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Author: William G. Clark,William Aldis Wright,William Shakespeare
Publisher: Ams Pr Inc (June 1, 1964)
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Shakespeare’s Writing Style "William Shakespeare's early plays were written in the conventional style of the day, with elaborate metaphors and rhetorical phrases that didn't always align naturally with the story's plot or characters

Shakespeare’s Writing Style "William Shakespeare's early plays were written in the conventional style of the day, with elaborate metaphors and rhetorical phrases that didn't always align naturally with the story's plot or characters. However, Shakespeare was very innovative, adapting the traditional style to his own purposes and creating a freer flow of words. With only small degrees of variation, Shakespeare primarily used a metrical pattern consisting of lines of unrhymed iambic pentameter, or blank verse, to compose his plays. At the same time, there are passages in all.

William George Clark (March 1821 – 6 November 1878) was an English classical and Shakespearean scholar. He was born at Barford Hall, Darlington. He was educated at Sedbergh School, Shrewsbury School, and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he was elected Fellow. In 1857 he was appointed Public Orator.

11 results for ardcover". The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare; Volume 3. by William 1564-1616 Shakespeare, William George 1821-1878 Clark, et al. 30 August 2016.

William Shakespeare, William George Clark, William Aldis Wright. Book digitized by Google from the library of University of California and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.

William Shakespeare, William George Clark, William Aldis Wright You can read The Works of William Shakespeare by William Shakespeare, William George Clark, William Aldis Wright, John Mounteney Jephson in our library for absolutely free. Read various fiction books with us in our e-reader.

William Shakespeare (Author), William George Clark (Author), William Aldis Wright (Author) & 0 more. ISBN-13: 978-0762401772. 5 people found this helpful.

William Shakespeare - Hamlet 3 ww. ritingshome. Steevens Shakespeare - Hamlet (Longman, 1968). com Dramatis Personae Claudius, King of Denmark William Shakes. Soneler - William Shakespeare. 556 Pages·2009·860 KB·6,841 Downloads·Turkish·New! İlk kez 1609 yılında topluca basılan 154 sone, denebilir ki, İngilizcenin en ünlü şiir dizisidir. 04 MB·3,617 Downloads. from this summary that Shakespeare undoubtedly got his. Hamlet. Venedik Taciri - William Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare, his Life, Works and Influence. William Shakespeare first made his appearance on the London stage, where his plays would be written and performed, around 1592, although the exact date is unknown. He was, however, well known enough to be attacked by critics in newspapers, and thus was considered to be already an established playwright.

Spelling of Shakespeare's name. The spelling of William Shakespeare's name has varied over time. It was not consistently spelled any single way during his lifetime, in manuscript or in printed form

Spelling of Shakespeare's name. It was not consistently spelled any single way during his lifetime, in manuscript or in printed form.

William Shakespeare (bapt. He is often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon" (or simply "the Bard"). His extant works, including collaborations, consist of some 39 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, and a few other verses, some of uncertain authorship.

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Comments: (7)
I purchased the Kindle version of this book. I bought this particular version of the Complete Works because it comes with free audio, which is excellent to have handy when reading Shakespeare. However, the Table of Contents only exists for the first part of the book--the tragedies. To read a particular play that's a comedy or history (or any of the sonnets)--in other words, 75% of the book--you have to click onto the last "chapter" listed--Titus Andronicus--and page through to find the work you're looking for. What a HUGE pain! If you're buying this on Kindle, might want to find a better version, unless you plan to simply read the book cover to cover every time.
I am a huge Shakespeare fan! HUGE!! I remember toting the "Portable Shakespeare" literature book around with me wherever i went. In 2014, after looking at my dog-eared version of limited collections - i decided to buy the ULTIMATE collection for a mere $1.99.

It was wonderful! I was happier than a twister in a trailer park! Whenever there was down-time at my facility, and everyone sat there exchanging bean dip recipes, while talking about dieting at the same time, i'd have my nose in my Kindle reading my favorite plays, exploring new ones as well as sonnets, etc.

