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by Robert Rodi

eBook Drag Queen download ISBN: 0452273447
Author: Robert Rodi
Publisher: Plume; Reprint edition (November 1, 1996)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.2
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Category: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual
Subcategory: Literature and Fiction

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Robert Rodi was born in Chicago in the conformist 1950s, grew up in the insurrectionist 1960s, came of age in the hedonist 1970s, and went to work in the elitist 1980s

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. His mother drops a bomb - he has a long-lost brother. This sibling isn't hard to find. Robert Rodi was born in Chicago in the conformist 1950s, grew up in the insurrectionist 1960s, came of age in the hedonist 1970s, and went to work in the elitist 1980s. This roller-coaster ride has left him with a distinct aversion to isms of any kind; it also left him with an ear for hypocrisy, cant, and platitudes that allowed him, in the 1990s, to become a much-lauded social satirist.

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Robert Rodi (born 1956 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American novelist, playwright, comic book writer, essayist, and performance artist. Much of his fiction centers on gay themes and several of his novels are named after archetypes of gay male culture. Rodi himself is openly gay. The Chicago settings of his books also reflect his background. Rodi's short fiction is collected in a number of anthologies, including Men on Men 5 and Neil Gaiman's The Sandman: Book of Dreams.

Categories: Contemporary Fiction. Drag Queen (Robert Rodi Essentials). By (author) Robert Rodi. Robert Rodi is the author of nine novels, two memoirs, and one volume of literary criticism; he's also an accomplished monologist and musician. He lives in Chicago with his partner Jeffrey Smith and a constantly shifting number of dogs. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter.

Robert Rodi is the author of eight novels and two memoirs; he's also an accomplished monologist and musician. Библиографические данные.

Princeton University Library. ark:/13960/t15m7759z.

Items related to Drag Queen (Robert Rodi Essentials). Robert Rodi is the author of nine novels, two memoirs, and one volume of literary criticism; he’s also an accomplished monologist and musician. Robert Rodi Drag Queen (Robert Rodi Essentials). ISBN 13: 9781494810665. From Publishers Weekly: With titles like Rodi's (Fag Hag, Closet Case), subtlety is certainly not an issue; his latest gay-themed romp proves no exception.

Another plateful of giddy meringue from Rodi (What They Did to Princess Paragon, 1994, et., the . Unbeknownst to Mitchell, Donald has been living a completely unsecret life as a gloomy cabaret drag act called Kitten Kaboodle., the undisputed doyen of the effervescent gay novel of manners. In fact, this whole ribald affair in the guise of a novel turns on questions of etiquette, notably for Mitchell Sayer, a buttoned-up Chicago attorney who's been at least superficially accepted at his prestigious firm.

Nobody writes about gay archetypes with as much affection, insight, and killer wit as Robert Rodi--the unabashed author of Fag Hag and Closet Case. "Another plateful of giddy meringue from Rodi, the undisputed doyen of the effervescent gay novel of manners . . . the humor is merciless and swift".--Kirkus Reviews.
Comments: (7)
A tour de force de Rodi! I have reacquainted myself with the fabulous Kitten Kaboodle some 25 years after my first reading. This is surely a classic, and as relevant today as the day it was written. Witty, gritty, humorous and entertaining!
Well, I bought this book because I never read any gay literature before and I thougt it was about time that I did so. "Drag Queen" is actually a good book. It's not a heartwarming novel or anything like that, but it's worth getting if you just want something to pass the time.
The characters are sometimes difficult to understand. I found myself asking, "Why are they doing this?" But that just adds to the confusion felt by the main character. The characters are well developed yet still retain some quality of superficiality, a common characteristic found even in "real" people in the gay scene.
The book did take on homophobia within the gay community and how some people band together to fight it when it comes from the outside while others turn the other cheek and try to ignore the truth.
However, this is not an activism book by any stretch. It a fun book that made me laugh and didn't take up a lot of my time. I would compare this book to films such as "Never Been Kissed" and "She's All That". Cute little films that do nothing more than entertain. I loved those films and this book was very good.
I first read this book in the mid-nineties with all of Rodi's other work. I was glad with the recent Kindle re-issue to get a chance to read it again.
The book is a fun, feel-good kind of read that we all need occasionally. A long lost identical twin who lives a life different than you'd expect. A cute set-up and a satisfying ending. I actually liked the book more than I remembered, it's a real page turner.
There were a few, maybe 20, typos from the conversion to paper. Most harmless, a couple really egregious, and I would have appreciated a proofread before publication.
- at 11%, "sensing she'd put a food awry" should be foot
- at 47% "Not. Not mother." should be no
- at 50% "offer to each a course" should be teach
- at 51% "Let me tell you a little but about the subject" should be bit
- at 55% "Been with all kids" should be kinds, hopefully
- at 88% "He though of having a look" should be thought
- at 90% "Just sent the bill." should be send
- at 91% "for her found himself" should be he
- at 95% "And he leapt at Mitchell."" doesn't need an end quote, it's not a quotation
These and a few other errors slightly marred an enjoyable experience.
It's trite and cliche- and really boring- one thing Rodi's books rarely are. While it seems the author is attempting to let us inside the heads of the gay brothers seperated at birth, one never really gets it nor likes them and while the end is supposed to be sweet and funny, it just felt flat and silly.
While I don't know if Rodi can ever top the hilarious and surprisingly inciteful "Fag Hag" he is in full flower in this book. This book doesn't fall into the typical stereo type of the all knowing drag queen who is somehow more brave and in touch with herself than those of us poor mortals who won't put on a dress blah blah blah....This book is about two characters with a surprising resemblence who realize that they might be brothers. One is a drag queen and she is written incredibly realistically, normal apartment, normal fears ect... the other works in an ad agency, is also gay, very much a stick in the mud and is horrified that he might be related to the other. Let the games begin.
OK - It's my turn!! Here I was stuck for a month in some ridiculous backwater business assignment so I took a chance and bought all the Rodi books to keep me company. The GayMuse of Entertainment was watching over me! This guy is literate, amusing, profound, and definitely has the ear of his audience. I could go on and on about all his books: comparing & contrasting & up-thumbing and down-thumbing... but the bottom line is that this man WRITES with a wit and wisdom that is oh! so rare in Gay Fiction today. Now do a little 'search' here at on 'rodi' and pluck up anything that pops up. I guarantee you that you will be pleased... if not just a little bit moved!
Okay, to be fair, there aren't nearly enough novels featuring drag queens in lead roles, so the competition isn't exactly fierce. Still, this is the best. Robert Rodi does a great job of crafting solid characters while avoiding stereotypes, and he keeps the comedy coming at a brisk pace. He also manages to trot out the old twins trading roles cliche and imbue it with new life. A fast, fun read.
Another of Robert's classic gay fiction novels from the 1990s. I fell in love with his work then and am thrilled to add the digital version of his earlier novels to my collection. :-)