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by Caesar Brunswick

eBook Journeys of a Tortured Soul download ISBN: 1931297908
Author: Caesar Brunswick
Publisher: Bookbooters Pr; 1st edition (June 1, 2002)
Language: English
Pages: 228
ePub: 1658 kb
Fb2: 1599 kb
Rating: 4.6
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Category: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual

Journeys of a Tortured Soul book.

Journeys of a Tortured Soul book.

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In the Continuation of the first Soul Guide book, Tortured Souls continues Sybil's journey in becoming a Soul Guide. things get more complicated and dangerous. Evil is revealed and fought. Betrays of the heart are abound. Tortured Souls is a great continuation that keeps the reader entertained and wanting more.

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Following the lives of a severely dysfunctional southern African-American family, Caesar Brunswick's debut novel focuses on the trials, struggles and triumphs of one Arthur Wilson. Victim to the repeated abuse of a psychologically challenged father, the young Wilson runs away from home in search of safe haven. Facing the realities of survival, Wilson finds himself engulfed in the dark recesses of Atlanta's darker side. Arrested for prostitution, young Wilson is forced to return home to his father's wrath. Dealing with the responsibilities of parenthood, an ailing mother and the challenges of academia, Wilson seeks nurture and direction from a self-appointed mentor, as he struggles to pull himself from the pitfalls of his troubled teen life.

Brunswick's gritty tale details the high school and college careers of an African-American teen as he wrestles with his sexual identity, struggles with academics and fights to provide for his young son. The story, told in narrative flashback by the protagonist, begins with the youth boarding a commercial bus as he runs sway from home at the age of fifteen. The bus journeys, totaling eight in number, are used to tell segmented experiences encountered by the young man. Desperately seeking the affection he believes denied him by his family, Wilson has multiple experiences with both men and women throughout the story before coming to terms with his sexuality.

Featuring thirteen original works of poetry by Nicole J. Niblack, "Journeys" masterfully addresses many of the elements of today's culture. Combining the tone of Niblack's classically patterned poetry with the issues of modern day America, Brunswick has produced a work of lasting impact truly worthy of global recognition. Incorporating the worlds of Music, Education, Family and Street-Life, there is something for everyone purged within the storyline. Journeys of a Tortured Soul is a new age "Coming Out" story.

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I could tell you what a captivating and interesting book this is to read. Or I could tell you how well-developed the characters are, or how brutally honest, shocking and realistic this story is, but I don�t think you should take my word for it. I think you should discover for yourself this talented new African American writer. Whether this story is based on fact or fiction, it will keep you interested to the end, and looking forward to a sequel.
Arthur Wilson is a young man who comes from a severely dysfunctional family, and whose father is physically and mentally abusive to both he and his mother. Add to this the fact that his mother is very ill, and therefore at a point where she is quite helpless in changing the situation. Arthur is a talented musician and an excellent student, but no matter what he does, it�s not the right thing in his father�s eyes. So the abuse continues and Arthur decides to run away to Atlanta with his best friend Daniel to escape his unhappy home life. In order to survive in the �Big City� Arthur & Daniel must turn to prostitution and drugs. At this point, the story unfolds at a fast pace as Arthur sets out on a series of bus trips as he experiences his �coming out� from boyhood to manhood.
I also enjoyed the poetry by Nicole J. Niblack dispersed throughout the story. These classically styled poems are beautiful and serve an integral purpose as part of the story. Nicole is a gifted poet who understands the power of words, and I look forward to reading more of her work.