Fast forward 2016, it had been a few months since i read from my Ultimate collection. I went to the table of contents. And.. there wasn't any. I highlighted "Front Matter" hoping i would find it there? Nope. All that appeared was the beginning of the first comedy, "All's Well that end's well"..


I highlighted "Cover" where i could see the cover of the book and swipe right over to the table of contents. Guess what? There i was AGAIN - All's Well that ends well."

Like other people have posted in the the one star reviews: It's like reading a data file. You have to go through every single play in order to find what you're looking for.

I did the Kindle "video MayDay" asking if this was a problem, and could she help me resolve this issue? She pretended to look for the problem and disconnected us.

I thought, okay.. Let's try this again. Guess what? The second "customer service" rep listened, then pretended to "look it up on amazon" herself.. right in the middle of it? She disconnected us.

Apparently, this is a problem no one can solve. I tried deleting the book from the carousel, no problem. But you CANNOT delete it from the Cloud and start over. I've tried it. You cannot even remove this worthless file from the Cloud itself. It's stuck there.

Thus, i'll have to find a new Shakespeare collection, with an ACTIVE table of contents.

Do not waste your money of this.. I have no idea what happened? But Everlasting Flames Publishing Company better get off their Everlasting As** and fix this problem before they lose customers to other companies.

Oh, just when i thought i would download other Kindle Editions of Shakespeare from other publishers? Guess What? Many of the Kindle users are having the same problem.

Also, if you see a 5 star review regarding the Ultimate Collection? Check very closely. These reviews are mixed in with those who have bought the "HARD COVER EDITION" which seem to be the ones getting the 5 stars.
"Caveat emptor"/buyer beware.

For those fellow customers who want to buy this item because they intend to use it in a Shakespeare class on the college grad school level. Do not, I repeat do not waste your money.
Let me explain, this edition does not contain any "glosses," notes in the margin which clarify word use or other language issues. It does not contain any footnotes at all. So there is nothing which you can use for cross-referencing among the plays, this is particularly important when studying Shakespeare's "histories," as they are all related until one continuous story when put together. This edition of the complete works also does not contain any kind of a general introduction about the person of William Shakespeare, his life or historical times. This edition does not contain an introduction to any of the plays.
Honestly, this is the first addition of "The Complete Works" that I have ever seen that does not contain all of these things. Some editions I have seen in the past, have better glosses, footnotes and intros that others but they have all had them.
I wanted this edition because it was divided into the four logical volumes, comedies, tragedies, histories, & romances & poems, and I wouldn't have to carry around one huge book. However, to charge very nearly 50 dollars, for edition of the complete works of William Shakespeare, that doesn't have margin notes, footnotes and contextual introductions, is a complete release the money. Even if you don't intend to use this to study Shakespearean school, and even if you think you are very familiar with Shakespeare's work, margin glosses footnotes and other contextual information is still very important to remind yourself of salient points of information. You would be better off buying one of the older paperback editions edited by Prof. David Bevington for example of the University of Chicago. There is a six volume and four volume set of the works available. In those all contain the same study aids, I have described above, better in his comprehensive one volume edition of Shakespeare. There also fine editions by the Royal Shakespeare Company available, and Pelican books. Again buyer beware don't waste your cash
DO NOT BUY THE KINDLE EDITION! The Kindle edition does not even have a Table of Contents. You want to read Romeo and Juliet - good luck in even finding it. The hard-copy version might be OK - I don't have a copy to check. But this kindle edition is a mess. If you want to read Shakespeare on Kindle, get "William Shakespeare: The Complete Works" based on the 1974 Riverside Edition published by Eireann Press. That is the one I bought after ordering this one and finding how awful it is.
The only complaint I have is the Kindle version's indexing seems off. I found it very difficult to get from one item to another. Most books I've bought for Kindle that are collections of works have an active table-of-contents that serves as a system of bookmarks into different entries. This one does not, or at least I haven't yet found out how to activate it.