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by William J. Stevenson

eBook Production/Operations Management download ISBN: 0071158561
Author: William J. Stevenson
Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill (Tx); Internat.2r.e. edition (1998)
Language: English
Pages: 960
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Rating: 4.7
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by William J. Stevenson (Author). This book along with "The Goal" by Eli Goldratt is the perfect marriage for those serious about Production Operations Management. 5 people found this helpful. ISBN-13: 978-0072359589.

indd i 12/24/10 4:30:09 PM Re. onfirming Pages This book is dedicated to you. OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Published by McGraw-Hill/Irwin, a business unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies, In. 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10020.

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William J. Stevenson’s most popular book is Operations Management. Operations Management by. William J. Stevenson. Study Guide for Use with s Management by.

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Revision Notes problems for Midterm - Introduction to Operations Management. Samenvatting Operations Management William J. Chapter 4 Operations Management.

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I need to be fully educated on the topic "The uses of computer in productionmanufacturing. And your book is the best bet. You'd be shocked at what this could teach you. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 19 years ago. This is a prototype manual for Operations Management. It is clear and consise.

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Comments: (3)
I just finished suffering through this book in order to get my degree and all I can say is... Holy heck, it stinks! It has a gazillion examples, but nothing is properly explained.

One example is the terrible chapter on inventory management. The text is fairly logical and straight-forward, but then it comes time to run some actual numbers and it all just stops. How helpful is it to get all these complex formulas to solve the problem, but instead of showing how to "populate" the formulas with numbers derived from a real situation he author consistently gives himself the data right off the bat, like "Q = 250". So instead of explaining that, hey, the "Q" in the formula in this particular context is pulled from THAT part of the question, and it is completely different from the "Q" in that was featured in the formulas in the LAST chapter, it's all trial-and-error until you figure it out yourself.

Then, at the end of the chapters, you get all kinds of problems to solve to make sure you got it. But of course, THEN you don't get a set of neat values to just plop into the formulas. In fairness, you get most correct answers in the back of the book so you have a clue of what you SHOULD end up with once you've cracked the code. Except, of course, that a good 10% of the answers are WRONG! It sounds like a punch line to a bad joke, doesn't it? I suspect they were rushed getting the sixth edition out the door and simply ran the fifth edition answers by accident; how else can you account for stuff like a question about amount of lead time for reorders to be: ".8869" or a question about utilization ratios to be "31 bags".

Bottom line: if your professor starts talking about using this book for your course, run for the exits or get ready for lots of joyful hair-pulling.
This is a prototype manual for Operations Management. It is clear and consise. This is a book that every manager should read, it is amazing to learn the correct techniques and skills that can be used to manage "lean". I use many of the included advice at a government golf course. In the span of roughly four years we lessened employment by over 50%, increased profit 350%, increased memberships 22%...
This is just an example of the easy and smooth process that the book teaches. It is fluid and packed with valuable materials.
The book is well organized but it is very expensive. There are a lot of examples and explanations included.