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eBook Someone Killed His Boyfriend: A Summer of Sex, Sun and Murder in Provincetown download

by David Stukas

eBook Someone Killed His Boyfriend: A Summer of Sex, Sun and Murder in Provincetown download ISBN: 0758200382
Author: David Stukas
Publisher: Kensington; First Edition edition (September 1, 2001)
Language: English
Pages: 256
ePub: 1951 kb
Fb2: 1964 kb
Rating: 4.7
Other formats: mbr lrf lrf lit
Category: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual
Subcategory: Literature and Fiction

The first book in a series of gay comic mysteries, Someone Killed His Boyfriend gets off to a very slow start. The story starts in NYC and proceeds to Conneticuit and then finally Provincetown where the murder takes place.

The first book in a series of gay comic mysteries, Someone Killed His Boyfriend gets off to a very slow start. It is, however, rich in character development as the story unfolds. This is not a book for those who want a high body count, there is 1 murder and it doesn't happen until about half way through the novel. The book is well seated in it's time period with ample polical and topical references which are now only in the short term past.

Someone Killed His Boyfriend. Book in the Robert Wilsop and Friends Mystery Series). Sassy, suspenseful and outrageous, Stukas's debut novel introduces Robert, an underpaid, lovelorn copywriter for feminine hygiene products, his gorgeous, fabulously rich and totally shallow best friend Michael, and their pal, the statuesque, equally lovelorn Monette. Michael is about to say goodbye to his bed-hopping past and marry hunky Max Crawford - when Max suddenly turns up dead.

July 2002 : USA Paperback.

Someone Killed His Boyfriend book. Someone Killed His Boyfriend: A Summer of Sex, Sun and Murder in Provincetown. 0758200382 (ISBN13: 9780758200389). A Summer of Sex, Sun and Murder in Provincetown. With a reluctant Robert in tow, Michael tracks Max all the way to Provincetown, where, amidst throngs of beautiful thong-clad boys, Max turns up dead before Michael can shoot him. Published July 1, 2002 by Kensington. Primary suspects Michael and Robert swiftly go into full Hardy Boys mode, accompanied by their own personal Nancy Drew, Monette. When the clues indicate that the culprit is a murderous Bette Davis impersonator, Robert must endure the ultimate test of friendship.

In Someone Killed His Boyfriend, David Stukas introduced the most fabulously unlikely trio of gay sleuths this side of Provincetown. Now, Michael and Robert and their lesbian sidekick, Monette, are in the vichyssoise again when Robert's romance with a count goes from fabulous to flatline. David Stukas, author of Someone Killed His Boyfriend and Wearing Black To The White Party, unleashes his wildly popular-and outrageously funny-trio of sleuths on the unsuspecting world. This time, Robert, Michael, and Monette are up to their pectorals in sex, blackmail, seriously ripped abs, and murder. It ain't easy being pretty. And it ain't pretty NOT being pretty in Chelsea.

With sass, suspense, and outrageous twists galore, newcomer David Stukas creates a memorable trio of sleuths in a fast-paced campy tale that will leave readers eagerly awaiting the next instalment. Recently added by. GAGVLibrary, lgbtlibraryral, stevenmg, LGBTQCenter, lgbtlibrary, Have A Gay Day, emessufan, KimByham, NorthStarCC.

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When Michael Starks's groom-to-be vanishes with his Matisse painting and then is found murdered, all evidence points to a psychotic Bette Davis impersonator, and Michael and his assistant Robert, an underpaid copywriter for feminine hygiene products, and their strapping lesbian friend Monet must go undercover in a drag revue to trap a killer, in a delightfully riotous mystery.
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I tried to like this book. I really did. The premise, with its lighter-than-air and thinner-than-smoke substance, was fine enough: Handsome, rich, entitled, clueless, arrogant, shallow, full-of-himself playboy chases after/hunts down his deceitful, theiving boyfriend/fiancé after being jilted at the altar. His best friend goes with him to track down said fiancé only to get caught up in a murder... Sounds simple enough, but the execution of it was just horrible.

The main character/1st-person storyteller (Robert) CONSTANTLY talks about how inferior he is, how he's plain & ordinary, how he'll be lonely forever, never to find a man of his own while frequently interjecting his jealousy for, and his prude comments towards, his playboy friend's (Michael) money, looks, and lifestyle. I found myself hoping Robert would end up being the victim, putting us and everyone else out of their misery of his "Woe is me!" attitude... And Michael has sexual tryst after sexual tryst, when not shopping, eating, and cruising. Even when angry vindication of him being stood up at the altar is supposed to be his motivation(s). He's the queeny version of Jack McFarland, only much, much worse and faaaaar more unlikeable. The fiancé, Max, is made out to be this Adonis God comparable to the second coming of Christ. Of course, that's if Christ were a member of World Gym, tanned, was WELL-endowed, rich, and the only man in which time stopped for just by a glance of his smoldering eyes...