So discover this captivating treasure of a book for yourself. I look forward to Caesar�s sequel to this story, �Things Found in My Father�s Attic�, that revisit the characters of �Journeys of a Tortured Soul� some 20 years later. Hail, Caesar!!!
Arthur Wilson comes from an extremely dysfunctional family and knows what it means to have a tortured soul. As the story opens, Brunswick takes us into the life of Arthur, now a young man, who is traveling cross country via bus, as he has done so often since he ran away from home almost a decade ago. Through flashbacks/journeys back into time we witness what life was like for Arthur, who was raised by a father who was emotionally and physically abusive, while his mother, who was in poor health, silently sat by and endured the wrath of her husband against her son. Arthur was a gifted and talented student; however, while in high school, he committed an infraction that the school considered serious enough to suspend him as well as one which would probably promise brutal, cruel and unusual punishment from his dad. Deciding that he had had enough abuse to last a lifetime, Arthur and a childhood friend decided to run away from their small town in Georgia, to the big city of Atlanta where it would be hard for anyone to find them. But along with anonymity, Atlanta was also filled with demons and vices that could quickly overtake two young runaways who did not have much money. Because he had limited skills, Arthur did what so many runaways living on the street are often forced to do; he became a prostitute servicing gay men. Eventually, it was fear and a run-in with the law that made him return home and to once again endure the wrath and rage of his father. Although Arthur returns home life is worse than before he left. Basically, he must fend for himself; but through all the trials, tribulations and obstacle courses, Arthur endures and actually has a chance to lead a normal, productive life. Through the journeys which always begin with a bus ride, our hearts go out to Arthur, as we become a passenger on the road with him and learn firsthand who he really is.
Journeys of a Tortured Soul (JOATS) by Caesar Brunswick is a very disturbing story and not one for the weak and faint of heart. It�s a dark, raw and gritty tale that is realistically written and portrayed with graphic sexual scenes and depiction of life on the streets. Arthur Wilson�s character felt real and it was heart wrenching to read and watch the turmoil and trauma that his father put him through as well as the consequences of some of his own actions. Some of the actions of the father were downright inhumane and should have been reported to Child Welfare. Even worse is realizing that there are parents in real life who act like Mr. Wilson.
JOATS is the story of a young man who struggles to survive, while searching for love, self esteem and his sexual identity. Brunswick has a strong handle on the life of a young male living on the streets and growing up in a household with a loveless tyrant as a father and a helpless mom, so much so that I wondered if this was his story. JOATS is a story that I definitely recommend to African American males to include teens and adults. It�s a story that most males should read and one that should not ever be experienced in real life. On the APOOO 411 scale JOATS is 3.5 stars and a good read.
Reviewed by Yasmin
APOOO Bookclub
Caesar Brunswick is a writer to watch. In JOURNEYS OF A TORTURED SOUL he has created an auspicious debut and appears to be a new voice that is probing, wise, and eloquent. This book is a novel, though it is so successfully written that it sounds like a memoir. Arthur Wilson is the product of a dysfunctional family who gets his girlfriend pregnant at the age of eleven, drops out of highschool at age 15 to escape to Atlanta and a life of surviving by street hustling only to be incarcerated, find his way back into the world where he succeeds in finishing school and proceed on to college and graduate school, finding an unexpected profound relationship with a man, a term of infatuation with a gifted diva, an enforced sexual laison with a woman from a family of means, ending up with a graduate degree and a glimpse of what he has always yearned for - a sense of belonging to his family. And if that isn't the journey of a tortured soul, then the phrase begs explanation! This book is so tightly written that it demands being read in one evening. Arthur Wilson, for all the seemingly incredible events in his life, remains a character about whom we care vey much.
Few novels serve as reference volumes as does this one. Within the short 200 pages, Brunswick explores race, prejudice, parental abuse, prostitution in the gay world by underaged boys, fully committed gay relationships, bisexuality, heterosexuality accompanied by fatherhood, and the drive to rise above humble beginnings despite the "slings and arrows" route underappreciated in today's society. He does this ably, without resorting to maudlin victimization. Part of the beauty of Brunswick's main character is that he relates his story in eloquent language - something authors too often feel requires the associated lingo of the times, a gimmick that can create a barrier between the reader and the story.
More books are promised by Brunswick, books that will further flesh out some of the interesting prototypes introduced in this book. Good news for all of us. Hopefully the editor's eye will be more keen for those books. But for all the small flaws in this first venture, this book stands solidly with the works of new voices in American literature. Recommended.