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by Thomas J. Figueira

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Author: Thomas J. Figueira
Publisher: Classical Press of Wales (December 1, 2004)
Language: English
Pages: 389
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Thomas J. Figueira was born on Broadway in Manhattan in 1948 and educated in the public schools of New York City and Poughkeepsie, New York

Thomas J. Figueira was born on Broadway in Manhattan in 1948 and educated in the public schools of New York City and Poughkeepsie, New York. He received his P. in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania in 1977.

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of Spartan society and political history.

Until recently, the estimates of Helot numbers have had an impressionistic coloration, serving to shed light on their authors’ appreciation of the basic qualities of Spartan life and the structures of Laconian society rather than investigating this subject in its own terms.

Figueira, Thomas . (e. Spartan Society (Swansea: Classical Press of Wales 2004). Humble, Noreen, "Xenophon's sons in Sparta? Perspectives on xenoi in the spartan Upbringing," Figueira, (e. Figueira, Thomas . "The Nature of the Spartan kleros," Figueira, (e. Spartan Society (Swansea 2004). Fisher, Nick, and Hans Van Wees (ed., Archaic Greece : new approaches and new evidence (London : Duckworth 1998). The Spartans (London & NY: Thames & Hudson 1980). Hupfloher, Annette, Kulte im kaiserzeitlichen Sparta (Berlin, 2000).

Sarah B. Pomeroy is already a scholar of great reputation in women's studies in the classical world, and this book adds to her reputation as a trailblazer in this dynamic field. Spartan Women is a masterly synthesis of its subject that is not only enriched by nearly a generation's accomplishments in the historiography of women, but also informed by a wise empathy for its subjects.

Among the contributors, Thomas Figueira explores the paradox that Sparta's cavalry was an undistinguished institution. My subject is the body of elite Spartan troops who were denominatedhippeis(‘horsemen’). Jean Ducat conducts the most thorough study to date of Sparta's official cowards, the 'tremblers'. Anton Powell asks why Sparta chose not to destroy Athens after the Peloponnesian War. And Stephen Hodkinson argues that the image of Spartan society as militaristic may after all be a?mirage. They numbered 300,² and paradoxically, despite their nomenclature, served as infantrymen.

In 2002 the Fourth International Sparta Seminar was held at Glasgow University; sixteen of the papers from that seminar are published here in this well-presented and authoritative study. Their emphasis is on the institutions of Sparta, the role of cult in other areas of life, the women of Sparta, Spartan politics and the construction of the Spartan image or `mirage'. Specific subjects include the motif of snatching in Spartan culture, suicide, the Hyakinthia festivals, female property ownership, the death of women, Thucydides' descripton of the massacre of 2,000 helots, Xenophon and modern perceptions of Sparta.