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by Kelly Sinclair

eBook Lesser Prophets download ISBN: 0982285884
Author: Kelly Sinclair
Publisher: Blue Feather Books LTD. (January 7, 2010)
Language: English
Pages: 192
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Fb2: 1913 kb
Rating: 4.6
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Category: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual
Subcategory: Literature and Fiction

Lesser Prophets book. Sinclair has worked with an experimental art-rock ensemble, written country songs for such Texas acts as t Kelly Sinclair lives in Temple, Texas, but is a transplant from the South Plains.

Lesser Prophets book. She has been a reporter, a rock singer-songwriter, and is currently a librarian. One of her poems appeared in the Texas Observer political magazine, and her computer-derived prints are featured in art galleries.

Kelly Sinclair, Temple, Texas. This is a page where I intend to keep friends and family abreast of my latest doings, both literary and musical. This is the trailer for my new book, "Lesser Prophets," out soon with Regal Books. It's about a killer pathogen that, due to bioweaponing, crosses over from animals to humans. This viral wildfire spreads to all parts of the globe, yet some people seem to be immune. When those lucky few turn out to be LGBTs, the struggle is both personal and public, spiritual and political. War on all sides, war within.

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A native of the Texas Panhandle, Kelly Sinclair is a singer-songwriter who branched out into prose with the publication of her first novel, "Accidental Rebels. Five of her books (Accidental Rebels, Lesser Prophets, If the Wind Were a Woman, In the Now, Roberta's Fire) appeared with Blue Feather Books before that publisher's demise. In 2015, she returns to print/ebook with her new crime noir novel, "Getting Back," with Regal Crest Books

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Debra Shanrahan, a veterinarian in New South Wales, Australia, anticipates a typical day of treating hogs and other livestock. The first hog she treats seems to be suffering from an unusually bad bout of bronchitis. Hardly cause for alarm—until the hog’s owner and others who were on the farm turn up dead from suspected pneumonia. Within days, people all over the world are falling suddenly, terminally ill with a virulent strain of flu. Governments either overreact or fail to take any action, but all too soon it becomes undeniably apparent that the unthinkable has happened: the Australian hog’s illness has jumped from the swine species to the human species, and there’s no known treatment, no cure, and no way to contain it. The pandemic decimates the population in every corner of the globe. But oddly, some people are resisting the virus, even if directly exposed to carriers. Who are these hardy survivors? They are, for the most part, a group that was previously despised, mostly unloved, and only fitfully tolerated. They are the gays and lesbians. Men and women who were once marginalized in many societies are now elevated to be leaders and redeemers who must find their way in a world where the old rules no longer apply. God, or Fate, or the Omniscient Divine has intervened and forever changed the hierarchy. Follow the riveting stories of Debra and others who survive, in their struggle to triumph over biological Armageddon and create a new world.
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This book is too long and too "out there", for me to enjoy it. If you like a certain element of violence ..... its the book for you. I found it kept reading it, waiting for it to get interesting, it never did.
Kelly Sinclair takes a story off of the front page of the newspaper to tell a tale in Lesser Prophets that is somewhat apocalyptic and based on a frightening possibility, with a twist.

Secret experiments in China cause a variety of swine flu to mutate and then it escapes into the human population. People eventually die by the billions, heterosexual people. A component of this virus causes it to infect people who are genetically homosexual, but it doesn't kill them. They become carriers and lethal to those people who don't carry the correct genetic material. Variant Swine Flu, VSF, doesn't play favorites. As leaders of countries and CEOs of corporations are wiped out, so are the poor in the slums, middle class office workers and those who can afford to barricade themselves in their homes, only to die there. Societies spin out of control and gay people suddenly find themselves both the hope for anyone's survival and hated for their ability to transmit the illness. The book illustrates what steps civilization would take to survive and the ironic circumstance that the people who were once among the most hated and persecuted are now the leaders everyone looks to for answers.

Sinclair uses the first person accounts of five women to tell the events. As she rotates them through each chapter, it creates the feeling of reading random pages from a collection of diaries and gives the story a very personal feeling. A number of issues are raised for the reader to consider. The tests on gay people who die show that they did not carry the gay gene, yet they identified that way, opening the issue of the impact of "nature versus nurture." When the decision is made to try to save heterosexuals by putting them in isolated domes and camps, the conflict over how many civil rights a person should give up for the public good recalls incidents like the Japanese-American internment camps. People who have never been "out" are suddenly identified to everyone because they survive and people who never realized they were gay and had happy straight unions are confronted with the reality that their genetic code meant them to be something else. The book doesn't preach about these issues. They are simply presented along with others as problems that the new world has to deal with and the reader is left to think about the implications of all of them. Sinclair doesn't provide neat answers for them either.

Lesser Prophets is a different type of book. It qualifies as science fiction because of the topic, but the topic is also one that could very possibly occur if in a different form. It isn't a romance, although there are love stories in it. It is one that will make the reader think and, when the book is finished, have to think about whether or not the book was liked. Reading Lesser Prophets is a different experience and trying something different occasionally is probably a good thing to do.
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Sometimes life deals cards that team the oddest groups of people together at the perfect time and good things happen. I purchased this book because I had enjoyed another book by this author. I was looking to be entertained and I was. This book made a nine hour car ride bearable.