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by Charlie Ryrie

eBook The Healing Energies of Water download ISBN: 1856750884
Author: Charlie Ryrie
Publisher: Gaia Book Ltd (1999)
Language: English
Pages: 159
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Rating: 4.8
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Category: Health and Diets
Subcategory: Alternative Medicine

This book explores the human Water is the most important component of life on Earth, but because it is everywhere, it is often taken for granted

This book explores the human Water is the most important component of life on Earth, but because it is everywhere, it is often taken for granted. The Healing Energies of Water reintroduces us to this crucial element of our environment and shows us some ways in which water can be used to heal and improve our well-being, as well as ways we can heal and improve our water.

Books by Charlie Ryrie. The Healing Energies of Water.

Water is the life source to human existence and to the world around us; it is the natural medicine that nourishes, heals and refreshes us, and has been considered sacred in many cultures throughout history. Please tick this box to indicate that you’re 13 or over.

Authors : Cavagnaro, David, Ryrie, Charlie. Additional Product Features. David Cavagnaro, Charlie Ryrie. Place of Publication. Title : The Healing Energies of Water. Product Category : Books.

After wiping the excess water from his face, he paused to glare at the man in the mirror. The guy staring back at him looked like shit, pale with reddish-brown circles under his eyes that made him look as if he’d either been crying or using crack. There were definitely a hell of a lot of sleepless nights involved. Dex didn’t like the guy in the mirror. Are they out there? His voice came out rough, as if waking from sleep-deep or otherwise-had been out of his reach for some time.

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The message from water. The Healing Power of Water.

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. 1998
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Very nice
On page 72 Ryrie tells us, "One ancient Indian technique, Kaya Kalpa, stops, or even reverses, the ageing proces through fasting and drinking healthy water to facilitate the physical cleansing that supports the subtle meditation practices." Water molecules vibrate with energy - drink healthy water and enjoy a healthy body.

We also learn that since the dawn of humans, there have always been water cults, and that baptism was a ritual practiced long ago by certain Egyptians, and is rooted in Shinto, Confucian, Christian, and Hindu water customs.

As author of "The Holy Order of Water," I found this book to be a much needed addition to our awakening interest in water for our health and, as a way of life.
This author uses a holistic approach towards the analysis of water and its impact on health. She tones down the more fantastic claims while advancing the preponderance of global ritualistic historical practices and their logical connection to certain scientific knowledge based on the understanding that the human body is mainly liquid and that liquids communicate. This book becomes a robust support to Masaru Emto's "The Hidden Messages in Water" (©2004).
Just a note: there must have been a mistake made by the first reviewer: she praises the book but only gives it 1 star: from the tone of her review I am sure that she meant to give it 5 stars!
I bought this book while I was enrolled in a hydrotherapy class. It added a dimension to the overall learning of that modality that I would have missed without it. Just as we seem to be disconnected from our own bodies-and take them largely for granted, so have we lost what this book brings back to us. Information about water on many levels is presented in a beautiful and readable format. It makes some esoteric concepts very accessible and recreates a relationship to this element that creates an renewed appreciation for what it means to our lives.