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by Robert C. Atkins,Shirley Motter Linde

eBook Dr Atkins' Super-Energy Diet download ISBN: 0553103504
Author: Robert C. Atkins,Shirley Motter Linde
Publisher: Bantam; Reprinted edition (1978)
Pages: 331
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Rating: 4.3
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Category: Health and Diets
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by Robert C. Atkins (Author), Shirley Linde (Author)

by Robert C. Atkins (Author), Shirley Linde (Author). The people that will read this book will thank dr atkins for the incredible advice he gives in this book and all of his books,you can feel inmediatly in your person and your mood and your health the incredible efects of fallowing his advice about what to eat and how to eat only if you fallow - like I have-. his incredible advice, you will notice the extraordinary changes in energy mood etc.

Dr Atkins' Super-Energy Diet book. Shirley Motter Linde. Dr. Atkins Super Energy Diet. Stores ▾. Audible Barnes & Noble Walmart eBooks Apple Books Google Play Abebooks Book Depository Alibris Indigo Better World Books IndieBound. Paperback, 331 pages.

Robert C. Atkins, Shirley Linde. The diet revolution's answer to fatigue and depression. Makes you feel better than every before. Heidi Terrell rated it it was amazing Oct 20, 2018. Robert Coleman Atkins, MD was an American physician and cardiologist, best known for the Atkins Nutritional Approach (or "Atkins Diet"), a popular but controversial way of dieting that entails eating low-carbohydrate and high-protein foods, in addition to leaf vegetables and dietary supplements. Books by Robert C. Atkins.

I really enjoyed reading this book and following the diet! By A Customer I lost 50lbs on the Atkin Diet and I am no longer dependent on caffine fo. Product Description Dr Atkins Super Energy Diet.

Shirley Linde is a well-known author whose books have been translated into a. .Dr Atkins Super Energy Diet Dec 12, 1988. by Robert C.

She has written for major magazines, made many appearances on radio and television, and is author of 37 books, including best-sellers No More Sleepless Nights, Dr. Atkins' Superenergy Diet, and The Charleston Program. Linde has written in many areas, but is especially known for her medical writing. Many of her articles and books have been used in schools and for adult literacy classes.

Atkins' Superenergy Diet : The Diet Revolutions Answer to Fatigue and Depression. After sixteen years of treating patients with weight problems, a diet expert sets forth a low-carbohydrate, vitamin-supplement diet plan for achieving weight loss, gain, or maintenance and a significant gain in energy level.

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Shirley Linde was co-author of Dr. Atkins' Super-Energy Diet. One wants to laud and magnify the consumer approach in medicine

Shirley Linde was co-author of Dr. One wants to laud and magnify the consumer approach in medicine. People should know more about their bodies, know what to tell and what to ask the doctor, the pharmacist, the hospital staff. Seems like a good idea-snappy format, lots of heads, bulleted items, lists, references, clinics. But it comes at a price: vitamins and diet therapy everywhere, plus lists of ""underground"" medicines (laetrile gets a whitewash).

1. Dr Atkins' Super-Energy Diet. Atkins, Robert . Linde, Shirley Motter. ISBN 10: 0553103504 ISBN 13: 9780553103502.

Dr. Atkins Super Energy Diet
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LOVE THIS DIET...I recall doing this diet in my 20s (I am 45 years young) and I forgot all about it til I was getting DEPRESSED do to gaining 40lbs which I researched different diets and a lot of KETO posting was on Instagram...I did a google search on Keto and guess what popped up??? ATKINS...YAY....I started at 214.2 and I am now 191.6...its been slow but I am HAPPY!
Forget all the Atkins books since Dr. Atkins died. This is the authentic, will work if you follow the rules, Atkins Diet. I've been following Atkins for almost 15 years. It is the Holy Grail.
The transition away from simple carbohydrates/sugar is a very serious and worthwhile withdrawal process. Done properly with no cheating, you can get through the Withdrawal in about 5 days give or take. Then your body will begin a healing process. It is amazing. Greens and Proteins with High Natural Saturated fat content is all you need. You'll never over eat when living when you finally reject all simple carbs and sugars. Yeah, that means rejecting fruit too which is mostly destructive sugar and trace amounts of nutrient value. Paleo, South Beach, and LCHF are other excellent plans you might consider.
I did this diet 13 years ago without ever reading the book. I succeeded in losing the unwanted pounds and kept them off for years. I moved to a different state, remodeled a house and gained a little too much weight. So, I recently ordered this book and will be following this lifestyle again. This time I've read the original book and have a whole new perspective on Atkins. Unfortunately, the information on line has drastically changed everything Dr. Atkins originally stated in this program. The original Atkins program must be followed from this edition and results will happen.
There are countless LCHF books on the market today, but I keep going back to the original Atkins. It's truly a no-fail diet when followed correctly. I read it in the late '70's and tried this strange new way of eating... LOVED it! I'd since lost my old copy of the book and was glad to find it on Amazon. The newer versions are also good, but there have been changes that aren't as tried-and-true as Dr. Atkins' original work. One word of caution, though: you'll probably have to google a number of the ingredients in his recipe section, because some of that stuff isn't made any more!
This is the original that started it all. I first bought this book in the 70's and lost 30 lbs by following what was in this book. I find for me a carb free diet is the best diet to go on to lose the extra weight. You can eat as much as you need to satisfy hunger from the list of foods you are allowed. And the Ketostix make it fun to keep track of your level of ketosis. I have NEVER suffered ill effects from this diet and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to lose the extra weight.
Reading this book shows how much the current Atkins has been changed from the original. It may not be fair to assume motivations, but it is clear that Atkins Corp could not sell all those products while still promoting this original plan. I adopted the 1 week, biologically zero carb plan, after dong low carb informally, and it really kick started my stalled weight loss.
Low carbohydrate and ketogenic diet books are all the rage today, but that wasn't exactly so back in the seventies and eighties. Dr. Atkins changed that almost single-handedly with his diet plan.

If you've read the newer books by Atkins (Dr. Atkins' NEW Diet Revolution), you'll notice immediately when reading this version that he wasn't holding back as much when he originally wrote this book. He essentially stated repeatedly that people can eat as much as they like as long as it was primarily meat and fat. He still allowed for modest salad intake, even during induction. He also placed more emphasis on protein in his later books instead of just removing carbohydrates and eating fat.

I don't know if his beliefs changed or if he felt he had to change his position to conform to the mainstream, but either way, it was a change.