Some of the one-liners are chuckle-worthy, and Stukas does a fine job drawing the scenes & scenery for us. However, the book is SO sterotypical in its portrayal of the characters, events, & locations that it's impossible to take the book or the events seriously (as one can in a fictional mystery novel). And one could overlook that but it's the OVER-exaggeration of those sterotypes, the "I'm gonna kill Max!!!"/"Ooh! I think I'll have a 3-way!!" happenings of Michael, the draaaaags-on dead body/missing art plot, the incredibly stupid assumptions made on both characters regarding themselves, the victim, their motives/actions, the murder weapon (and the idiotic conversations & assumptions because of it), and the moronic dénouement, that all add up to one loathsome experience.

And I think the thing that irked me the most was it took over 1/2 the book, 139 pages, before we even got to the corpse. 139 pages! Who does that?!

While in more capable hands (Linwood Barclay, Sue Grafton, Joan Hess, Rick Copp, Stan Cutler, Jeffrey Cohen, Tim Cockey, Tony Fennelly...) this could've been a simple premise loaded with [campy] intrigue, laughter, and fun. Instead, it was simply absurd, insipid, and a real drag.
Michael Starks informs his friend feminine hygiene products' copywriter Robert Willsop that he is in love and going to marry Max. Since Michael goes through men at a rate faster than a paid professional, Robert remains skeptical that this is just the flavor of the day for his promiscuous pal. When Robert meets the gorgeous Max he thinks of ways to kill Michael because he wants the hunk in his bed and not in that of a saddle tramp like his bud.

Though jealous, Robert agrees to help Michael with the gayest wedding in the history of Manhattan. However, in front of well over a thousand guests, Max jilts Michael. Not long afterward, Max is killed with the obvious murder suspect being his fiancee. Robert and Michael accompanied by the six foot four inch lesbian Monette must find the real culprit rather soon.

Fans of gay mystery tales will probably want to pass on SOMEONE KILLED HIS BOYFRIEND as the amateur sleuth investigation takes a major rear seat to the cast's lifestyle. Robert is the key player who keeps the plot moving forward. Readers, regardless of sexual preference, will understand his depression and his concerns many common to anyone not just gays. Michael's ego makes him somewhat obnoxious (except in bed) and don't challenge Monette in any sport as she'll kick your butt further than a soccer ball (stereotypes?). The three caballeros turn David Stukas' novel into an amusing romp that focuses on the lifestyle of the rich and poor gay.

Harriet Klausner
If you are looking to kill a few hours by reading a book that you won't remember much after you finish then this is the book for you. The book tried very hard to be witty by introducing the usual stereotypical "WACKY" best friends of the "Normal" hero. "i.e. the self involved oversexual spoiled changes boyfriends like socks gay guy as well as the gigantic frizzy haired lesbian confidante. Unfortunatly they just didn't ad much. Basically the friend gets publically dumped for the first time ever, tracks the guy down to Provincetown and rents a fabulous beachouse from which he will figure out some sort of revenge. Dragging his midwestern friend along there are parties, leathermen and bad drag shows but all of it seems to be phoned in. If you love this style and want a book that does it a bit better try "My Blue Heaven" but as I said before, if you are just looking for a not unpleasent way to kill a few hours on the beach this book is fine.
This is one of the worst books I have ever read. I thought it would be a good beach read, but was I ever wrong. The characters are cliched gay stereotypes--the hot muscle god who lays everyone he sets eyes on, the pudgy best friend who never gets a piece, the sassy lesbian who's best friends with the pudgy guy but loathes the hot guy. The writing style awful. Stukas rushes through what could be interesting scenes--like when Michael seduces the rookie cop to extrat information from him--and spends multiple paragraphs describing how fabulous the various characters outfits/houses/sex lives are. This awful book makes me appreciate even mediocre writing.
Yay! Just one more book filled with stereotypes about how gay people really are! There is nothing redeeming in this book whatsoever. I thought at least it might be fun in the similar style of Christian McLaughlin, but I was sorely disappointed.
If you enjoy stuff that could have been written by any old hack, you'll enjoy this book. If you'd prefere just a tad bit of substance in your reading, I encourage you to pick up Harold and the Purple Crayon...a literary masterpiece in comparison.
This book is nothing more than a complete was of paper, ink and the time you may spend reading it. It's nothing but mindless. The characters are completley unlikeable and the book is nothing more than catty comments strung together.
It's a total mess of a book.