically slow the process to live a longer, more vibrant life. Written with their irrepressible quirky humour and granite-solid research, YOU: Staying Young is set to become the definitive manual to remaining young, fit and healthy.If your body is a city, the authors explain, it is up to you as mayor, resident and street cleaner to ensure it remains a vibrant city - after all, who wants to live in a run-down, one-horse town? We all have different genes that influence us in same the way as cities are affected by different geographies. However, it is the way in which a city is run and the residents treat it that have the most overwhelming influence.Posing as local inspectors, Roizen and Oz club together to tackle your city's education system (stem cells), power plants (mitochondria), electrical grids (brains), transportation routes (blood vessels), landfills (fat), and parks (skin). They then give you the tools to clean up your act and turn your city back into the cutting-edge, party destination everybody will want to see.Look after your body and it will look after YOU.
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The introduction of this book tells us why and how we age.

At the beginning of each chapter is a test you can take to assess where you stand on the aging scale.

At the end of each chapter are YOU tips that list actions and strategies to keep your body working.

On page 334 and throughout the book, are YOU tools, which are created programs you can implement into your life.

Sprinkled throughout the book are Factoids.

The author says that aging is reversible. A major ager is bad genes and short Telomeres.

Chapter 1 tells how to develop a memorable memory. Another major ager is oxidation and inefficient mitochondria.

Chapter 2 is about your heart. Major ager is stem cell slow down.

Chapter 3 is about stress. Major ager is declining defenses (bacteria and viruses).

Chapter 4 is about the immune system. It includes 8 great “You Tips” along with a great chart, which includes foods, nutrients, spices and supplements to boost your immune system. The chart also includes what you should avoid. You’ll also learn about the major ager “toxins” and you’ll learn how to keep sludge from seeping into your body.

Chapter 5 “Cancel Out Cancer”. Learn about the p53 gene, that exist to combat cancer. This chapter contains 7 tips you can do now to reduce your chances of getting cancer.

Chapter 6 “Breath Easy”. You’ll learn how to keep your lungs healthy. Do the test and see if your fingernails are clubbing. Clubbing could be caused by a lung, heart or intestine disease. This chapter includes 13 tools to help you quit smoking. Learn 4 tips to protect your lungs. Learn how excess glucose can age you.

Chapter 7 covers diabetes. Learn 4 tips for lowing your risk of diabetes. A major ager is calorie consumption and slowing sirtuin.

Chapter 8 is all about your gut. Learn how we loose our sense of smell and taste as we age. This chapter includes 4 tips to keep your innards running smoothly. Learn a major ager is neurotransmitter imbalance.

Chapter 9 covers sleep. Take the test and see if you are “a real snoozer”. This chapter includes a great guide to help you and your doctor make the decision on what sleep drug might be best for you. This chapter also includes a great Chi-Gong exercise to help you sleep. There are also 8 tips to help you get a good night’s sleep. Learn how a major ager is wacky hormones.

Chapter 10 is about menopause. Learn about the 3-headed hormone; why estrogen is so powerful; and, the risk and rewards of estrogen therapy. There are 4 tips to increase your estrogen naturally.

Chapter 11 is about the prostrate. Learn 6 tips for a healthy prostrate. A major ager is no nitric oxide.

Chapter 12 is about sex. Learn the truth about testosterone and whether vitality hormones are worth the investment. There are 6 tips to keep things running smoothly. A major ager is UV radiation.

Chapter 13 is about your eyes. This chapter includes an eye chart. This chapter goes in depth on each of the parts of the eye: cornea, lens, iris, aqueous humor, retina and macula. There’s a chart to test for signs of macular degeneration. You’ll find 4 tips to protect your eyes. A major ager is disuse atrophy.

Chapter 14 is about bones. I loved the factoid about kefir. This chapter includes 13 tips to keep your bones in shape. A major ager is wear and tear.

Chapter 15 is about your ears. This chapter begins with the whisper what test. You’ll find 4 tips for protecting your ears. A major ager is unforced errors. You’ll find tips on how to accident proof your life.

Part II – Thinking About Living to 100.

Chapter 16 is The Fourteen Day YOU Extended Warranty Plan (do list), broken down into weeks and days.

Chapter 17 is The YOU Tool Box, which covers medical screening (vaccines, general and cancer screening which covers medical screening (vaccines, general and cancer screenings. Page 339 states that the authors have asked Biophysical Corporation – a company that does innovative biomarker testing – to put all, of the key test for aging into a blood drew, called the Biophysical You. The book states that Biophysical is offering the Biophysical You for $1,495 and it list their website and email. I went to the website and did not see the price listed. I sent an email and a sales woman called me. I didn’t go any further. The book list the complete panel of what will be measured through the test, along with the definitions of all the test you can have run for the Endocrine System and Metabolism; Cardiovascular System; Liver, Kidney and Muscle Function; Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals; Inflammation; Complete Blood Count; and Telomere Length.

In the YOU TOOL chapter you’ll find information on deep breathing and meditation; stress management; your vital supplements; how to detoxify your life (in every room of your home), as well as earth-friendly products to buy.

In Chapter 18 – YOU Getting Stronger covers 18 exercises with 3 pages of cheat sheets. You’ll also learn a Chi-gong workout with 7 pages of cheat sheets.

This book is like a Bible for your health!
This book is amazing. It shows me most things readers need to know about hair, skin, health and others. I'm a hair expert and I was right at the fact that not only is aging the factors of hair loss but also illnesses, stress, and other things like certain medications and surgery. Lots of people I know tease hair to make volumizing buns and bumps. It even shows info about Plantar Fasciitis. A video of Dr Oz testing the hair fall by pulling and seeing amount of hair while promoting the book in a talk show brought me to read it. I highly recommend it to experts on hair, skin and health.
This was a gift to a friend, and his wife, who was wanting to do all he could to add to his success in living a long life. They both have numerous medical conditions. He is still reading it and commented that he intended to re read it. He is very proactive in searching for ways to take better care of himself.
His wife, however, in the past has given up and doesn't try anymore, much to his dismay. Since receiving this book as a Christmas gift, his wife now says she is waiting for him to finish it, so she can begin reading it. He is hopeful that it will cause her to rethink her present outlook on her health. She has given up on trying to get any better, when she could turn things around. It was a gift in hopes of prompting her to take better care of herself.
He says he is learning a great deal from the book and is putting into practice the suggestions put forward in the book.
I think I need to order a copy for myself.
This is definitely an excellent owners manual for all women to help build self-esteem and confidence. It also is very educational as far as skin and hair beauty information. One of the most important things I have learned is that "You can't stop the aging process...but you can slow it down", with the tools and information Dr. Oz and Michael Roizen provide. I will always keep this book. I have learned so much about skin care...I just finished "YOU: Stress Less" so to be honest, I haven't finished this book yet, so I am still in the skin care section...learning what products to look for in moisturizers and cleansers and what to stay away from. I am a cosmetologist so I am privileged to learn this information I never learned in school. Every woman that cares about how she looks inside and out should own this book.